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Massimo Ranieri and Santo Versace will be Mara Venier’s guests on “Domenica In”, broadcast on Rai 1 from the ‘Fabrizio Frizzi’ studios in Rome on Sunday 20 November, from 2 to 3.30 pm, when the line will switch to Rai Sport for the Opening of the World Cup in Qatar. Massimo Ranieri will intervene to present his new album of unreleased songs “All dreams still in flight”, as well as performing with “Lasciami dove ti pare”. Santo Versace, brother of the designer Gianni who died in Miami Beach on July 15, 1997, will be interviewed by Mara Venier about the book ‘Fratelli, una famiglia italiana’, in which he recounts the extraordinary adventure of the three Versace brothers, Santo, Gianni and Donatella, in fashion world. For the talk dedicated to “Dancing with the Stars”, in the studio Ema Stokholma and Alessandro Egger. With them, the columnists Guillermo Mariotto, Anna Pettinelli and Rossella Erra, as well as the couple of dancing children Leonard and Adele. Also connected is Bobby Solo, who will be the “dancer for a night” in the Saturday night episode of “Dancing with the Stars”.

At the home of Paola Perego and Simona Ventura there will be an air of love for the episode broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 11.15 on Rai2. Adelmo Togliani, the son of Achille Togliani, will tell the incredible story of his father, an unforgettable singer and actor of the 50s and 60s, with testimonials from actors and actresses such as Valeria Fabrizi, and then some background on the engagement between the singer and Sophia Loren . On the subject in the studio there will also be Marco Ferrandini who will talk about the success he had with the song Teorema. There will be friends of ‘Citofonare Rai 2’, such as the correspondent Antonella Elia, ready to tell the love story of two true legends: Teddy Reno and Rita Pavone. And then Massimo Cannoletta will set off to discover a romantic lighthouse where it is possible to stay. Valeri Graci, with her column Vale Tutto, will be ready to entertain the public. And finally the live music with many songs interpreted by the guests and by the daredevils Perego and Ventura and Simon and The Stars with his horoscope.

The autumn magic of Val Badia, in the moment of transition between the predominant green of the summer pastures and the white snow of winter, is at the center of “Linea Verde”, broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 12.20 on Rai 1 and Rai Italia. In fact, these are the days of the foliage, when woods, mountains and meadows take on different colors, from yellow to purple, from orange to green and brown. The episode is also an opportunity to learn about the millenary history of the Ladin culture, with its typical farmsteads and all the signs still evident today of a community that boasts ancient traditions. But that’s not all: in the setting of the Dolomites, between the Puez-Odle massifs and the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park, Peppone and Beppe Convertini meet farmers, foresters, artists and local personalities grappling with their typically autumnal activities . Many of these are women, testifying to the central role of the female figure in the family and social organization of the valley. In a natural paradise made up of impressive forests and woods with a typical fauna (cattle, goats, deer, fallow deer), Francesco Gasparri also intervenes, with an excursion up to the remote Malga Rossalm at the foot of the Croda Rossa; Sara Brancaccio, with a special cake inspired by foliage and Ciro Vestita, who reveals the benefits of goat’s milk.

The city of Jesi the protagonist of “Paesi che vai” on Rai1

November 25 will be the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a phenomenon which, unfortunately, is constantly growing. A “Vittoria” broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 9.05 on Rai Radio1. Maria Teresa Lamberti talks about it with Maria Gabrielli Carnieri Moscatelli, President of Telefono Rosa and Francesca Dello Preite, an educator who deals with gender-based violence.

The city of Jesi is the protagonist of “Paesi che vai”, the program conceived, written and conducted by Livio Leonardi, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 9.40 on Rai 1. Surrounded by mighty walls, Jesi has its roots in a story with an ancient flavour. According to tradition, it owes its foundation to Esio Re dei Pelasgi, who donated the symbol of the rampant lion to the city coat of arms. Having become a Roman colony in 247 BC, it reached its period of maximum splendor in the Middle Ages. A wealth that increased in the following centuries, with the construction of imposing noble palaces and sumptuous residences in the Rococo style. Architectural riches that led UNESCO to confer on Jesi, in 1969, the title of “exemplary city”. Starting from the regal Piazza Federico II, where the famous “Stupor Mundi” welcomes the conductor, the story continues in the beautiful Church of San Marco and in the ancient Palazzo della Signoria. The cameras will then move to Palazzo Colocci and inside the splendid halls of Palazzo Pianetti, to arrive at the Pergolesi Theater, considered one of the temples of Italian opera. We will also go to the discovery of locations that have been the backdrop for famous films. And finally, “Paesi che vai” will immerse you in the wonders of a protected natural area, in which the largest complex of underground caves in Europe is set.

Climate crisis and energy crisis. The arrival of winter in Europe is worrying and raises a question: how can we have less impact on the planet and together save on bills? In the episode of “Timeline”, broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 10.50 on Rai 3, Marco Carrara asks the physicist and CNR researcher Valerio Rossi Albertini, very popular on social networks: his videos have millions of views on the web, from Youtube to TikTok.

The clash between real and synthetic meat on ‘Mi manda Rai3’

The new stability pact granted by the European Commission to Italy, commented by the editorialist of the Sole 24 Ore Adriana Cerretelli; and regional funds for social cohesion and for the development of infrastructures: themes and reports from Brussels that open “RegionEuropa”, the European weekly Tgr edited by Dario Carella, broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 11.25 on Rai 3 and in live streaming on RaiPlay. In summary also a report by Antonio Silvestri on the sustainability of companies in Europe during this energy crisis starting from a Censis survey carried out on behalf of the Confcooperatives. Also from Brussels, the report on the Council of European Foreign Ministers attended by Minister Antonio Tajani. In closing, the appointment with the column “Ue. Enterprises and Territories”, curated by Antonio Silvestri.

2023 could be the year for the first applications for authorization to place synthetic food products on the market in Europe and for real marketing in the United States. Local farmers are on a war footing, while companies are studying “planted based” vegetable products that recall the flavor and texture of real hamburgers or chicken: it is a clash between real meat and synthetic meat, created in the laboratory from bovine stem cells . But can “meat not meat” have advantages in terms of energy use for production and impact on the environment? He talks about it on “Mi manda Raitre”, broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 9 on Rai 3. Among Federico Ruffo’s guests: Luigi Scordamaglia, managing director of Filiera Italia; Laura Rossi, researcher and nutritionist Crea – research center for food and nutrition; Carlo Alberto Redi, president of the ‘Veronesi Foundation for Research’ ethics committee and member of the Accademia dei Lincei; Luca Perlari, councilor of the province of Mantua delegated fisheries – hunting supervision; Eleonora Evi, deputy for the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra; Andrea Monaco, zoologist at Ispra – Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research.

The week that will come between the debate on differentiated autonomy, the increase in inflation and the balance within the Democratic Party in view of the next congress. Ad Agorà Weekend – broadcast on Sunday 20 November at 8.00 on Rai 3 – all the live updates with the experts and connections. Among the guests of Giusi Sansone, Claudio Brachino, director of Il Weekly; Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove, Undersecretary of Justice – Brothers of Italy; Pina Picierno, Democratic Party; and Federica Fantozzi, Huffington Post.