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In the fourth appointment with “Belve”, the program conceived and conducted by Francesca Fagnani, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2, Heather Parisi, Concita De Gregorio and Gabriel Garko will be guests. The monologue by Michela Andreozzi, the comic incursions of the Heterobasics and Cristina Di Tella will also enrich the episode. The pungent and ironic face-to-face encounters in which Francesca Fagnani confronts, without discounts, with big names in entertainment, politics, customs and news are back. A cycle of episodes dedicated to indomitable, ambitious, strong women (and men), not necessarily to be loved, but which one cannot help but listen to. “Belve” is always available on demand on RaiPlay

Emad and Ranaa are a young couple of actors forced to leave their apartment in central Tehran due to urgent renovations. A friend helps them find new accommodation, without telling anything about the previous tenant who will instead be the cause of an “accident” that will upset their lives. It is the film by Asghar Farhadi “The customer”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5, without commercial breaks and also available in the original language. The film won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2017, the award for Best Screenplay and Best Actor (Shahab Hosseini) at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in 2016 and was nominated for a Golden Globe 2017 for Best Foreign Language Film . In the cast, Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidoosti, Babak Karimi, Farid Sajadi Hosseini, Mina Sadati.

Hoop, ball, clubs, tape and hours and hours in the gym looking for the perfect gesture. Milena Baldassarri and Sofia Raffaeli share their days in the gym, between workouts, workouts and more workouts. In “Caro Marziano” – the Rai Cultura program shot and hosted by Pif, broadcast tomorrow at 8.00 pm on Rai 3 – Pif is in Fabriano to find out who some of the best gymnasts in Italy are and how they live, and to see what level grace can reach a terrestrial creature. “Dear Martian” is a collection of stories, faces and places in Italy today, short reports designed to be seen by a hypothetical alien visitor who lands on our planet on a still uncertain and distant date. Current stories and timeless stories, stories that have a national resonance and stories that, despite being born in an apparently marginal context, photograph the contemporary world. “Caro Marziano” is a program by Pierfrancesco Diliberto and Luca Monarca, produced by Fremantle for Rai Cultura. Directed by Pierfrancesco Diliberto.

On Rai4 ‘Wonderland’ meets Emanuele Taglietti – on Rai Storia ‘The kingdom of Edoardo VI’ A career divided between cinema, television and comics: Emanuele Taglietti, one of the most eclectic visual artists on the Italian scene, is the protagonist of the new episode of ” Wonderland”, the Rai Cultura magazine broadcast tomorrow at 11.25 pm on Rai4 (digital terrestrial channel 21). “In the cinema – recalls Taglietti – there were various characters who also worked in comics; I knew them all a little. There was Silvio Romagnoli and in particular there was Dino Leonetti, who said to me: “you who have this hand , why don’t you do the covers of the comics that I do?”. Because he drew comics, exactly, but he wasn’t a cover artist, I painted instead. The first thing I asked him, since I didn’t make it a moral issue but a financial peace of mind, it was the pay. And I stayed there because it was double what I earned in the cinema! That’s what gave me the opportunity to choose that job there”. Son of the stage painter Otello Taglietti, Emanuele followed in his father’s footsteps by lending his art to the world of cinema: in 1964 he was on the set of “Giulietta degli spiriti”, alongside Piero Gherardi for the set designs. And it is still in the scenography department that he works with Federico Fellini on “Il viaggio di G. Mastorna” which was followed by collaborations with Marco Ferreri, Dino Risi, Ettore Scola, Vittorio Gassmann and Sergio Leone, producer of “My name is Nobody”. After his experiences in the world of television dramas, Taglietti took a further step into the world of visual arts by embracing the cause of his friend and colleague Renzo Barbieri and starting a long collaboration with “Edifumetto”, for which he designed the covers of many publications . Painting teacher, restorer and illustrator for various other editorial realities, Emanuele Taglietti met “Wonderland” at the latest edition of the Turin Film Festival. “Wonderland” opens the episode by already exploring the territories of visual art, dedicating the CULT cover of the week to the illustrated book by Antonello Silverini “The Fall of the House of Usher”, the famous story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1839 and transposed countless times to the cinema, on TV and in illustrated works. Edwardian Britain 1901 to 1910, with restored and colorized sequences. The “paints” the second part of the special “Belle Epoque Great Britain in color”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia. The country was the richest and most powerful in the world, but what did this mean for the men, women and children who toiled in the mills and mines? Sequences from rare films, restored and colored for the first time, offer an intimate window into how everyday Britons lived, worked and socialized during those years. The Edwardian era saw, among other things, the creation of mass leisure, the suffrage movement and the First World War. Immunotherapy at the center of the new episode of Elisir broadcast tomorrow at 10.30 on Rai3, a method for the treatment of pathologies that uses substances capable of stimulating the immune system. For which diseases is it necessary to resort to this therapy? We will talk about it with Professor Alberto Mantovani, oncologist and scientific director of Humanitas. In the space “10 minutes on …” we will talk about a multidisciplinary research program that integrates imaging studies with genomics, engineering and artificial intelligence, recently inaugurated at the Agostino Gemelli Foundation University Hospital in Rome thanks to the work of Evis Sala, professor of Radiology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome and director of the Advanced Radiodiagnostic Center of the Gemelli University Hospital. In particular, part of his research is aimed at the development and validation of ‘functional imaging’ biomarkers, to ‘see’ not only the anatomy, but also the function of a tissue. With this system it is possible to evaluate the response to oncological treatment, using the metabolic and physiological imaging of the tumor. The “Tell me doctor” space is dedicated to the health of the urinary tract, a topic that we will explore together with Dr. Massimo Magi, family doctor. Finally, we will clarify any doubts about the nutritional principles and properties of potatoes. In the studio, Professor Laura Rossi of CREA, the Food and Nutrition Research Center.

