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The reigning MotoGP world champion, Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia is a guest of “Che Tempo Che Fa” by Fabio Fazio – the program produced by Rai Cultura in collaboration with the OFFicina, with Luciana Littizzetto, Filippa Lagerbåck, Gigi Marzullo, Nino Frassica, Simona Ventura, Maurizio Ferrini alias Signora Coriandoli – broadcast tomorrow at 20.00 on Rai 3. At twenty-seven he is the first Italian rider to take the lead in the standings since 2009 (when Valentino Rossi won the title) as well as the first last 50 years to win the championship with an Italian bike, the Ducati, which he has been riding since 2021. Last season he brought Italy back to the Olympus of the world championship with 7 victories and 10 total podiums and a record gap of 91 points from the runner-up . Rosario Fiorello is also in the studio, from Monday 16 January again at the helm of “Viva Rai2!” the program that wishes Italians a good day, and the comedian Antonio Albanese, star of Riccardo Milani’s new comedy “Grazie Ragazzi”, currently in Italian cinemas. And again: Senator Pier Ferdinando Casini; Franco Locatelli, director of the Department of Oncohematology, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapies and Hematopoietic Transplantation at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome; Roberto Burioni, full professor of Microbiology and Virology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University; the director of La Stampa Massimo Giannini; the deputy director of Corriere della Sera, Fiorenza Sarzanini; the envoy of Avvenire Nello Scavo; the Rai correspondent from Ukraine Ilario Piagnerelli; Michael Serra. The evening ends with “Che Tempo Che Fa – The table” with Nino Frassica, Gigi Marzullo, Simona Ventura, Mrs Coriandoli. Guests: Fabio Rovazzi, on the radio with the new song “Niente è per semper” which marks his return as a soloist after 6 years of featuring and collaborations; Niccolò Macii and Sara Conti, the leading pair of Italian skating who have just entered the history of this discipline with their first blue podium at the ISU Grand Prix Final, where they obtained the bronze medal with 187.02 points and set their new record; Mara Maionchi; Mago Forest, Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni, a very close-knit couple from the talent show Tali e Quali.

More emotions and new stories tomorrow at 21.00 on Rai 2 with the premiere series of “NCIS Los Angeles”, the story of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service, in its branch of the Californian metropolis. “Armored kidnapping” is the title of the second episode: the architect couple Linsey and Emmett Sandhagen work on the design of security areas, vaults, bank vaults and military control bases. The two are kidnapped while the nanny takes care of their children: the NCIS team will have to intervene to prevent an attack on one of the government buildings they have planned. The evening of Rai 2 continues at 21.50 with the second episode of “Fire Country”, always in world premiere: the series brings the story of a firefighting team in Northern California to the small screen. “The Prince of Edgewater” is the title of the second installment, in which the team faces a lightning storm, which endangers an entire area of ​​the city, including a recreation area full of children. Meanwhile, Manny must decide what to do with Bode after his disobedience in the bushfire. Sharon tries to convince him to let his son stay in Edgewater.

The complex and diverse relationships between animals, with a particular look at their ability to love. He tells her about the second episode of the doc “Animals in love”, presented by Liz Bonnin, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5. From wild dogs in Africa to tamarins, Bonnin will try to understand what are the elements that allow animals to have prolonged relationships in time. For some species, these relationships last a lifetime. This is the case of Franki and Et, two elephants with a history of extraordinary friendship behind them and that of Dotty and Zee, a pair of penguins linked by a ten-year relationship. But how do animals fall in love?

On Rai Storia ‘Vice. The man in the shadow’ – On Rai1 ‘With us… freewheeling’

The life of Dick Cheney and his rise to power as Vice President of the United States: told by Adam McKay in the film “Vice. The man in the shadows”, with Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia for the “Binario Cinema” cycle. Cheney is a discreet and reserved man who, after a past marked by alcoholism, begins working as an intern at the White House during the presidency of Richard Nixon, holding increasingly important roles in the US administrations of the last fifty years, up to the vice presidency of the country with George W. Bush, where in fact he exercised almost total decision-making power.

Cristiano Malgioglio, multifaceted artist with innumerable talents, Lunetta Savino, among the protagonists of the second season of “Lolita Lobosco”, the actor Pierpaolo Spollon, (“God help us” and “La Porta Rossa 3”), and Nunzia De Girolamo , who, from 21 January, returns to the second Saturday evening of Rai 1 with the new edition of “Ciao Maschio” will be Francesca Fialdini’s guests for the new episode of “Da noi … a free wheel” broadcast tomorrow at 17.20 on Rai 1. The objective of “Da noi…a free wheel” is that of multiple languages, from entertainment to a deeper human confrontation of different sensitivities. Francesca Fialdini creates new paths to tell our society through the falls and rises of its protagonists. In each episode different cues also solicited by the “wheel” which provides clues, memories, revelations, moments of play and entertainment in front of which the guests are called to react.

