Mit, +25.15% adjustment of unitary measures for fees for state-owned maritime concessions

The decree of 30 December fixed the adjustment of the unitary measures of the fees for state-owned maritime concessions at +25.15% or the update of the same for the year 2023. This is what we read in a circular of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The minimum amount of the fee, provided for in paragraph 4 of the decree-law of 14 August 2020 n° 140, converted by Law of 13 October 2020, n° 126, is updated to the extent of 3,377.50 euros starting from 1 January 2023. The offices regional authorities are requested to make the corresponding communications to the competent territorial bodies to which they have sub-delegated the relative administrative function.

In this regard, it is recalled that the tables containing the unitary measures of the fees, referred to in article 1, paragraph 251, lett. b) point 1) of the law of 27 December 2006, n. 296 have been reworked on the basic amounts for 1998 to which the Istat updates accrued from 1 January 1999 to 31 December 2006 should be applied, according to the indications provided by the State Property Agency with notes prot. nos. 2009/389°/DAO/CO/BD dated February 10, 2009 and 2009/22570/DAO-CO/BD dated May 27, 2009.