Mobility week, Eni presents electric car sharing in Bologna

Is called Yo Yo the city car of the Enjoy Fleet that lands in Bologna with 50 vehicles available for hire. YoYo joins the existing Eni car sharing fleet, reaching 155 vehicles in the city between cars and cargo. (Video)

“Eni has a great experience in car sharing – he explained Giuseppe Ricci, Eni’s general manager of Energy Evolutoin – we started with the petrol 500, then with the hybrid 500, today we are expanding our offer with this new vehicle which is not only electric but has a unique peculiarity: the battery swapping. In other words, when the battery is discharged, the vehicles are taken to the Eni service station equipped with a cabinet that houses the batteries and where the replacement of the exhausted batteries with the charged ones is quickly carried out by the operator; therefore in the time of a petrol refueling the batteries are replaced, this improves the development of electric car sharing which had the great limitation of the exhaustion of the batteries and the abandonment of the car in the predetermined places. car sharing, battery swapping is carried out directly by Enjoy: customers will be able to move in total freedom because the XEV YOYO are always available with a battery charge of more than 30% “.

Bologna is the second Italian city where Eni brings YoYo after Turin (which is the home of the manufacturer Xev) which has green cars since before the summer of 2022. The next stops will be Florence (next month), Milan (from December 2022) and Rome (early 2023) but the goal is to extend the service to seaside resorts in particular during the summer.

“With this graft – he comments Valentina Orioli, councilor for new mobility of the Municipality of Bologna – the offer of electric car sharing in the city is expanded, a way to respond to the many requests that come to us from the territory and gives people the opportunity to make different choices for getting around the city. It is a car that has about 180 kilometers of autonomy, a maximum speed of 80 km / h, is very manageable and easy to park, suitable for young people, in the contexts of the center and the metropolitan area ”.

In Bologna, the use of Enjoy allows the free parking on the blue lines and in the parking spaces reserved for residents, as well as free access to the Ztl. Enjoy has over 1 million customers and about 29 million rentals made from 2013 to today. The overall fleet is 2500 vehicles in the cities of Turin, Rome, Florence, Milan and Bologna. To rent a car sharing car you need to download the app available in the Android and Ios and Huawei stores. From your smartphone it will be possible to see the vehicles available in the surroundings or in the requested area. Once the vehicle has been reached and unlocked, the entire rental procedure takes place through your phone.