Long stretches of white sand, coves nestled between rocks and Mediterranean scrub, and then the sea: dark blue in the distance, turquoise and emerald closer to the shore. It is the Costa Smeralda, a masterpiece of nature famous for having become a jet set destination. But what happens when the lights go out and the billionaires’ yachts leave the coast? The doc “La Gallura di Smeraldo” by Luigi Maria Perotti tells it, tomorrow at 10.00 pm on Rai 5. It is a journey along the stretch of coast that goes from Golfo Aranci to the Maddalena archipelago, to tell the stories of lives all over the year in one of the most enchanting corners of the Mediterranean. The destinies of this part of Gallura changed during a business lunch in London back in 1958, when Sardinia was chosen as the place to test DDT, the powerful insecticide. John Duncan Miller, a World Bank official who had been tasked with monitoring the outcome of the insecticide campaign, was struck by the beauty of the Gallura coast, convincing many friends to come and visit him and invest in what was then only a vision. turning it into today’s reality. Among these friends was the young prince Karim Aga Khan, who in 1962 established the “Consortium of the Costa Smeralda”, investing considerable sums in the missing infrastructures such as paved roads, electricity, water and telephone in order to colonize this land. Costa Smeralda became one of the most renowned and exclusive tourist resorts in the world.But only in winter, it is possible to understand the nature of this part of Sardinia.The hinterland of the VIP beach has been inhabited since the dawn of time, as evidenced by the Tombs of the giants, imposing buildings with a rectangular base, which constitute one of the most evocative testimonies of the age of the nuraghi.It is the other face of this ancient island, linked to the earth and its roots.Its history dates back 350 million years ago and is rich in legends and secrets that we have tried to partially reveal. Gallura, in fact, is the scene of a magical itinerary, full of strange and mysterious energies that are felt n particular places, such as in the archaeological area of ​​Li Mizzani, where one of the most beautiful giants’ tombs in the area stands.

I Me Against You on ‘Domenica In’ on Rai1 – On Rai2 ‘I would like to tell you that’

Me Against You, the popular couple who exploded on Youtube formed by Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia – known as Sofì and Luì – is among the guests of “Domenica In” hosted by Mara Venier, broadcast tomorrow at 2 pm on Rai 1. The duo , loved by children with over 10 million followers, presents his new film “Missione Jungle”, in theaters from January 19, directed by Gianluca Leuzzi. Also in the studio is a children’s band I Latte Rock, made up of 6 young musicians from Bologna between the ages of 5 and 11. Alessia Marcuzzi makes an incursion to launch the second episode of “Boomerissima”, broadcast on Tuesday 17 January in prime time on Rai 2. Nino D’Angelo, on the other hand, talks about his career and private life as well as performing with the single “Cattivi penziero”, accompanied by his pianist and by the orchestra of Domenica Live by maestro Stefano Magnanensi. Alice, winner of the ‘Sanremo Festival’ in 1981 with the song “Per Elisa”, remembers the unforgettable Franco Battiato performing, accompanied by her pianist, some of his best known and loved songs by the public, “The season of love ” and “The cure”. There will also be space for a talk dedicated to the history of the Sanremo Festival with the singers Bobby Solo, Gigliola Cinquetti, Manuela Villa and Nino D’Angelo who will perform with their Sanremo flagships, while Teo will be the commentators Teocoli, Anna Pettinelli, Marino Bartoletti and Ema Stokholma.

This week, Elisa Isoardi will stop in Ancona in the episode of “Vorrei dirti che”, broadcast tomorrow at 3 pm on Rai 2, to meet Federica, a 30-year-old girl originally from the province of Macerata, who wants to thank her husband Mattia for having her always supported in her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Passionate about fashion since she was a child (she made clothes for her dolls), during her adolescence Federica begins to suffer from eating disorders, but she manages to get out of this tunnel and convince her family that she is the one in fashion way of her. After this difficult period, she finally creates her own brand and meeting Mattia, who becomes her husband, is fundamental for her, especially when, with the pandemic, she has to close the Macerata atelier and move to Ancona, where she continues her activities. Federica wants to thank Mattia for always being close to her, even in her difficult moments, and for giving her an unprecedented look at her life. The protagonists of the stories of “Vorrei dirti che” are ordinary people who have contacted the programme, a format halfway between factual and emotainment, because, with the help of Elisa Isoardi, they want to thank or apologize to someone dear to them. To do this, they prepare a “dish of memory”, linked to the memories and tastes of the recipient of the surprise.

Rai Cultura pays homage to Liliana Cavani on her 90th birthday, proposing again, tomorrow at 10.00 on Rai 5, Verdi’s “Un ballo in maschera” in the staging she directed in 2001 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. On the podium, Riccardo Muti while the sets are by Dante Ferretti and the costumes by Gabriella Pescucci. Protagonists on stage, Salvatore Licitra, Bruno Caproni and Maria Guleghina. TV direction by Carlo Battistoni.