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An evening of great entertainment for the final of “Dancing with the stars”, the dance show hosted by Milly Carlucci, together with Paolo Belli, broadcast live on Friday 23 December from 20.35 on Rai 1, also proposed by Rai Italia. Guest of honor, an extraordinary artist in the Italian music scene and beyond, Riccardo Cocciante, who will take to the track to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of “Notre Dame de Paris”. Also awaited the performance of the Masters of “Dancing with the Stars”, who will be engaged in a choreography on the notes of an exciting medley. The couples competing for the victory are Iva Zanicchi – Samuel Peron; Rosanna Banfi – Simone Casula; Ema Stokholma – Angelo Madonia; Gabriel Garko – Giada Lini; Alex Di Giorgio – Moreno Porcu; Alessandro Egger – Tove Villfor. They are joined by Luisella Costamagna – Pasquale La Rocca who, thanks to the repechage of the last episode, are back in the race. The VIPs will give their all to conquer the public at home, but also the technical jury headed by Carolyn Smith. At her side the inevitable Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni and Selvaggia Lucarelli. To give a voice to the people from home, on the side of the track, the comments of the tribunes of the people: Rossella Erra, Sara Di Vaira and Simone Di Pasquale. Alberto Matano could not be missing, host of Vita in Diretta and guardian of the “treasure”. In addition to the jury and commentators, the final judgment will be up to the public at home who will have the opportunity to participate in the competition by voting for their favorite couples directly on social networks, from the official profiles of “Dancing with the Stars”. The soundtrack of the evening is entrusted to Big Bang, which in each episode accompanied the performances of the competitors live.

The prime time of Rai 2 – Friday 23 December at 21.20 – is tinged with blue with two episodes of the American crime series “Blue Bloods” with Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, in the absolute TV premiere. It begins with “Jamie’s Dilemma”: Anthony discovers that his brother Leo has turned to Vangelis, who has just been released from prison, to ask him for a job and fears that he has fallen back into the underworld. Danny and Baez investigate the attempted murder of the daughter of a very wealthy family. The mayor offers Jamie to become head of his escort; Frank and Jamie discuss doubts, perplexities and life choices. To follow, Being a Leader”: A child is kidnapped on his way to school, Reagan and Baez discover that behind the kidnapping there is a painful story. A former high school friend of Erin challenges her to double-check an old murder case in which a client of hers was convicted. Erin has to admit that the investigations that led to the conviction were inaccurate, but the story is not as linear as it seems.

A 12-metre-high tree set up in Sofia Square, in the center of Kyiv, and decorated with white doves and a large yellow and blue angel (the colors of the national flag), is the symbol of the Ukrainian people’s desire to celebrate Christmas despite everything. Christmas that ten million people risk spending without electricity and heating, with temperatures that in this period of the year can drop to -20° and who knows how long under the bombs. On “Tg3 – Fuori Tg”, the program curated by Mariella Venditti and conducted by Maria Rosaria De Medici, broadcast on Friday 23 December at 12.25 on Rai 3, the correspondent of Avvenire Nello Scavo and the scientific consultant of Limes Germano Dottori, they dwell on the significance of President Zelenski’s first trip outside the Ukrainian borders for the meeting in Washington with Biden and on the contemporary Russian mission of Medvedev in China. The cameras of “Fuori Tg” are also in Kiev with their correspondents and in Bucha – where a refugee reception center has been set up – with Irma Gjinaj, coordinator of emergencies in Eastern Europe of the Cesvi Foundation.

Christmas Eve menu on “Tg2 Italia”.

The deeds of a French knight, Geoffroi de Champagne, who chooses to enter the order of the Knights Templar. She follows Professor Alessandro Barbero in “The compass and the hourglass”, broadcast on Friday 23 December at 21.10 in first vision on Rai Storia. Through Geoffroi they relive the knights’ training and their spiritual formation, up to the battles that will make them famous.

Seven weeks before the elections – the fifth in 3 years – and a few minutes before the deadline, the head of Likud, the eternal Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, informed President Herzog of the formation of the “toughest ever” government, as law on various domestic and international newspapers. On “Radio 3 Mondo”, broadcast on Friday 23 December at 11 on Radio 3, Luigi Spinola talks about it with Davide Lerner, voice of Radio3Mondo, collaborator of “Domani” and editor at Haaretz for 3 years. Netanyahu, who succeeded in regaining power, will lead a coalition of six parties whose members have declared plans to overturn the judicial system, reduce the (already limited) Palestinian autonomy in the occupied West Bank, further strengthen Israel’s Jewish character and maximize support of the state to the more religious Jews. Furthermore, according to the common will expressed by the coalition, the influence of the extreme right will be introduced in secular education and the religious influence on state and social institutions will be expanded.

