Mo: Netanyahu, world unite to defeat Hamas as it did against Isis and the Nazis’

The nation of Israel “is united in its goal of victory.” Benjamin Netanyahu said this in the Knesset, admitting that there will be an investigation into the intelligence and security failures that allowed Hamas to organize the devastating attack on October 7. The prime minister asked the world to “unite and fight Hamas”.

More than 1,300 Israelis were killed in the surprise attack, while Hamas still holds at least 199 hostages in Gaza. “There are many questions regarding the disaster that struck us 10 days ago. We will thoroughly examine every aspect,” Netanyahu added. “The nation is united towards one goal, victory. We will triumph because our very existence in this region is at stake. Hamas is part of the axis of evil formed by Iran and Hezbollah. They aim to throw the Middle East into an abyss of chaos “.

“Now many around the world understand who Israel is up against. They understand that Hamas represents a new version of Nazism. Just as the world united to defeat the Nazis and ISIS, so it must unite to defeat Hamas,” he said. – We are committed to all families. We will not relax our efforts to bring back our brothers and sisters.”