MJ5 bear, culling decree signed

President Fugatti appoints the Forestry Corps of the Autonomous Province of Trento after genetic identification: “Guaranteeing public health and safety”

In the late afternoon, the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, signed the decree ordering the removal, through killing of MJ5, the bear held responsible for the attack on a man that took place on 5 March in Val di Rabbi.

“The decree – informs the Autonomous Province of Trento – provides for the genetic identification of the specimen, through preliminary capture, and is motivated by the need to ensure the interest of public health and safetypursuant to provincial law 9 of 2018. The measure summarizes what happened on the morning of last March 5 when a man was attacked by a bear in the locality of Mandriole, at the exit of the Val di Rabbi, in the municipality of Malè, along a Sat-Cai path”.

“Medicated in the emergency room of the Cles hospital, he had suffered injuries on his arm and head attributable to aggression from a bear. Subsequent genetic analyzes confirmed that the genotype identified by the DNA obtained corresponded to that of the bear called MJ5”, adds the Province underlining that “Ispra, according to the decree, believes that the removal by killing of the individual MJ5, once the correct identification of the specimen has been ensured through genetic analysis, is consistent with the Pacobace”. With the deed signed a little while ago, the president instructs the Forestry Corps of the Autonomous Province of Trento, with the collaboration within the scope of competence of the Provincial Company for health services, to carry out the removal by felling of the MJ5 specimen, after its genetic identification.