Mister Paura presents Halloween Kills, premiered on Sky Cinema

This time Mister Paura, the column dedicated to horror films scheduled on Sky channels (HERE YOU WILL FIND ALL THE EPISODES) meets a true sacred monster of horror cinema, namely Michael Myers. Thanks to the skilful direction of Simone Del Vecchio, the extraordinary editing by Maurizio Grillo, the genius of the Makeup Artist Luca Luce and the unique voice of Emanuela Battista, we discover the secrets of Halloween Kills , presented out of competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival. The film will premiere on Friday 24 June at 9:00 pm on Sky Cinema Suspense

Mister Fear presents Halloween Kills

There is a shadow that has loomed over the city of for 40 years Haddonfield, A black man who embodies the idea that cinema is Death at work. His name is Michael Myers. His favorite day is October 31st. You know: monsters sometimes return. Thus in Halloween Kills, the twelfth film in the saga created by John Carpenter, the masked serial killer returns home, like the prodigal son. And this time the silent serial killer is the god of carnage. Among burning pumpkins, the treat is poisoned, the treat kills you, especially if you live at number 45 Lampkin Lane. Michael is the evil force of the past, the forbidden planet, the thing from another world. A specter suspended between the mask and the face. Confronting Myers, once again is Jamie Lee Curtis, the legendary scream queen. She now she has white hair and dreams, with her fellow citizens that evil will die tonight. But it is a short step from the crowd to the madness. Deep down we are all monsters in this endless night We could never get rid of this empty eyed nightmare, The system is broken. From 1978 to 2018, fear eats the soul, while Michael looks in the mirror. Terror is at the window. A sick reflex. The Lord of Death is forever, like Halloween. Thus “in the eye of a witch the devil drowns and the shadow emerges: the shadow of the witch,” while Mrs. Paura (Emanuela Battista performs in “Stops, Look & Listen, Its’ Halloween “, Song featured in Halloween Kills and sung in a scene by Scott MacArthur (Big John)

Halloween Killsthe plot of the movie

In 2018, Halloween by DAVID GORDON GREEN, played by icon JAMIE LEE CURTIS, broke the box office worldwide earning more than $ 250 million, becoming the highest-grossing chapter of the 40-year franchise and setting a new opening weekend record with the highest grossing in history for a horror film starring a woman.

And the Halloween night Michael Myers returned isn’t over yet.

Minutes after Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), her daughter Karen (JUDY GREER, Jurassic World) and his niece Allyson (ANDI MATICHAK, Foxhole) left the masked monster Michael Myers (JAMES JUDE COURTNEY, Rebellious hearts) imprisoned in Laurie’s basement which they set fire to along with the whole house, Laurie, convinced that she has finally killed her lifelong tormentor, is rushed to the hospital with fatal wounds.

But when Michael manages to break free from Laurie’s trap, his bloodbath ritual begins again. Fighting her pain and preparing to defend herself against him, Laurie encourages all of Haddonfields to rebel against their unstoppable monster. The Strodes join a group of other survivors of Michael’s first massacre who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a crowd of vigilantes who set out to oust Michael once and for all. Evil dies tonight.

Halloween Killsthe words of Jamie Lee Curtis

Equally Laurie Strode’s champion and protector, Jamie Lee Curtis sees herself as Laurie’s guardian angel. By making her and wearing the heroine cloak for more than four decades, Curtis like Laurie fought and survived. “For Laurie, her journey was over,” says Curtis who in Halloween Kills she is also an executive producer. “She put everything into the first movie. Her heart, soul, blood, courage, strength, wisdom. She all herself. She was a warrior. “

If it took most of Halloween of 2018 to make everyone believe what Laurie was saying and that Michael Myers was back and looking for her, Laurie’s decades of preparations for that night allowed her and her family to trap him in an underground prison and burn him alive. . Unfortunately, at the beginning of Halloween KillsHaddonfield’s well-meaning fire brigade arrives on the scene minutes before the job is done.

“At the end of Halloween the audience had come to feel that sense of satisfaction with Laurie’s victory, ”says Curtis. “But for the story to continue, the satisfaction had to be disappointed and that bubble had to burst – because Michael survives.”

Lying on a hospital bed, Laurie (first reluctant and then provocative) gradually comes to the horrifying realization that Michael is not dead. And this time, she won’t be able to fight him alone. “The last movie was the story of Laurie,” says Curtis. “This movie is the story of the town with Laurie at the center wondering what the hell happened. It’s a refrain she uses all the time. ‘How did it happen? How did it happen?”

Having few other options due to her wounds, Laurie must pass all her strength and survival skills to her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). “Laurie transmuted, carried the passion, the struggle, the fury into the last few minutes of the first movie,” says Curtis. “She turned her daughter and her granddaughter into warriors. Now they believe her. Now I’m on the same path as her. The flashlight has been passed.

“Now Laurie has to recover and will be at the center of the maelstrom, rather than being the force that runs it all,” continues Curtis. “The whole last movie was a trauma study. What happens to a person 40 years later? But Laurie wasn’t the only victim in 1978. There were many other people in that city who suffered the trauma of Michael Myers. “

Watching Curtis convey Laurie’s energy and focus for Halloween Kills he was fascinating to all of his colleagues on the set. “What is surprising about Jamie is his ability to smoothly transition from a war weapon into Halloween of 2018 to a reference force in Halloween Kills, ”Says Blum. “For most of this movie, she’s in a hospital gown, but she’s as tough and badass as ever. Every movement, every glance of her as Laurie underlines an ‘I told you he would come, and I’ll be bleeding myself but I’ll help you all take down this monster with my last breath.’ ”

For Curtis, the honor of playing Laurie is matched by the joy these films have brought to fans around the world. “To all the people who love these movies, I say ‘Happy Halloween,’” says Curtis. “I hope you don’t knock on my door because I won’t open it. I leave a bag of candy outside the door and usually find them all there at the end of the night. I don’t think anyone knows where I live and that’s good. I wish you a happy and safe Halloween and thank you for my life. ”