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New appointment tomorrow in prime time on Rai1 with ‘God help us’ the successful fiction that follows the daily adventures of the convent run by Sister Angela. ‘Stay or leave?’ In this episode Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci) will have to make a very important decision for her life …

Valentino, Laura Biagiotti and Krizia, Eugenio Scalfari and Indro Montanelli, Maurizio Costanzo, Angelo Rizzoli, David Bowie, Franca Valeri, Massimo Troisi, Carlo Verdone, Diego Abatantuono. They are the great protagonists of the second episode of “Mixer – Twenty years of television, broadcast tomorrow in the late evening on Rai 3 – and Wednesday 25 January in prime time on Rai Storia – in which Giovanni Minoli, retracing the history of his gravure news that marked an era, focuses on 1981. A historical period in which the P2 scandal broke out: to address the issue, the “face to face” meetings with Maurizio Costanzo, Angelo Rizzoli and Eugenio Scalfari are re-proposed, the founder of La Repubblica, who also expresses himself on the role of journalism, as does Indro Montanelli, who also addresses the issue of fascism and the attack suffered in 1977. A close discussion between Minoli and the anarchist Pietro Valpreda follows and, finally, with one of the great protagonists of Italian fashion, Valentino, on charm, seduction and women’s fashion. And women’s designer fashion is also at the center of a costume service by Pia Soli with meetings with the queens of Italian style Laura Biagiotti and Krizia. The gaze on society is enriched by a service by Marcella Emiliani on the atomic nightmare and the trafficking of uranium, with the exploitation of Namibia and its rich mines. The section dedicated to entertainment is rich: in the lineup, an unfiltered interview by Daniele Doglio with David Bowie with his coming out, and those in the studio by Isabella Rossellini with Franca Valeri and the new comedians, Massimo Troisi, Carlo Verdone and Diego Abatantuono. The episode closes with Paolo Villaggio in the role of trade unionist Gemma Pontini, always at the forefront of the rights of women, wives and female workers.

“The Equalizer 2 – Without forgiveness” (Usa, 2018) is the film broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua, with Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo and Jonathan Scarfe. The plot: Robert McCall, formerly a secret agent, now lives in Roxbury, a popular neighborhood in Boston, earns his living as a driver and assisting people who have problems. But with the help of his close friend and former CIA colleague Susan Plummer, he continues to operate even complex actions. Susan, together with Dave York, a former colleague of McCall, is charged with the investigation into an apparent murder-suicide in Brussels, where a CIA agent killed her wife and then shot himself. She and York travel to Brussels. However, the investigator is lured into a trap and at that point Robert takes action. The film, sequel to “The Equalizer – The Avenger”, is a gripping thriller inspired by the 80s TV series “A vigilante in New York”.

On Rai5 ‘Room with a view’ – On Rai Storia ‘aCdC’ with ‘The great journey of the Vikings’

The route of the Circumvesuviana: followed by “Fuori Binario”, broadcast tomorrow at 20.20 on Rai 5. The people who live on the slopes of Vesuvius have a nature in constant ferment. To grasp it, you have to cross their territory in Circumvesuviana, to stop in those villages suspended between the volcano and the sea. By closely observing rowers who departed from Castellammare and “arrived” in Korea, with oars, letting themselves be enchanted by papier-mâché demiurges, seducers in singlets and Hollywood ceremonies. All clinging to the territory like the irreducible brooms sung by Leopardi in his living room in Campania.

The Vikings spend ever longer periods in the raiding areas and the Carolingian rulers are repeatedly forced to pay ransoms to avoid looting. And they gradually integrate into Carolingian society by adopting local customs. A story at the center of “The great journey of the Vikings”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia for “aCdC”, with an introduction by Professor Alessandro Barbero. By converting to Christianity the Viking elites have the opportunity to improve trade and diplomatic relations with both the Carolingians and the Anglo-Saxon kings in England. In 911 the charismatic Viking leader Rollo assumes the title of Duke of Normandy. An epic season finale will follow at 10.10 pm: after the death of King Edward the Confessor in 1066, the struggle for the succession opens in England. The Duke of Normandy, William, a descendant of Rollo, has rights to the throne. The Bayeux tapestry is an extraordinary testimony to the military operations – the preparation, the journey, the battle – through which William’s Normans defeated Harold’s Saxons at Hastings and assumed control over England.

