Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning will arrive in theaters in 2025

Although it had been in the air for some time, the news of the postponement of the release of Mission: Impossible 8that is to say, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part II, managed to greatly displease fans of the iconic action saga starring Tom Cruise. The film, whose release was initially set for June 28, 2024, will debut in cinemas on May 23, 2025a date that today seems very distant for those who are waiting to know the sequel to the story that was left pending with the previous titleMission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Ireleased last summer.

Mission: Impossible 8 postponed for 11 months

The continuation of artists’ strike subscribed to SAG-AFTRAthe outcomes of which could have developments following the resumption of negotiations on Tuesday 24 October, and the almost five months of work stoppage due to the WGA writers’ strike, are continuing to influence the release calendar for this year and next year forcing production and distribution companies to review their production plans for 2025 as well.
After the forward slide of Dune IIalso the eighth chapter of Mission: Impossible will be released much later than expected.
The new date, set for spring 2025, takes into account the delays of production which is stopped since last summer. Filming of the film starring Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell was initially interrupted to allow the actors to take part in the promotional tour of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Ihowever, they did not continue because, as is known, starting from the second half of July, actors also took to the streets to support with their own motivations the screenwriters’ protest against the big Hollywood companies.
Cruise himself had had one party in the negotiations. After asking for extensions to complete the world tour to promote his film, he intervened to support the reasons for his category and those of the stunts. The mediation of the Hollywood star, however, had had no effect and in fact the strike continues to go forward.

The other films postponed by Paramount

In addition to the new date, rumors within the industry media also report a possible change of title for Cruise’s next film in which some of the main faces from the previous chapter should return, from the aforementioned Atwell to Simon Pegg, to Vanessa Kirby, to Ving Rhames. The possibility of seeing the film in the near future has also been confirmed Imax format with a more rigorous agreement than that stipulated for Mission: Impossible 7which suffered from being in the same special theaters as Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. When the set reopens, Cruise and director McQuarrie they will turn with Imax cameras.
To the forward movement of Mission: Impossible which, at this point, becomes one of the top titles of the Memorial Day weekend in which Americans go to the cinema a lot, follows that of other films which also already had a specific date in the annual box office schedule.
On the day Cruise’s film was supposed to be released, June 28, 2024, it will instead arrive A Quiet Place: Day One which has so far only been delayed three and a half months. Always Paramount has also moved IF (Imaginary Friends) to May 17, 2024. The feature film is postponed to the end of December The Spongebob Movie: Search for SquarePants. Given the uncertain situation, all these dates may have further updates.