Moisturizers and sun protection, the green beauty routine for winter

Natrue’s advice

First: hydrate. Then, even in winter, protect from sunlight. Natrue, a non-profit association that has been promoting natural and organic cosmetics since 2007, presents the winter beauty trends.

The first aspect to take into consideration, according to the association, is hydration. Moisturize your skin after each wash essential: hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and vegetable glyceric extracts such as those of algae, mastic and blueberry help soothe the skin and hydrate it, while vegetable oils and butters such as avocado, argan and shea are among the components that help to protect the skin from sudden changes in temperature and from the loss of water due to evaporation. During the winter, according to Natrue, it would be advisable to limit the use of exfoliating products such as those based on acids and microgranules which could irritate skin sensitized by the cold; green light instead a creams and masks with antioxidants and vitamins C and E and oils with omega 3 (kiwi and linseed oil) and omega 6 (borage oil). Moreover, even in the cold season it is It is essential to apply sunscreen every morningafter having moisturized the skin, to protect it from the action of UV rays which can cause premature aging, the appearance of dark spots and loss of skin tone.

In addition to the face, other parts of the body such as hands, lips and hair could suffer damage due to the contrast between the winter cold and the heating of buildings. Lip balms, rich creams and solid massage butters become a valid aid to counteract dryness even on these parts of the body.

To date, there are over 6,500 natural and organic products certified by the international association. “Natrue has always tried to guide consumers towards natural and sustainable cosmetics as nature offers us many resources to take care of us and our beauty. This is why we try to meet the needs of consumers and guide them in their purchasing decisions. In particular, the Natrue brand represents a guarantee in the field of natural and organic cosmetics, the most effective way to take care of one’s body and skin, even during the winter months”, underlines Mark Smith, general manager of Natrue.

Natrue certified cosmetics contain only natural, naturally derived and nature-identical ingredients, without the use of GMOs. In order to obtain Natrue certification, at least 75% of a brand’s references must meet the sustainability, natural quality and ethical criteria of the standard, ranging from procurement to final packaging and claims.