Mo, Israel raid in Nablus: leader of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades killed

At least thirty Palestinians were injured, including four seriously

The leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Ibrahim Nabulsi, was killed in an Israeli operation in Nablus, in the West Bank. The Jerusalem Post reports it, recalling that Nabulsi had been wanted for some time and had fled several times at the Israeli attempt to arrest him. The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that the wanted terrorist died in a fire fight between Palestinian militiamen and the Tel Aviv military who broke into Nabulsi’s home.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, another Palestinian who was inside Nabulsi’s house also lost his life in the raid. There were no injuries or casualties among Israeli forces.

According to reports from the Palestinian Red Crescent, at least thirty Palestinians were injured, including four seriously, following the raid. The injured were transported to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment. Among them there would also be a woman.

In the meantime, the Israeli authorities have reopened the Erez crossing with the Gaza Strip for workers from the Palestinian enclave. The news agency Walla reports. The Erez crossing was closed following the launch of Operation Breaking Dawn and was reopened yesterday only for humanitarian purposes.