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The seventh season of the series “Che Dio ci Aiuti”, produced by Lux Vide, in collaboration with Rai Fiction, ends with two episodes broadcast tomorrow at 21.30 on Rai 1. In the episode entitled “Dire Fare Impicciare”, Azzurra, interpreted by Francesca Chillemi, comes to terms with the discovery of Sara’s past, the girl who has recently arrived in the convent, talks about it with Sister Teresa who advises her to be confidential. Then, in the episode “The pursuit of happiness”, Sara learns the news about little Elia: Sister Teresa calls the social services and condemns Azzurra’s choice. The other two newcomers to the convent, Ludo and Cate, unaware of everything, believe that Sara and Emiliano (Pierpaolo Spollon) are destined to be together.

Premiering tomorrow at 21.20, the prime time of Rai 2 proposes “The Gentlemen”, in which Guy Ritchie successfully transplants the spectacular and entertaining trend of a Hollywood film into a receptive and amusing British context. Michael Pearson is a colorful London drug kingpin. The man has managed over the years to build a vast network of marijuana cultivation: the plants grow in various greenhouses in the shade of as many noble English villas. Determined to get rid of his estate to get out of illegality, Pearson intends to sell his plantations to some large criminal organization, and thus get clean. But getting out of the loop is never easy. The English director, who had already demonstrated with his Sherlock Holmes that he knows how to handle the mixture of London nuances and Hollywood quantities, also in this film manages to forcefully hook the viewer. The strength of each character and performer also supports the company, from Matthew McConaughey, perfect in the role of a criminal intent on repenting, to Colin Farrell, hilarious and original trainer of amateur fighters, up to Hugh Grant: no one is wrong.

As part of the cycle dedicated to the excellence of opera and ballet productions of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Rai Cultura presents Giacomo Puccini’s “Tosca” in the edition that opened the 2019/2020 season, broadcast tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. The musical direction is entrusted to Maestro Riccardo Chailly, while the direction is signed by Davide Livermore. Protagonists on stage are the great voices of Anna Netrebko, Francesco Meli and Luca Salsi. Television directed by Patrizia Carmine.

On Rai3 ‘Splendid Frame’ – On Rai1 ‘Today is another day’

Serena Dandini, Sandra Milo, Maurizio Lastrico, Marco Damilano, the writer Francesco Piccolo, the art critic Francesco Bonami and, in connection, Frank Matano. They are Geppi Cucciari’s guests in “Splendida Cornice”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.25 on Rai 3. Together with Geppi, the band led by Nicola “Ballo” Balestri, the popularizer Roberto Mercadini and the Italian teacher Andrea Maggi. With irony, self-irony, citation and self-citation, the program starts from the people, their stories, the news of the week and its interpreters, from small pearls of every form of art that deserve a spotlight.

All the news on the new edition of the “Masked singer” (aired from March 18) will be previewed on “Today is another day” by Milly Carlucci guest of Serena Bortone in the episode broadcast tomorrow at 2.05 pm on Rai1. Together with Milly Carlucci also Simone Montedoro, Mietta and Valerio Scanu who participated in the past editions of the “Masked singer”. Among the guests also Beppe Convertini in the bookstore with “My countries – traveling with the Green Line” and also the conductor’s mother, sister and niece. And then Grazia Di Michele, the writer Maurizio De Giovanni, connected from Naples, the actress Maria Vera Ratti, one of the protagonists of the fiction “Il commissario Ricciardi”. In the second part of the programme, for the in-depth analysis and politics section, an interview with Giulio Tremonti, president of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chamber (Fratelli d’Italia).

