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The directors Paolo Genovese and Antonio Valerio Spera and the actors Claudio Del Falco, Livia Vitale and Antonella Prisco will be guests of Gigi Marzullo, tomorrow at 2.10 on Rai1, at “Cinematografo”, the appointment of the night with the story of cinema by Rai Cultura . Enrico Magrelli is also in the studio with the other critics in connection: Valerio Caprara, Francesco Puma, Gaia Serena Simionati. Professors Davide Bennato, Raffaele Savonardo and Giuseppe Liotta comment on the offer of the week and the ranking of the most watched films. This week’s external eye is by the writer and teacher Giuseppe Lupo. In closing, ample space for the evaluations of the audience of the films in theaters.

Last episode before the Sanremo break for “Stasera c’è Cattelan”, the late show with Alessandro Cattelan, broadcast tomorrow at 11.00 pm on Rai 2. Guests, the new coaches of “The Voice Senior” i Ricchi e Poveri, Elettra Lamborghini and the journalist and transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano.

It is the first time that the Pope has visited South Sudan, the “youngest” state in the world. Thousands of people have lost their lives and millions have been displaced by civil unrest in South Sudan in recent years, especially in Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity states, 12 years after secession from Sudan. The civil war between President Salva Kiir’s government forces and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), which is in opposition, has undermined the country’s hopes for economic development. At the heart of it are South Sudan’s vast oil reserves. There are also human rights violations and restrictions on press freedom in the country, and according to the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), South Sudan is second only to Somalia. On “Radio3 Mondo”, tomorrow at 11 on Rai Radio 3, Laura Silvia Battaglia will talk about it with Irene Panozzo, an expert on South Sudan and with Uriel Mazzoli, project manager of Doctors Without Borders in South Sudan.

On Rai1 ‘The Voice Senior’ – On Rai3 and on Rai Storia ‘Past and Present’

It is still the Blind Auditions, the traditional “auditions in the dark”, that are at the center of “The Voice Senior”, the talent show hosted by Antonella Clerici, which rewards the most beautiful voices over 60 in the country, broadcast tomorrow at 21.25 on Rai 1. The aim of the aspiring contestants, once again, is to conquer at least one of the judges – among Loredana Bertè, Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino and the Ricchi e Poveri – using the only instrument they have at their disposal: the voice. To welcome the singers, in fact, the four coaches turned from behind: only the one who decides to turn around will win the competitor in the team. If more coaches turn around, however, the choice will pass to the competitor, who will decide who to entrust with his own path. In the last episode of Auditions, there are three former singers who have decided to join Gigi D’Alessio’s team: namely Maria Luigia Caimi, aka Lisa Maggio, sixty-one years old from Bologna; Dario Gay, a sixty-two year old Milanese, now a municipal employee; and the 63-year-old Neapolitan Gianni Conte. They choose the team made up of Angela and Angelo from the Ricchi e Poveri, the sixty-five-year-old commercial agent Augusta Procesi from the province of Rome and Giulia Crocini, a singing teacher from Trieste. Clementino wins Teresa Laurita, a sixty-year-old employee of Potenza, while Loredana Bertè joins the team, Rossella Coci, a sixty-four year old singing teacher from Prato, Ronnie Jones, an eighty-five year old former professional singer, and the eighty-nine year old from Palermo Agostino Lo Casto . During the episode, therefore, space for the blind performances of the new aspiring competitors of “The Voice Senior”, their stories and the now inevitable duets with the coaches. The new episode is always available on demand also on RaiPlay and visible abroad on Rai Italia.

“The Voice Senior” is produced by the Prime Time Entertainment Directorate in collaboration with Fremantle Italia and Marco Tombolini and is the offspring of “The Voice”, an international format created by John de Mol, one of the most viewed in the world. Directed by Sergio Colabona. In June 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union signed an agreement which led to the creation of a direct line, the so-called “hotline” between Moscow and Washington. On “Passato e Presente”, broadcast tomorrow at 1.15 pm on Rai 3 and at 8.30 pm on Rai Storia, Paolo Mieli and Professor Marilena Gala talk about it. The idea was born during the Cuban crisis, one of the moments when the world came closest to the outbreak of a nuclear war. A danger also accentuated by the fact that there was no rapid and efficient means by which President Kennedy and the Soviet leader Khrushchev could talk to each other. The primary purpose of the so-called “hotline” is therefore to offer a channel of communication between the two superpowers in moments of particular tension, and to prevent misunderstandings or fortuitous incidents from leading to a nuclear escalation. In operation since August 1963, the “hotline” in the collective imagination is represented by a red telephone, which in reality never existed, except on Hollywood screens.