On Rai Storia ‘Auschwitz Witnesses’ – on Rai5 ‘Rock Legends’ The story of Estare Weise, conceived by his parents in Auschwitz – against all rules – and came to light in another camp, the day before he was liberated by the allies. One of the fifteen stories told by as many Jews who survived the Holocaust and the concentration camps – some of whom speak for the first time – in “Auschwitz Witnesses” created in 2020 for the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia, introduced and contextualized by Professor David Bidussa. Most of those fifteen witnesses, then, were children or so, deported together with their families and destined to live with the loss of their parents, with hardship and forced labour, with the vision of death, with the daily crossroads, how casual, between life and the gas chambers. Through the words of the survivors – and using for the first time color images of the Auschwitz camp and other moments of the Holocaust – the documentary traces the history of the Holocaust, in that escalation of unstoppable violence and anti-Semitic hatred that from the Night of Cristalli came to deportation and the “final solution”, passing through the creation of 800 European ghettos. A violence to resist – the witnesses recall – by seeking life in the smallest everyday things and in small gestures of mutual solidarity, such as sharing a simple piece of bread. Singer, actress, gay icon, since the legendary 60s : “Rock Legends”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.15 pm on Rai 5, retraces the story of Cher. She is a famous character not only for her artistic talents, but also for her undoubted qualities as a show-woman. Chameleonic and timeless, Cher continues to ride the wave of success from the age of 16, when she made her debut alongside her partner Sonny Bono with the international hit “I’ve Got You Babe”. To follow, “Still on the run. Jeff Back’s story traces the life and musical evolution of a great experimenter and one of the most talented guitarists of his generation. Starting from the beginning – it is worth remembering the appearance that opens Antonioni’s film “Blow up” – the documentary directed by Matthew Longfellow reconstructs the experience with the Yardbirds and the Jeff Beck Group up to the present day, with the interventions by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart, Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Slash. The first appointment with the visionary orchestration of Hans Werner Henze with the contralto Sara Mingardo is dedicated to Wagner with the Wesendonck Lieder “Migrations. Musical travels in Italy”, broadcast tomorrow at 17.20 on Rai 5. Salvatore Sciarrino is compared to Wagner with “Languire a Palermo”, a piece based on the latest melodies of the German composer. The greats are performed by the Padua and Veneto Orchestra conducted by Marco Angius, while the commentary is by Stefano Catucci.