“Mom you look like a little girl”: Romina Pierdomenico shows everyone her mother

Mom you look like a little girl ”: Romina Pierdomenico shared a shot in which she shows herself together with her mother.

In recent years we have got to know Romina Pierdomenico thanks to its presence on the small screen. She was very young when she began to take her first steps in the entertainment world. In fact, she participates in Miss Italy in 2012, where she ranks second behind the then winner Giusy Buscemi.

Romina Pierdomenico, mother (credits: instagram)

In 2019 he joined Ezio Greggio in the conduct of the La Sai Ultima? And it is precisely in the format that we have been able to appreciate it even more. She has been romantically linked to the conductor for several years and often her ‘face’ has been associated with hers. Romina was able to break prejudices and make herself known and followed for her name. About her relationship, as you well know, between Romina and Ezio there are about 39 years of difference; to Fanpage.it she had said, speaking of people’s comments, that some look badly at her already when she leaves the house.

The showgirl explains that these are things that happen every day: “Sometimes I realize that at the table next to ours there are those who laugh, you realize that they look at you doubtfully “. Today Romina has become a radio host. She often shows her work and everyday life in general on her social networks. These days she has let her followers know to be spending a few days with his mother, showing himself together with the woman in different stories: “Mom you look like a little girl “.

Romina Pierdomenico shows herself together with her mother in a social snapshot: “Mom you look like a little girl”

Romina Pierdomenico and Ezio Greggio they are very much in love and we can also see this from the moments in which they are often photographed together. A few weeks ago the conductor published a family shot. In the photo he is with his girlfriend and two children, Gabriele and Giacomo, and they are in Saint-Tropez to have an aperitif together.

The Fabulous Four “, he wrote in support. Romina is very young, she is 28 years old. Her first steps in the world of entertainment date back to many years ago, when she participated in Miss Italy. On that occasion she finished in second place. She today she is a radio host. We got to know and appreciate her, consequently her following on her social networks has also grown. A few days ago she updated those who follow her telling how happy she is spending time with her mom. Romina has published several stories of her showing herself with her.

romina pierdomenico mom
Romina, together mom (credits: instagram)

My sister or my mother? Mom you look like a little girl, you understand the young lady “, writes in support of a photo shared in the instagram stories. Romina’s mother is called Bianca, she is a very beautiful and very young woman, she looks like a little girl, as the presenter herself writes. Looking at the shot we also notice the similarity. Mother and daughter are beautiful!