Mollicone murder, sentence: “Traces of substance used in construction and bodywork on Serena’s trousers”

The reasons for the sentence: “Footprint on adhesive tape useful for identification”

The ”fingerprints” found ”inside the adhesive tapes that bound Serena’s hands and legs” are ”considered useful for identification” and ”do not belong to the defendants”. Thus the judges of the Court of Assizes of the Court of Cassino in the motivations of the sentence of the trial for themurder of Serena Mollicone, the young girl from Arce killed in 2001, with which, on July 15, 2022, they acquitted all the defendants. ”On one fingerprint” in particular, the judges write, ”a mixed genetic profile with a male taxpayer has also been found, of which the paternity of the defendants has been excluded”.

”Furthermore, the discovery on Serena’s trousers and boots should be noted traces of lanthanum and cerium, attributable to a cerium oxide-based powder, used as a polishwith which she should have come into contact when she was already in a supine position, thus assuming a particularly relevant circumstantial connotation in the reconstruction of the criminal dynamics”, reads the motivations.

”It is worth observing – the judges went on to say – how the polish is according to the product consultancy carried out a product that is especially used in the building sector for polishing marble, glass and mirrors installed on site and in bodywork for the elimination of scratches from windshields and headlights. Contexts in respect of which no connection with the defendants has been proven”.