Missiles in Poland, premier: “Explosion possibly caused by a downed Russian missile”

Usa: “Kiev told us it had attempted to intercept a Russian missile near Poland”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said theexplosion happened yesterday in Poland near the border with Ukraine was probably caused by the downing of a Russian missile “without any intention on either side”.

“The material collected by our services and provided by our allies indicates most likely that the explosion in Przewodow in eastern Poland was caused by the downing and destruction of a Russian missile,” Morawiecki said, according to which “there are many indications that one of these missiles landed on Polish territory without any intention on either side.”

The Ukrainian military has in fact told the United States and its allies that it had attempted to intercept a Russian missile in the same time slot and near the site of yesterday’s missile attack in Poland, an American source told CNN, according to which it is not unclear whether this missile is the same one that hit Poland.