The “perfect recipe” for Christmas Eve dinner is the theme of “Tg2 Italia”, the current affairs program hosted by Marzia Roncacci, broadcast on Friday 23 December at 10 on Rai 2. From Palermo to Milan, passing through the Capital , great names in the kitchen will reveal their secrets to enrich traditional menus, while in the studio Ernesto di Rienzo, food anthropologist of the University of Rome – Tor Vergata will tell anecdotes and curiosities. And, again, with the help of a master of ceremonies, we will learn how to set the table for special occasions according to the dictates and rules of etiquette. In connection, the volunteers of the Sant’Egidio community who will distribute lunches and comfort items for the homeless and with a Cesvi operator in Ukraine where a Christmas of war in the cold and in the dark is looming. In the second part of the broadcast, the usual “Settegiorni” space, with the week’s news, anniversaries and curiosities from around the world. Focus, in particular, on the World Cup just concluded in Qatar, with the “voice” of the commentary of the final, Alberto Rimedio, correspondent of RaiSport. Tg2 Italia” will be back on Monday 9 January, after the Christmas break.

On Rai5 ‘Roma Caput Disco’

From the mid-1960s, in the midst of Fellini’s “Dolce Vita”, after the opening of the legendary Piper Club in Via Tagliamento, Rome became the undisputed capital of Italian entertainment. In the 70s, then, they open legendary discos such as Jackie’O, Mais and Much More and gay clubs, such as Alibi and Easy Going, while the 80s are those of Histeria and Gilda, but also of many other clubs, such as the Open Gate and the Stars. Places and stories covered by the documentary “Roma Caput Disco”, broadcast on Thursday 22 December at 22.35 on Rai 5. The doc is the culmination of a work begun in 2010 and is inspired by the book “I Love The Nightlife” by the two DJs Romans Corrado Rizza and Marco Trani. After the death of DJ Marco Trani in 2013, Corrado Rizza left the work in the drawer for a long time, to then bring it to completion. The docufilm – narrated by Pino Insegno – recounts the birth of discos in Rome and the evolution of the disc jockey profession, which has now reached its maximum media visibility by consecrating some DJs to the level of real pop stars. Furthermore, the focus is on some Italian artists, now famous in various sectors, who began their career as a disc jockey, such as Renzo Arbore, Roberto D’Agostino, Jovanotti and Fiorello. Through exclusive interviews, vintage footage, film clips and very rare photos, a glamorous Rome emerges capable of holding its own against cities such as New York, Paris and London. Years in which Rome was invaded by showbiz stars, but also by personalities from politics and the international jet set, thus experiencing its second “Dolce Vita”, which vanished after the advent of the Mani Pulite judicial investigation.

Ivana Monti and Elisabetta Mazzullo will be guests of Gigi Marzullo at “Cinematografo”, the night’s appointment with the story of cinema by Rai Cultura, broadcast on Friday 23 December on Rai 1 at 2.25. The actresses will talk about their performances in the films “Perfect Illusion” and “The Eight Mountains”. Together with them Valeria Cavalli, engaged in the Rai fiction “Arnoldo Mondadori”, and the actress Danila Stalteri. Enrico Magrelli is also in the studio with the other critics in connection: Valerio Caprara, Francesco Puma and Chiara Nicoletti. Professors Roberto Conte, Luca De Luca Picione and Giuseppe Liotta will comment on the film offer of the week and the ranking of the most watched films. This week’s external eye is by the journalist and essayist Italo Cucci. Ample space for audience assessments of films showing in theatres.

Friday 23 December, on Rai 1 at 2.05 pm, on “Today is another day” the protagonists are the judges and dancers of Dancing with the Stars, the Rai 1 record show that has reached the final. Following Anna Foglietta, Paolo Calabresi and Stefano Fresi talk about the forthcoming film “The Best Days”. And again, the Oscar-winning Nicola Piovani on stage at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome with “Music is dangerous”. In the second part of the programme, the usual information space with all the live updates and comments on the main current events and politics.