Miss Universe: why Antonia Figueroa, Miss Chile, could be the winner

There are very few days until Andrea Meza leave the crown of Miss Universe and be obtained by a new sovereign. More precisely, this coming December 12, one of 80 participants will obtain the position of the Mexican, who carried out the shortest reign due to the pandemic, which only lasted seven months.

All the candidates are already in Israel participating in different meetings and formal acts before the great celebration. Although a suspected case of Covid-19 put the entire organization on alert, apparently the grand gala of miss Universe.

Antonia Cristal, the representative of Chile, has been mentioned by different media and experts who for a few weeks have already been anticipating who will be the winner. In the first place, the Venezuelan “missologist” Jesús Hernández, known as “the architect of Misses”, bet that the native of Coquimbito would be among the first, although he did not mention her in the Top Five.

Source: Instagram @real_pageantology

On the other hand, the medium Miss Unione, places Antonia in ninth place, and gives Puerto Rico the winner. But another of the pages, called Sash Factor International, ensures that the Miss Chile Not only would it enter the Top 10, but it would be in eighth place. For them the winner of Miss Universe would be Colombia.

Source: Instagram @ sashfactor.international

At the moment it only remains to wait but, among 80 participants, the one born in La Serena, already has a deserved ranking. Regarding the event, the main drivers of miss Universe They will be Cristian de la Fuente and Jacky Bracamontes. The ceremony will last three hours and brings together representatives from more than 70 countries.

Source: Instagram @missunione