Moggi: “At least one year to rebuild Juventus”

The former Juventus director: “Allegri tries to piece together the pieces for a decent championship”

The 4-0 that Juventus suffered yesterday against Chelsea in the Champions League is “something that can happen, especially in this phase: the bianconeri have lost to a superior team while they are being rebuilt, and Allegri tries to put together the pieces for a decent championship that the same club has declared to be in transition, let’s give it time to rebuild. How much time? At least a year. “Luciano Moggi, former general manager of Juve, expressed himself in this way at Adnkronos after the defeat suffered by the team coached by Massimiliano Allegri in London.

“After nine championships won, there isn’t much to say about a defeat, even if it is of this magnitude: after all, Juventus only makes the news when they lose, it will mean something. The midfield to be reviewed, high age for some, and I think of Chiellini, and very young for others, help to make it clear that the attempt is to rebuild in order to start a new cycle, and it is not even said that you have to put your hand in your wallet because there are also players to sell. We just need to let the time speak. For the moment we can only take note of this defeat “.