Mondo Rai/Appointments and news

“Un passo dal cielo” is back in prime time on Rai 1, starting tomorrow. The seventh season of the series produced by Lux Vide, a Fremantle Group company, in collaboration with Rai Fiction, is once again set in the Dolomites, with a view of the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a World Heritage Site. The direction is signed by Enrico Ianniello and Laszlo Barbo. In the cast also Giusy Buscemi, Enrico Ianniello and Marco Rossetti, with the extraordinary participation of Giorgio Marchesi and with the participation of Rocio Muñoz Morales. In the first episode entitled “The bear man” returned to San Vito to find out the truth about Roberta, Manuela finds herself involved in an investigation with Vincenzo. Here she meets Nathan (Marco Rossetti), a mysterious and wild man, and Paron, a feared farmer.

The appointment with the Rai Cultura program is back, which starts from a basic conviction: everything can be culture, the important thing is how you use it. With irony, self-irony, quotation and self-quotation, tomorrow at 21.25 on Rai 3, Geppi Cucciari is ready for a new episode of “Splendida Cornice”, the program that starts from the people, their stories, the news of the week and its interpreters, and from small pearls of every form of art that deserve a spotlight. The voting public, the “competent homonyms”, the Italian teacher, the band and the guests also return, with the task of bringing a high theme to a level understandable by all. Together with Geppi Cucciari there will be the band led by Nicola “Ballo” Balestri, the popularizer Roberto Mercadini and the Italian teacher Andrea Maggi. Guests of the episode: Giuseppe Fiorello; Lillo Petroleum; Sandro Piccinini; the pastry chef Ernst Knam; Hope Carrasquilla, principal of Tallahassee Classical School in Florida; the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella; Alice Rohrwacher; ugly comics; Enrico Gabrielli; Giovanni Truppi; the Little Angelic Choir. “Splendida Cornice” is a program by Geppi Cucciari and Luca Bottura produced by Rai Cultura and Itv-Movie. Written with Stefano Andreoli, Enrico Bettella, Pietro Galeotti, Giovanni Robertini, Andrea Sansalone and with Gregorio Paolini, Federico Vozzi, Francesca Papasergi. Editorial coordination Felice Cappa. Edited by Paola Gullà and Antonella Vecchiariello. Scenography by Maurizio Zecchin, executive producer Elena Milani. The direction is by Alessandro Renna.

The opera that inaugurated the 2021-2022 season of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan: it is Giuseppe Verdi’s “Macbeth” in the staging designed by Davide Livermore, which Rai Cultura will re-propose tomorrow at 9.15 pm on Rai 5. Starring Luca Salsi (Macbeth ), Ildar Abdrazakov (Banco), Anna Netrebko (Lady Macbeth), Francesco Meli (Macduff) and Ivan Ayon Rivas (Malcolm). On the podium Maestro Riccardo Chailly. The television direction is by Arnalda Canali. For the first time at La Scala the opera was performed according to the critical edition of 1865, edited by David Lawton. In the fourth act, however, the death of Macbeth is inserted from the first version of 1847, which was staged at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence.

On Rai2 ‘Captain Phillips. Attack in the open sea’ – On Rai Movie ‘Zathura. A space adventure’

Action among the waves and modern-day pirates: these are the ingredients of “Captain Phillips. Attack in the open sea”, a film by Paul Greengrass nominated for six Academy Awards with Tom Hanks in the lead role, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2. Richard Phillips, commander of the cargo ship “Maersk Alabama”, is sailing in the waters of the Horn of Africa when the boat is attacked by a group of Somali pirates. Ascertained that there are no precious cargoes on board, the pirates take the cargo and the crew hostage, demanding ten million dollars in exchange for their freedom. A wise and peaceful man, Phillips will try first to resolve the situation with cunning and then with diplomacy until he, cornered, will have no choice but to resort to action. Specializing in high-voltage films (including various episodes of the Jason Bourne saga), the British Greengrass also has a vocation for films inspired by true stories, as in this case. “Captain Phillips” is in fact based on the true story of Richard Phillips and the hijacking of the “Maersk Alabama”, the first US cargo ship hijacked in 200 years of naval history. Tom Hanks plays a role tailored to him, that of a man reluctant to violence who is forced to defend himself and justice.

For the cycle dedicated to science fiction, “Strani mondi”, Rai Movie proposes the film “Zathura. A space adventure”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15. Walter and Danny, two brothers aged seven and ten, always argue with each other and with their older sister, sixteen year old Lisa. One day the boys find an old space-themed board game called “Zathura” in the cellar. They soon realize that the game has the magical property of making the situations it simulates come true, and they are projected, together with their sister, into a tight adventure between aliens, spaceships and robots. “Zathura” is based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, also author of “Jumanji”. In the cast, in addition to Jonah Bobo, Josh Hutcherson, Dax Shepard, Tim Robbins, Frank Oz.also, there is Kristen Stewart, before becoming the superdiva of “Twilight”.

One of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago and the northernmost island municipality of the Tyrrhenian Sea: Capraia is the destination of “Isole”, broadcast tomorrow at 20.25 on Rai 5. Halfway between Italy and Corsica, Capraia is dominated by the ‘ancient castle built by the bank of San Giorgio and is the wildest island in our country.

Focus on thyroid and hearing on ‘Elixir’ on Rai3 – On Rai2 ‘Tg2 Italia’

How does the thyroid work and what happens to our body when this gland does not perform its role correctly? To “Elisir” – the medical program conducted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi with Francesca Parisella, broadcast tomorrow at 10.30 on Rai 3 – answers Professor Andrea Lania, head of the Endocrinology Unit of the Humanitas hospital in Rozzano. Afterwards, in the “10 minutes on…”, the nutritional properties of exotic fruit will be discussed and the questions will be answered by Laura Rossi, nutritionist and researcher at Crea, the research center for food and nutrition. And again, in “Tell me doctor”, the focus will be on hearing disorders, a topic that will be addressed with Arianna Di Stadio, associate professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the University of Catania. Finally, the “True or false” will be dedicated to clichés about sore throats, with the intervention of Andrea Gallo, professor of Otorhinolaryngology at the “Sapienza” University of Rome.

Italy ranks first in Europe for the consumption of hashish and cocaine, a worrying record. We will talk about it tomorrow on Tg2 Italia, the current affairs program live at 10 on Rai 2, hosted by Marzia Roncacci. We will try to understand the reasons for this scourge that especially affects young people, how to deal with clichés and misinformation and what risks run those who consume drugs, often chemically enhanced by unscrupulous clandestine producers. Guests in the studio, the psychiatrist Giuseppe Ducci, the head of the Observatory on addictions Network Italy and England Alessandro Vento and the journalist, television face of medical disclosure, Manuela Lucchini. Andrea Onori, Unasca national deputy secretary, will speak on drug consumption and road safety. In the second part of the episode, the usual “Itineraries” space, with proposals for the weekend of exhibitions, museums and places to visit.

The story of the incomparable composer and multi-instrumentalist named Rogers Nelson, aka Prince, who changed the course of black music forever: “Rock Legends” reinterprets it, broadcast tomorrow at 24.05 on Rai 5. Signed by Lyndy Saville, the episode – through interviews, music, anecdotes and video clips – retraces the life and career of Prince in an “extended play” version, who passed away on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57. A story of continuous metamorphoses and transformations.