There are few who collect for pure economic investment. Behind the purchase of a work of art there are the simplest human desires: passion, the search for beauty, the affirmation of a social status, the search for one’s identity. The documentary produced by Rai Cultura “The art of passion. Great Italian collectors” by Emanuela Avallone and Linda Tugnoli, broadcast tomorrow at 7.25 pm on Rai 5 The doc proposes a visit to some of the great Italian collections, starting from the “historic” Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, housed in the marvelous Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, overlooking the Grand Canal where the director Karole Vail tells the love of Peggy Guggenheim, her aunt, for art. We then move on to another woman who has always been in love with art: Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, who after a life spent collecting the works of her heart, has opened the doors of her collection in Turin to the public. And again Palermo, where Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi house in the baroque Palazzo Butera alla Kalsa a magnificent collection of works that represent the tops of artistic production from different historical periods and various cultures. They talk about it together with the architect Giovanni Cappelletti and the curator Claudio Gulli. Lavinia Biagiotti shows the Biagiotti Cigna Collection, one of the largest private Italian collections, which her parents Laura and Gianni, moved by a passion for futurist art, have collected in the continuous search for inspiration for their creations. Alessandra Cerasi talks about the Cerasi Collection at Palazzo Merulana in Rome, while Germano “Gerry” Bonetti, a young and visionary Milanese lawyer, will take a look at collecting in the age of social media. Finally, thanks to Guido Guerzoni of the Bocconi University of Milan and Alessandra Di Castro, President of the Associazione Antiquari d’Italia, the doc tries to answer a question: why do we buy art?

On Rai Storia ‘aCdC’ – On Rai Radio3 ‘Radio3 Mondo’

A religious and military order born to defend pilgrims in the Holy Land, which in a short time becomes an international economic power, and then suddenly disappears after two centuries of life, at the beginning of the fourteenth century, leaving a legacy of imaginative legends. “aCdC” – broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia, with an introduction by Professor Alessandro Barbero – tells “The true story of the Knights Templar”, a series in three episodes which, on the basis of unpublished documents, reconstructs the path of the Order of the Temple: the revolutionary birth of an army of warrior-monks, authorized to kill in the name of God; the creation of an economic and financial empire that precedes the modern ‘Corporations’; the false accusations of the Machiavellian conspiracy that led to their capture, in the largest police operation in history. In the first episode, the origins are reconstructed. The Order of the Knights Templar was born as a religious and military order, in defense of the Christian kingdoms in the Holy Land. They are monks and war professionals at the same time. The special forces of the thirteenth century, subjected exclusively to the Pope. For the first time in history, religious are authorized to kill in the name of God. A “permanent crusade” which requires an unprecedented economic commitment. Donations and privileges make the Templars, masters in the art of generating wealth, a multinational power, bankers of sovereigns and nobles.

Washington says a Russian fighter jet caused the crash of a US spy drone in the Black Sea on Tuesday, marking the first direct encounter between US and Russian forces since Moscow invaded Ukraine more than a year ago. The conflict continues, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meanwhile making it known that his military commanders are in favor of defending the eastern front line, including Bakhmut. In the meantime, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced that it will issue the first arrest warrants linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine: these are two war crimes proceedings that the International Criminal Court will open with charges of kidnapping Ukrainian children and an attack on civilian infrastructure. Tomorrow at 11 Anna Maria Giordano will talk about it with Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti, researcher at the ISPI Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia Centre. Tomorrow there will also be Le Interferenze by Andrea Borgnino who tells us about the appeals of the Russians at the border with Belgorod via “Radio Verità”: “Ukrainians, come with us”. In Kozacha Lopan, Kiev soldiers laugh at enemy propaganda calls. But the signs of the seven months of occupation have all remained there. And citizens are still afraid.

Gordon Buchanan is a wildlife operator who joins an expedition of Russian big cat specialists and experts to rescue lynx cubs and adults from captivity and bring them back to the wild. The doc tells it in two episodes “Le lynx and I”, broadcast tomorrow and Friday 17 March at 14.00 on Rai 5. Snow and wildlife will be the absolute protagonists of an adventure in which Gordon will work alongside scientists and researchers, to rescue some lynxes from a fur farm and illegal trade. Together with a specialized team he will have to prepare them to go back to living in freedom and to fend for themselves. It will be a journey, during which the felines will have to learn to stay away from humans and go back to hunting to get food. This series tells an ambitious and beautiful project, which will allow Gordon and the public to get to know these big cats better, intensely experiencing the emotion of every moment of the reconquest of freedom by animals that have never known it.