Mon Laferte announced happy news

On January 31, Los Angeles will receive one more angel, it is Mon Laferte. The artist is very happy with her nomination and her presence always promises some controversy. So much so that at the 2019 Latin Grammys the singer-songwriter appeared with her breasts exposed to the press.

The reason for her nudity was an act of political activism. Mon Laferte he wanted to give a message, and what better way than to place it in a place on his body that everyone would look at. In this way also pointing out how the woman’s body has been objectified and the object of prying eyes only when she says nothing and remains serene. Multiple were the criticisms she received at the time for displaying her breasts in protest. Would the same have happened if he exhibited them for other purposes?

But two years after that moment, Mon Laferte is content to be nominated for Best Regional Mexican Music Album. This was announced by the singer on her Instagram account. “I never imagined that I, a migrant, could be nominated” highlighting her condition as a Chilean living in the United States.

Source: Instagram @monlaferte

In his speech to the cameras after receiving the award the week before, Mon It said: “Rosalen. I love you, I love that we are women nominated in this category that was always all men. ‘Album Cantautora’ this year ”. Of course, the Viñamarina artist received the award for “Best Album” and highlighted having been able to compete with a female in the same category.

Source: Instagram @monlaferte

And that is how the Latina managed to win the Best Album award at the Latin Grammys and now reaps this nomination for the 2022 Grammys. This award opportunity has been preceded by a very strong blow to the artistic world. The COVID-19 pandemic kept creatives confined to their apartments. This itself did not prevent Mon be able to create her album, which, as she herself declared, was the result of the pandemic and tells how she felt in her daily life during confinement.