Modern, The Only Species That Knows is the one that tells the truth: video

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I am ModernRoman songwriter born with punk and raised with music

alternative from the 90s and 2000s (from Radiohead to Verdena), inspiring me

to the experimental songwriting of eternal artists such as Battiato, Battisti and Ferretti, but

even more recent ones such as Luci della centrale centrale, I Cani, Giovanni Truppi… I combine these different influences with electronic wraps and the result are songs with which I denounce the hypocrisies and weaknesses of the contemporary world, putting myself first in the game. Modern is the story of an era, in which I’m not interested in appearing in the first person, but just being a narrator who can therefore be more detached, lucid and above all honest. I admit my miseries and analyze those of others, stimulating if not a reaction at least an awareness. The problem

of the “modern” man is to have forgotten the real sense of

its existence, hiding behind a great deception, a great company

of appearance. This “veil of Maya” must come undone. What about the music industry? It’s saturated with songs that talk about a ridiculous love, made up of toxic relationships in which you break up, chase each other, think about it but don’t want to. This way everyone can recognize each other and sell more. And everyone learns to love like this. It’s a scenario that scares me enormously. I won’t even write a song like that for quite a while.

I prefer to talk about Love with a capital L, that is love for the race to which

i belong. And the declaration of love par excellence is only one: to tell the truth,

without make-up and without deception, at the cost of being unpleasant. The first truth is contained in this new single, The Only Species That Knows, with which I wanted to tear away the veil of illusions that covers the reality of the facts. We live in a world, the western one, which hides behind a fake “welfare”, but does not want to admit its desperation. We are nothing but “desperate little specimens”, who find a reason or an excuse every day not to think about it. Social media, big brands, but also information and politics, do nothing but stage a continuous show, in an attempt to collect clicks, likes, streaming, votes. Even ordinary people adapt to this standard, showing spectacular, poetic, artistic, original lives. The result is a constant staging, a bunch of performances without either art or part. A fiction h24, in which true artists are few.

So I denounce this filtered and artificial system, being the first to throw off the mask

and first admitting all my limitations, in hopes of eliciting a reaction

even in those who will listen. With The only species that knows I’m continuing the path already started with my first solo album. The sound has evolved and has reached greater power and energy, because I am of the opinion that to move consciences one must also move asses. When we dance, we get agitated, we struggle, the elaboration and awareness is accelerated and the best energies are produced to produce a change.