Inflammation of the pancreas, the most common causes of which are represented by gallstones: in “Elixir” – the medical program conducted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi with Francesca Parisella broadcast tomorrow at 10.30 on Rai 3 – Professor Antonio Gasbarrini talks about it , director of the Gastroenterology and Medical Oncology area of ​​the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital Foundation in Rome. We continue with the “10 minutes up” talking about eating disorders: what are the signs that can help identify these pathologies? In the studio. the psychiatrist Leonardo Mendolicchio, head of the Operative Unit of the Rehabilitation of Eating Disorders and Nutrition of the Piancavallo Auxological Hospital. In “Tell me doctor”, focus on hematomas and bruises: what are they and how can they be treated? Dr. Marina Moscatelli, family doctor of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners in Rome, answers the questions. Finally, the week ends by debunking the false myths about lactic ferments and probiotics with Dr. Laura Rossi, nutritionist of the Crea Alimenti e Nutrizione research centre.

On Rai5 ‘L’enigma Savinio’ – On Rai3 ‘Geo’ talks about home automationThe life of Alberto Savinio winds its way, between the 19th and 20th centuries, among the most important cultural centers in Europe, as told by the documentary “L’enigma Savinio ” broadcast tomorrow at 19.35 on Rai 5. In the perennial search for an environment suited to his artistic aspirations, Giorgio De Chirico’s equally talented brother moves restlessly between cities and nations. The Greece of his birth and early childhood, shrouded in myth and epic, the Germany of his musical apprenticeship, the Paris of the avant-garde, coexist in him with a Mediterranean Italy, a homeland only partially rediscovered. In the fascist regime, Savinio is, in fact, a foreign body, hardly usable for the purposes of consensus. In his cosmos there are no heroes all in one piece, but only myths to be revisited and deconstructed, with the acute and ironic lightness of his pen and brush. He also opposes the idealism and specialism of his time. He feels like a dilettante, but not in the usual sense of the term, rather for the inexhaustible delight of creating, of measuring himself against different practices. And this is, perhaps, the most incisive trait of his contemporaneity. The documentary is enriched by the interventions of Ester Coen, art historian; Lucia Poli, actress; Ruggero Savinio De Chirico, artist; Marco Scolastra, musician; Alessandro Tinterri, entertainment historian; and from the readings of Elio Turno Arthemalle. Being able to regulate the switching on and off of the heating or other systems in our home, even when we are not inside or even near it, is possible. Tomorrow at 16.00 on Rai 3, “Geo”, the program on nature, the environment and the cultures of the world produced by Rai Cultura and conducted by Sveva Sagramola and Emanuele Biggi, will deal with home automation and how it can help us to better manage our home, as well as saving money. We will talk about it with Alessandro Ronca, an expert in alternative energies and energy efficiency. ” of which Rai Teche offers on RaiPlay, starting tomorrow, the two complete seasons, the first broadcast tomorrow in the summer of 1967, the second in 1969 ( The main performers are Jacques Sernas, Riccardo Garrone and Elio Pandolfi while Mario Maffei, Piero Nelli and Ruggero Deodato take turns directing. The 6 episodes of the first season and the 7 of the second are characterized by a greater investigative dynamism compared to contemporary detective stories, dictated by the need to show a complete story in each episode, set in the context of interventions carried out on the streets. This element favored a greater use of outdoor shots rather than studios, an element that also allows us to observe curious cross-sections of Italian life and society of the period. In each episode, the agents investigate to discover the dynamics of serious road accidents and identify those responsible. The events narrated are inspired by news stories of the time and reflect the reality experienced by motorists and citizens. In the years in which the first mass motorization of Italians took place, the series, created in collaboration with the State Police, had the objective not only of entertaining, but also of disseminating to the vast television audience the fundamental rules for the protection of road safety.