Mondo Rai/Appointments and news

New appointment with “Boomerissima”, the program hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, scheduled for tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2. Focus of the episode, as always, the generational confrontation between boomers and millennials who will compete in a light climate with the aim of convincing the audience present in the studio that their years of membership are the best. The two teams of the program, produced by the Prime Time Entertainment Department in collaboration with Banijay Italia, are made up of the “celebrities” who lived through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Leading them, Alessia Marcuzzi herself who, as always, takes part in the different moments of animation. The teams that will compete in this episode will be made up of: Lodovica Comello, Geppi Cucciari, Francesca Manzini, Giorgio Mastrota, Mietta, Francesco Paolantoni, Riki and Pierpaolo Spollon. Among the guests: Drusilla Foer, Nek, Corona and Rocco Hunt. There will be never-before-seen moments of variety, enriched by the great stage effects coming from the wardrobe with magical powers and from the “back in time” living room which will bring back to life some of the characters, music, TV programmes, fashions and other past costume general.

Tomorrow and Wednesday 25 January “Caro Marziano”, the Rai Cultura program shot and hosted by Pif broadcast on Rai3 at 20.20, will dedicate two episodes to one of the most important speleologists in the world, the Italian Francesco Sauro. During nearly forty expeditions to different continents, Sauro has explored and mapped over one hundred kilometers of new caves, descending to over a thousand meters deep where, with a sound spectrogram, he has recorded what comes closest to nothing: absolute silence . To attract the Martian’s attention, Pif will sink into those places on our planet that most resemble Mars: the bowels of the Earth. “Dear Martian” is a collection of stories, faces and places in Italy today, short reports designed to be seen by a hypothetical alien visitor who lands on our planet on a still uncertain and distant date. Current stories and timeless stories, stories that have a national resonance and stories that, despite being born in an apparently marginal context, photograph the contemporary world. “Caro Marziano” is a program by Pierfrancesco Diliberto and Luca Monarca, produced by Fremantle for Rai Cultura. Directed by Pierfrancesco Diliberto.

Over millions of years, the archipelago of Komodo National Park in Indonesia has been shaped by the forces of nature and the mechanisms of evolution. A world told by the series “The legendary kingdom of Komodo” which, in the episode entitled “Migrant creatures and sedentary species” – broadcast tomorrow at 2.00 pm on Rai 5 – recounts the royal dance of manta rays, majestic migratory creatures, and the beauty some acropora, sedentary corallids that make up the structure of the reef. The episode not only reveals the secrets of the wildlife of the marine ecosystem, but also the lives of the inhabitants of the islands. A coexistence between man and nature that continues to give life to extraordinary legends.

On Rai Storia ‘Mafia Connection’ – Alessandro D’Avenia at ‘Geo’ on Rai3

While Britain resisted the Nazis in Europe, the United States was desperate to keep supply lines open to its ally across the Atlantic. To do so, he needed the help of the man who, more than anyone else, knew the workings of New York City’s docks: mobster Charles “Lucky” Luciano. This is where the story of “Mafia connection” starts, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia for the series “The secret war”. After Pearl Harbor, America realized that there were flaws in the system of informants, especially on US fishing fleets in the Atlantic: on board there were mainly Italian-Americans reluctant to give information to the American authorities. The services thus thought of making an agreement with Lucky Luciano, one of the most famous mafia bosses of the 1930s, at the time in prison on charges of running a prostitution ring, to ensure that Italian-Americans aboard trawlers in the Atlantic shared information on the movements of German U-boats. The relationship with the boss Lucky Luciano also allowed the services to get in touch with the Sicilian mafia, which had been crushed by Mussolini. By the time the Allies landed in Sicily in 1943, the Mafia had undertaken countless acts of sabotage, wiping out many of the German units left to defend the island.

On the occasion of World Education Day, one of the fundamental points of the UN Agenda 2030, “Geo” – the program on nature, the environment and the cultures of the world produced by Rai Cultura and conducted by Sveva Sagramola and Emanuele Biggi on air tomorrow at 4 pm on Rai 3 – hosts Alessandro D’Avenia, teacher and writer. It starts from the relationship between education and instruction, to then deepen its meaning by investigating the role of the school, the family and the community.

A portrait of Janis Joplin: outlined by “Rock Legends”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.55 pm in first vision on Rai 5. The iconography and anecdotal of Janis – the bottle of Southern Comfort always at hand, the voracious appetite for sex and drugs, the desperate need for love, chronic insecurity, the bulimia of disordered life – are part of a myth that is based on the passion and suffering that gave a blues singer of extraordinary purity and authenticity. She passed away when she was finally taking her artistic flight at the age of 27 due to a heroin overdose in a Los Angeles hotel. Following “Rock Legends” tells Stevie Wonder. Child prodigy, he was signed by Berry Gordy’s Motown at just 10 years old. In the meantime, the voice changes from month to month, growth modifies it and at a certain point in Motown they even think of revoking his contract, but in the end the successes multiply and Stevie joins the record company’s team of authors (he works among others to “The Tears of a Clown” by Smokey Robinson), and forever changing both his fortunes and those of the label. In ’73, then, “Inner Visions” was released, now recognized as one of the most important pop albums ever. The documentary offers the portrait of a great musician, but also of a man who has done a lot for civil rights in America and for Black music.

‘Hitler and the obsession with Russia’ on Rai Storia – The trigeminal neuralgia on ‘Elisir’ on Rai3

It is 1941 and the German army is invading the Soviet Union. You will have to fight not only with the Soviet troops, but also with the “General Winter”. The special “Hitler and the obsession with Russia”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia, reconstructs Hitler’s Russian mania in two episodes which led the Fuhrer and his allies to launch an attack on Stalin. But the Soviet resistance will give rise to the most dramatic battles of the Second World War. To introduce and close the documentaries, the interventions of the historian Maria Teresa Giusti.

Trigeminal neuralgia is the theme with which the episode of “Elisir” opens, the program conducted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi with Francesca Parisellin broadcast tomorrow at 10.30 on Rai 3. It is a chronic syndrome that manifests itself with intense pain in the face. What are the causes and what treatments? In the studio, Professor Paolo Notaro, director of the Complex Structure for Pain Therapy at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan. It continues with the space “10 minutes up”, which will focus on the innovations of diagnostic imaging, that set of methods that allow us to see the inside of our body. Professor Luca Maria Sconfienza, professor of Radiology at the University of Milan and head of the Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Operative Unit at the Irccs Galeazzi Hospital – Sant’Ambrogio will talk about it. Therefore the “Tell me doctor”, dedicated to acute or chronic inflammation of the esophagus. The questions will be answered by Professor Patrizia Burra, full professor of Gastroenterology at the University Hospital of Padua. Finally, the false myths about the immune system will be debunked. Doctor Massimo Magi, family doctor, is in the studio.

Deborah E. Lipstadt’s legal battle against David Irving, who sued her for libel after she accused her of Holocaust denial. The director Mick Jackson reconstructs it in the film, “The truth denied” with Rachel Weisz, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5. After the publication in the United Kingdom of his book “Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory”, American professor Deborah Lipstadt learns that British writer David Irving (Timothy Spall), a prolific author of texts on the Second World War, has decided to sue her for defamation. Lipstadt thus finds herself having to defend herself and, with her group of lawyers led by Richard Rampton (Tom Wilkinson) prove a fundamental truth, namely that the Holocaust was a real historical event and not an invention.