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The appointments continue with the second season of “Imma Tataranni. Deputy Prosecutor”. In the episode entitled “Via del riscatto”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.30 on Rai 1, it is Halloween evening and Pietro has taken Imma to see the family Lamione where she wants to open the jazz club when two gunshots resound in the ‘air. Shortly afterwards, the two come across a woman who emerges from an alley near Palazzo Sinagra, a building in which a murder is discovered the following day. Between ghost stories, ex-lovers, ex-friends, séances, village gossip and misanthropic elders, Imma investigates supported by a Calogiuri who is a little distracted by her relationship with Jessica.

Second appointment with “From the street to the stage”, the show hosted by Nek which brings the world of street artists to TV who perform and tell their stories in front of the public and some guests in the studio. In this episode, which will be broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2, Nathalie Guetta and Francesco Paolantoni will be playing the so-called “important passers-by” who will assist the audience in choosing the three most beautiful performances of the evening. To accompany the artists on stage, the band directed by maestro Luca Chiaravalli. The “buskers” will share their skills related to every form of art with the public, from music to singing, from dance to juggling, and will enchant viewers with extraordinary performances in a studio that recreates the atmosphere of the most beautiful squares. Each of them, in addition to their talent, brings with them a personal story, sometimes moving, other times funny, but which never fails to arouse curiosity and emotion in the listener. All this makes “From the street to the stage” an authentic show and the biggest celebration of street artists on TV. The artists selected in this episode will go directly to the final together with those of last week: the duo of opera singers ventriloquists Naimana and Daniele, the violinist Isaac Minert and the singer Martina Zaghi There will be fifteen finalists in total to compete for the award of best street artist in Italy, during the exciting decisive episode to be held on Tuesday 2 May. ” is an original idea by Carlo Conti, written by Emanuele Giovannini, Leopoldo Siano, Giona Peduzzi, Maria Grazia Giacente, Simona Iannicelli. Produced by Rai – Prime Time Entertainment Direction in collaboration with Stand by me, edited by Daniela Di Mario and Tiziana Iemmo and – for Stand by me – by Francesco Sturlese. Rai executive producer: Roberta Bellagamba. Stand By Me executive producer: Claudia Santilio. Directed by Sergio Colabona.

Isabella Dalla Ragione has a special passion: finding fruit trees that seem to have disappeared for centuries, giving them a name after comparing them with ancient paintings or documents, and transplanting them into her land-archive, where they return to bear excellent fruit. This extraordinary researcher of forgotten fruits will bring “Generation Beauty” – the program hosted by Emilio Casalini, broadcast tomorrow at 20.15 on Rai 3 – to discover the ancient Florentine pear, first through the frescoes of a sixteenth-century castle and then in a corner secret of Umbria, also revealing the secret of the “peracotta” as enjoyed by medieval knights for a walk. Biodiversity, even that considered lost, is among the most precious heritages to be protected in every possible way, also because in those flavors and knowledge there is a piece of our health and our future economy. “Generation Beauty”, in this edition, tells twenty new stories dedicated to a country that still has the desire to dream and change things. Twenty examples of dreamers, communities, state-of-the-art administrations in the innovation of processes that make everyone’s daily life better. A program by Rai Cultura, written by Emilio Casalini and Cristina Erbetta and with Chiara Chianese, Simone Giorgi and Silvia D’Ortenzi. Curated by Michela Sellitto, executive producer Selma Al Mudarris, project manager Giulia Lanza. The direction is by Davide Rinaldi.

