Mita Medici: “Califano? I’m a rock soul seduced by his kindness, our happy years together”

‘He had an underlying shyness, in our story there was so much freshness, so much joy, we had a good time together’

“Leo was very good, he studied the character in depth, his way of moving, for example, but at times he was too exuberant. Franco wasn’t like that. He had an underlying shyness, he was a kind, beautiful man, very, very polite, I was won over and seduced after a long courtship. And to think that when we met he wasn’t really my type. I was a rock and roll girl, he was a poet.” Thus the actress and singer Mita Medici spoke to Adnkronos, commenting on the TV film ‘Califano’, which aired yesterday in prime time on Rai1, starring Leo Gassmann.

And about the long love story between her and the Caliph, Mita Medici has no doubts: “In the story with Franco, as told by the TV film, there is a lot of truth. There was a lot of freshness, a lot of joy, they had a good time together , happy years. We lived in an epochal moment, years of great upheavals, we were in the middle of ’68, the world was changing – adds the Roman actress -. Well, perhaps what was missing in the fiction was a reflection to contextualize it more the historical period examined. His songs remain, many of which are dedicated to me. Our story remained in his heart, he transformed it into poetry. My favorite songs? ‘From far away’, ‘Un tempo Piccolo ‘, abstract, visionary, my favourite”, reveals the actress.