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Nunzia De Girolamo will host at ‘Ciao Maschio’, broadcast tomorrow in the late evening on Rai1, the singer-songwriter Antonino, winner of ‘Tale e Quali’ great success on Rai1, the actor Alessio Vassallo, protagonist of various Rai TV series, the dancer Samuel Peron, historical face of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, and the entrepreneur and television presenter Fabio Esposito. In a completely revolutionized study, which will follow the scenographic model of those gentlemen’s clubs, the seventh episode will have bullying and the manifestation of feelings as its main theme. Nunzia will ask the guests if it is more difficult for men to express their emotions. If, especially as teenagers, they talked freely with their parents. Finally, the dialogue with the presenter will be an opportunity to address the issue of bullying and prejudice suffered. Guests will recount episodes that have characterized their childhood even during the school period. The discussion of the common theme of the episode will be preceded by short face-to-face interviews. Also Karma-B, in a surely provocative way, will give their point of view on what they have just listened to. Using the hashtag #ciaomaschio, the public at home will be invited to participate and have their say on social networks, both on the theme of the episode and on the anecdotes and stories just heard.

Italy has become a “dry” country: it hasn’t rained adequately for months, the land is arid from north to south, many crops are at risk and many products, such as rice, asparagus, melons and potatoes that we could find more expensive on the stalls of markets and shops; we start talking about possible rationing in view of the summer season: why doesn’t it rain anymore? The other side of the coin shows a country where water waste is very high every year: we have nine billion cubic meters for domestic use, but only 5.7 reach the tap, due to water dispersion. It will be the first topic covered in the episode of “Mi Manda RaiTre”, broadcast tomorrow at 9.00 on Rai 3. On social networks we see many testimonies of people who inject themselves with a drug to lose weight, with a syringe that resembles that of insulin; the drug in question is really intended for diabetic patients, not for those who need to lose weight: due to this improper use, many diabetics are unable to find a fundamental product for their pathology. Among Federico Ruffo’s guests: Alessandro Morelli, undersecretary of state to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Giulio Boccaletti, climatologist and honorary researcher of the “Oxford University”; Valerio Rossi Albertini, physicist and CNR science communicator; Umberto Capitani, director of the Stelvio plants; Alessandro Apolito, Coldiretti; Alessio Ribaudo, Corriere della Sera; Giorgio Calabrese, professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition and president of the Food Safety Committee.

On Rai2 tomorrow at 21.20, the fifth season of FBI continues, the series that tells the story of the Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York, the highly specialized investigation unit that makes its experience and technical expertise available on cases difficult and important to keep New York and the United States safe. In the episode “Ready or Not” Maggie returns to work after being in the hospital from last season’s nerve gas incident. She helps the team investigate a double homicide: a law student about to enter Quantico and a young boy with suspicious gang ties. Omar worries that Maggie has gone back to work too quickly and worries about her when she learns that a psychiatrist has been prescribing her some medication for anxiety. To follow, still on Rai2, in absolute premiere, at 10.10 pm the second season of FBI International continues, the series centered on the events of the agents of the International Fly Team of the agency in charge of protecting US citizens abroad, which has the its headquarters in Budapest. In this episode, titled “Call It Anarchy,” Vo receives a call for help from Taylor Paige, a friend from her time at the Pentagon. Kody, Paige’s teenage nephew, went missing while attending an archaeological studies program in Greece. Vo and Kellet start searching together, but when they find the boy wounded and tortured, something in his story doesn’t convince the two agents. Meanwhile Forrest continues to investigate Kompania Bello.

On Rai1 ‘FBI’ and ‘FBI International’ – on Rai4 ‘The Quest – La prova’ with Jean-Claude Van Damme

The entire episode of “Passage to the North West” will be dedicated to the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, the Rai Cultura program conceived and hosted by Alberto Angela, broadcast tomorrow at 3.00 pm on Rai 1. Born in the state of Qin in 260 BC, Qin Shi Huang defeated in a very few years all the other states struggling to gain power and in 221 BC he became the first “emperor” of China, the one who would rule over the whole Chinese territory, which he himself was the first unified. The term “emperor” was not previously used, as it referred to august rulers and mythical emperors; Qin Shi Huang instead chose to place himself on a par with mythical rulers, as if he were their descendant. The first emperor carried out a series of important administrative reforms, unifying the units of measurement within his empire. He also launched a reform of the written language, standardizing the writing system throughout the Chinese territory. Qin Shi Huang was considered a national hero in his lifetime, and wanted to be remembered as a legend after his death. His dream of immortality resulted in the creation of an eternal resting place: the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of China, now a UNESCO site.

