Moldova, the risks of a possible Russian invasion and the role of Transnistria

Ukraine is preparing an armed provocation against Transnistria. This was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry, specifying that the Kiev plan would see the direct participation of Ukrainian armed units, including the Azov battalion. “According to available information, in the near future the Kiev regime is preparing an armed provocation against Transnistria, which will be carried out by units of its armed forces, including with the involvement of the Azov nationalist unit,” the Defense Ministry said. on Telegram, adding that the plan involves staging an alleged Russian offensive and for this the “saboteurs” will wear military uniforms of the Moscow army


Moscow’s Defense Ministry says it has obtained evidence of a plan whereby servicemen of the Ukrainian army and the nationalist Azov battalion, “dressed in Russian Armed Forces uniforms”, would stage a fake invasion of Ukraine starting in territory of Transnistria, the self-proclaimed pro-Russian republic on the territory of Moldova. This would give Kiev’s forces a pretext to attack Transnistria. The Russian Defense Ministry warns that it is closely monitoring the situation along the Ukraine-Transnistria border and is “ready to respond” to any developments. On the territory of Transnistria, Moscow has a contingent of about 1,500 soldiers.

The denial of Moldova

Meanwhile, Moldova has denied Russia’s claims that Ukraine is planning military action against the pro-Moscow breakaway region of Transnistria. Cnn reports it. “State authorities do not confirm the information released this morning by the Russian Defense Ministry,” reads a message on the Moldovan government’s official Telegram channel. “We call for calm and invite the population to follow the official and credible sources of the Republic of Moldova. Our institutions cooperate with foreign partners and in case of danger for the country they will inform the public without delay”.

What is Transnistria

The self-proclaimed republic of Transnistria is located along the border with southwestern Ukraine, bordering Moldova. In 1990 the country declared itself independent with a referendum which obtained almost 90% of the preferences. In 1991, when Moldova includes the territory of the breakaway republic among its possessions, a conflict is triggered. In 1992 the Moldovan city of Tiraspol with the help of the Russians occupies the city of Chisinau. The ceasefire is brokered by the Kremlin and the truce establishes the separation of the two countries, as well as the presence of hundreds of Russian soldiers. From 2000 onwards the situation changed. The election as president of Vadim Krasnoselsky, voted for the first time in 2016 and reconfirmed in 2021, brings Chisinau closer to Brussels. The citizens have almost all double (or triple) citizenship, because the population is in fact divided between Ukrainians, Moldovans and Russians.