Moments of tension in the Beckham house: she burst into tears

Moments of tension in the Beckham house: she showed up on social media in tears, reporting a message in the caption.

In the last few days there is nothing else to talk about, the news has circulated faster and faster and it seems to have no end. It would seem that there are strong tensions in the Beckham house. Last April, the family celebrated the wedding of their eldest son Brooklyn to Nicola Peltz, daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz.

Beckham house tension (credits: yutube)

It is usually thought that after the celebration of the wedding of one’s child there is an atmosphere of joy and festivity afterwards but it would seem that this was broken by a not exactly peaceful atmosphere at home. But what is going on? The story was revealed by a source in Page Six who allegedly spoke of a moment of great tension in the family, so much so as to bring about a strong malaise in some members.

Moments of tension in the Beckham house: she showed up on social media in tears

A few months ago David Beckham and Victoria celebrated the union of their eldest son with Nicola Peltz. Brooklyn is married to the actress and model. In the last few hours, however, precisely in reference to the couple and also to the entire family, rumors have circulated that do not suggest a peaceful atmosphere after a wedding, especially if we are talking about the wedding of your child.

Why yes, apparently, according to a source in Page Six, just between Victoria and her daughter-in-law there would be moments of great tension. Indeed, even today as reported by various sites, it is so. But what happened? According to the news that, we anticipate, are currently only indiscretions even if neither of the two protagonists has denied, between Victoria and the young wife of her son, relations would not be so harmonious. There is even talk of strong tensions born due to the jealousy that the model seems to feel towards the star. Also according to what the source reported, Brooklyn’s wife would not have liked her attention that even during her wedding would have been placed in Victoria.

It would seem that the two women do not have any kind of relationship, they would not tolerate each other at all. Before the wedding the ‘ruckus’ would have broken out, according to which it is said that clashes would have arisen between the two. In fact, the bride would not have been taken into consideration for the preparations, which did not go down well.

beckham house tension
Beckham tension (credits: instagram)

To these voices is added a shot shared by Nicola in which she appeared with tears and very red eyes and at the bottom of the post he lets you know that he is experiencing a difficult time: “It’s hard for me to show my more fragile side. We all have days when people make you feel bad, I wanted to show this side of me too “. In the message there is no reference to her mother-in-law even though many think it is partly addressed to her too. What is happening in the Beckham house? Here, at the moment it is only rumors.