Moby, new Plan filed: “Another important step towards industrial relaunch”

Compared to the previous one on 29 March, the recovery percentages for creditors are “significantly” increased

Moby and its subsidiary Cin filed yesterday, with the Court of Milan, a new continuity plan which provides for significantly higher recovery percentages for creditors than the previous one Plan filed by Moby on March 29, 2021. This was announced in a note.

The new Plan, we read, “received the prior consent of the Group’s main financial creditors, such as bondholders gathered in the Ad Hoc Group and by all financial institutions. The companies – explains Moby in the note – have accomplished this another important step towards an industrial relaunch in progress that follows the significant turnaround that saw the Company overcome the difficulties related to the pandemic and reposition itself as a leader on the markets and on the reference routes “, concludes the note