On Rai Movie ‘Lansky’ by Eytan Rockaway – on Rai Storia ‘Telegram 2171. The year of the Atlantic Pact’The true story of Meyer Lansky, a mafioso of Belarusian origin, main exponent of the so-called “Jewish Syndicate”. The film “Lansky” tells it, directed by Eytan Rockaway, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai Movie. Due to anti-Semitic riots, at the age of 9 Lansky moved to New York with his family. It is precisely in the Big Apple that he makes his first contacts with the Jewish mafia, and then becomes one of the main members. Now elderly and “retired”, the boss retires to Miami, protected by the FBI. It is at this point that the gangster decides to tell his story to journalist David Stone, revealing secrets and conspiracies and starting a game of massacre, designed by Lansky himself, to continue doing the thing he has always done best in the life: to cheat. In the cast Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington and AnnaSophia Robb. On April 4, 1949, in Washington, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed, the founding act of what would become NATO in 1951. Italy, just four years after the end of the Second World War, becomes an ally of the powers that defeated it. The path that leads our country to enter definitively into the Western alignment is complex and non-linear, both in terms of internal politics and on an international level. It is with Telegram no. 2171 of 8 March 1949 that the Italian ambassador in Washington, Alberto Tarchiani, communicates to the Italian government that Italy is invited to participate in the negotiations regarding the nascent alliance. “Telegram 2171. The year of the Atlantic Pact”, broadcast tomorrow at 3.00 pm on Rai Storia, produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, reconstructs, through the diaries, the testimonies of the ambassadors, and the correspondence then between the Italian and US governments, the sequence of events that led to the historic signing. The documentary is enriched by the contribution, among others, of Professor Antonio Varsori, historian of international relations, and of Professor Sabino Cassese. If you think of the language of economics today, many of the words that come to mind are in English. But in the Middle Ages, and particularly in the 1300s, the language of business was Italian, or rather Tuscan, and the current currency in Europe was the Florentine florin. The story told by “5000 years and more” – broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia – returns at that time to introduce a man whose name is not very well known, but whose importance is fundamental: Francesco Datini, from Prato , founder of one of the first multinationals. To get to know this protagonist behind the scenes, Giorgio Zanchini hosts Amedeo Feniello, professor of medieval history at the University of L’Aquila.

On Rai5 ‘Silence’ – on Rai1 ‘Laura 30’, a special for the thirtieth anniversary of ‘Lalonet’ XVII century. Father Sebastien Rodrigues and Father Francisco Garupe, two young Portuguese Jesuit missionaries, embark on a long journey, fraught with dangers, to reach Japan and go in search of their teacher and mentor, Christovao Ferreira, who is said to have renounced the faith. It is the film “Silence”, by Martin Scorsese, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5. Oscar candidate for Best Cinematography to Rodrigo Prieto, the film stars Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, Ciarán Hinds, Issei Ogata. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of “La Solitude” – the song that kick-started her career, consecrating her to the most awarded Italian artist in the world – Laura Pausini celebrated by organizing three special performances on February 27 in just twenty-four hours, starting ‘Harlem’s World-Famous Apollo Theater in New York, continuing at The Music Station in Madrid up to the Teatro Carcano in Milan. The special “Laura 30”, which will be broadcast tomorrow at 20.35 on Rai 1, will tell the story of the extraordinary “marathon” live for the celebration of Laura Pausini’s thirty-year career. “Laura 30” will show the genesis of this ambitious project, a real “madness” that Pausini wanted to achieve out of love for her fans, who have followed her with perseverance and passion over all these years. Unpublished contents will reveal how the artist prepared herself to face this relay, both from a vocal point of view, with the help of her phoniatrician Franco Fussi, and from a physical point of view, together with her coach Manfredi Gelmetti and nutritionist Anna Laura Augeri. Anecdotes related to the journey and the most significant images of the three performances will also be shown. “Music in all its facets is a serious matter, which requires a lot of sacrifice. I wanted to make this special to show my fans (and others) how much work every single project requires and how much satisfaction it brings. After thirty years of career, I tested myself from all points of view, significantly raising the bar, and I wanted to share the whole journey that allowed me to get to the final result”, declared the singer. “Laura 30”, born from an idea by Laura Pausini, is produced by Friends TV in collaboration with Gentemusic and Double Trouble Club directed by Dario Garegnani. The political causes that led to the battle of Lepanto and the combat dynamics that allowed the forces of the Holy League – Spain, Venice, Rome and other Italian states – to prevail over the powerful Ottoman fleet. The special broadcast tomorrow at 10.10 pm on Rai Storia analyzes them. The story starts from the underwater archaeological expedition that went in search of the wrecks of the galleys engaged in the great naval battle fought at the mouth of the Gulf of Corinth on 7 October 1571.