Missouri, high school shooting: two dead, assailant killed

Shooting at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School in St Louis, several injured. The attacker was about 20 years old. White House: “Senseless violence”

And of at least three dead, including the assailant, the toll from the shooting that took place today in a high school in St. Louis, Missouri. According to local authorities, an adult woman and a teenager were killed, while the attacker, who was killed in a fire fight with the police who intervened “quickly” in the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, he was in his twenties, according to the Abcnews website.

In addition to the victims there are also several wounded who have been hospitalized. The alarm went off around 9.10 local time, with the police quickly spotting the young man armed with a long-barreled rifle as the students ran out of the building.

It is ” nonsense violence ”, commented White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, saying that ” more action is needed to put an end to gun violence ”.