France prepares for the day of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform scheduled for tomorrow Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced the mobilization of ten thousand policemen and gendarmes for what, according to what the unions say, could be the before a series of protests. French information services predict 750,000 people in the square. Thursday 19 January at 11 on “Radio3 Mondo” Anna Maria Giordano addresses, with Irene Fodaro, a freelance journalist connected from Paris, the pension reform on which the credibility of President Emmanuel Macron’s second term is at stake. The retirement age would go from 62 to 64, with a law which, according to the text published today by the French newspaper Libération, would consist of only ten articles, divided into two parts and condensed, for the time being, into 57 pages. Examined by the State Council since January 10, this “preliminary draft law on the amending financing of social security for 2023” contains all the elements presented by the Prime Minister a week ago. The only difference is that while the text speaks of a minimum pension of 85% of the minimum wage for future retirees, it does not mention the fate of current retirees, to whom the government has promised “upgrades”. The executive would have sent a letter of modification to the Council of State to integrate this measure announced by Elisabetta Borne last week.

On Rai 2 ‘Tg2 Italia’ – On RaiItalia and Rai Play with Roberta Ammendola the most famous cheeses in Italy

The investigations after the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, the wave of bad weather that hit central Italy, the funeral of Gina Lollobrigida in Rome. These are the themes of “Tg2 Italia”, hosted by Marzia Roncacci, broadcast tomorrow at 10 on Rai 2. Then the section Itineraries with the most interesting exhibitions and events of the weekend. Guest in the studio the journalist Alessandro Sansoni of the Nova Agency.

Record numbers for two of Italy’s most famous cheeses: in 2021 4,091,144 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano were produced and 2,240,335 wheels of Grana Padano were exported around the world. What is behind this success? At “Casa Italia”, tomorrow, Roberta Ammendola will talk about it with: Alberto Marcomini, journalist, writer and talent-scout of dairy treasures; Renato Zaghini, President of the Consortium for the protection of Grana Padano; Riccardo Deserti, Director General of the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium and Valentina Galiazzo, nutritionist biologist. “He writes songs like a painter would, he paints like a songwriter”: we will talk about Bob Dylan, a living icon of our times, with music expert journalist Ernesto Assante, to discover the exhibition at the Maxxi in Rome dedicated to the Nobel Prize-winning singer-songwriter . Fabiana Giacomotti will delve into the new trends in men’s fashion for autumn-winter 2023-2024, which emerged at the recent Milan fashion shows, with Federico Poletti, journalist and exhibition curator, while in “Sportello Italia”, the corporate jurist and expert on international issues, Lorenza Morello will explain how to obtain a certificate of knowledge of the Italian language. Stories from the World: In conclusion, Maria Cristina Zoppa’s ‘incursions’ into the rehearsals of the big names competing at the Sanremo Festival, with interviews with Colapesce and Dimartino, Colla Zio and Cugini Di Campagna.

New discoveries on Matteo Messina Denaro’s post-capture investigations, while we continue to wonder about the territorial network and the code of silence that protected him. This is the heart of “Radio anch’io”, conducted by Giorgio Zanchini, broadcast tomorrow on Rai Radio1 from 6.30 to 9. During the program we will also talk about interceptions, Ukraine, Peru, Ita Airways, the Italian flag carrier. Among the guests, until 7: Gennaro Carotenuto, contemporary historian and professor at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”; Nicola Graziani of AGI; Luca Ciarrocca, journalist and writer; Marco Barbonaglia of the Grr. Francesco Paolo Sisto, Deputy Minister of Justice and exponent of Forza Italia, will speak between 7.30 and 8; Giuseppe Santalucia, president of the ANM; Liana Milella, journalist of “Republic”; Davide Varì, director of “Il Dubbio”. In the last part of the program between 8.30 and 9 will be guests: Simone Zazzera del Grr; Roberto Piscitello, deputy prosecutor in Marsala and former prosecutor of the Palermo DDA; Felia Allum, Lecturer in Comparative Organized Crime and Corruption in the Department of Politics, Languages ​​and International Studies at the University of Bath, UK; Vincenzo Ceruso, sociologist.