Tomorrow at 21.20, Rai 4 returns to tell the story of action cinema icons in prime time with “The Quest – La prova”, a film directed and interpreted by Jean-Claude Van Damme with James Remar and the historic Agent 007 Roger Moore. In the 1920s, young Chris makes ends meet by doing petty theft on the streets of New York with a gang of kids to whom he almost acts as a father. However, things go badly and Chris is forced to flee America and, after being kidnapped, he finds himself working as a slave on a Turkish vessel. During an assault by pirates, the man shows off his skills as a fighter and is then taken to the island of Muay Tahi where he will be able to train to support the most important of all martial arts challenges, a competition with best kickboxing fighters in the world.

Forests, grasslands, aquatic environments: the eternal game of balances and collaborations between species in different habitats is revealed in four appointments to discover the mystery of life on planet Earth. They are the documentaries of the series “Mechanisms of nature”. The first episode of the series, broadcast tomorrow at 2 pm on Rai 5, tells the story of the jungle, a belt rich in vegetation and populated by millions of species along the entire equatorial belt of the planet. The journey starts from Panama, where specialists have counted the most varied population of birds: here each plays a very particular role in the complex organization of the forest. The same happens in Southeast Asia or in the Amazon, where a tree, the Brazil nut, could never reproduce if its flowers and seeds weren’t involved in a very detailed sarabande of collaborations, which sees insects, birds and rodents at work committed to respecting a tight schedule, for the sole purpose of giving birth to a tree that no man has ever been able to cultivate. Millions of species of plants and animals live on Earth, none of them capable of living on their own. Exploring diverse natural habitats and the species that inhabit them, the series reveals the bonds, relationships and synergies that Mother Nature has fostered for all life to survive.

On Rai Storia Gianni Minà ‘Traveling with Che Guevara’ – on Rai Radio1 ‘Prima Fila’ the new film by Gabriele Salvatores

In 1952 Ernesto Guevara, then a twenty-three-year-old medical student, embarked on a journey through Latin America with his friend Alberto Granado: a journey – also one of awareness of the difficult South American reality on the part of the man who would become “Che” – told in 2002 by director Walter Salles in the film “The Motorcycle Diaries”. A year later, Gianni Minà, former collaborator of Salles for the film, invited Granado to retrace the places visited fifty years earlier with Che, alternating this journey through memory with behind-the-scenes images of “The Motorcycle Diaries”. Thus was born the documentary “Traveling with Che Guevara”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia, as a tribute to the great journalist who recently passed away.

The new film by Gabriele Salvatores “The Return of Casanova”; the events dedicated to the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday; 10 years ago Enzo Jannacci died, a book “Ecco tutto qui” by his son Paolo and the journalist Enzo Gentile comes out. These will be the topics at the center of the episode of “Prima Fila – Everything makes culture and entertainment”, the weekly to meet and understand the world of entertainment and culture, hosted by Timisoara Pinto, broadcast tomorrow at 12.30 on Rai Radio 1. The new film by Gabriele Salvatores: “The return of Casanova” with Toni Servillo and Fabrizio Bentivoglio, co-produced by Raicinema, previewed at the Bifest in Bari. Baba Richerme met the director Gabriele Salvatores for the programme. Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the major protagonists of contemporary Italian art, will turn 90 in June, and the art world is dedicating various initiatives to him, including three major exhibitions: at the Castello di Rivoli in Turin, and the other two, in Milan in the Royal Palace, and in Rome, in the Bramante Cloister. Federico Pietranera interviewed the artist. Ten years after the death of Enzo Jannacci, a book entitled “Ecco tutto qui” has been released, like the title of a song by the great Milanese artist. Authors are his son Paolo Jannacci, musician, composer and arranger, and the journalist and music critic Enzo Gentile. He met them Claudia Fayenz.

Andrea Pennacchi brings the Homeric epic to Rai 5. In fact, the most theatrical network in the Rai schedule welcomes the Paduan author-actor for the first time with a double appointment, tomorrow and Saturday 8 April, at 9.15 pm, which he proposes to public two great classics revisited by the actor known today on TV with the character of the Pojana and for the intensity of the roles in popular Italian series. “Heroes” and “Una Piccola Odissea” are the two shows in the repertoire, part of the “Homer never cries” project by Teatro Boxer, the company with which Pennacchi has been producing shows and show lessons for 15 years, as well as managing festivals and cultural projects . «These two works represent an important journey for me – begins Andrea Pennacchi – “Heroes” is the first story I wrote with the help of Laura Curino, even when it was titled “Homer never cries”, and I stage it in the its most definite form. It is a show run in and at the end of its journey. Instead “A Little Odyssey” is a dream that I had for a long time, but for which I found difficulties as the Odyssey is characterized by numerous narrative voices and it was difficult for a single man to tell it. Then I found the key.’ The vision of both works, for the first time accessible to the television audience, therefore allows us to observe Pennacchi’s journey in becoming an author, starting from his debut as a writer to arrive at his latest theatrical text, «a show that is moving its first steps but full of enthusiasm in narrating the story of stories», says the author himself.