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The wait is over. Starting tomorrow, in prime time on Rai 2, Marco Giallini and “Rocco Schiavone” are back with the fifth season of the successful fiction that made the rough Roman deputy chief known and loved, sent to exercise his investigative talent in Aosta. A beautiful city, but too far away and different from Rome for Schiavone to be able to decide to appreciate it. Indeed, he experiences it as a continuous punishment for the mistakes of the past. Tomorrow’s appointment at 21.25 – the first of four 100′ evenings – picks up the thread of the story from the dramatic finale of the last season and returns Schiavone back from the serious wound inflicted on him by mistake by agent D’Intino. That gunshot cost him a kidney, but it doesn’t prevent the assistant commissioner from resuming his post in Aosta to face a new series of investigations, starting with the discovery of a body on Mont Blanc, on the border between Italy and France. Born from the imagination of the novelist Antonio Manzini, the television Rocco Schiavone found the perfect incarnation in Marco Giallini who – thanks to the screenplay signed by Manzini himself and Maurizio Careddu and under the direction of Simone Spada – lends his face, voice and feelings to a controversial character because full of nuances. Schiavone is vivid, real, always in search of the truth, only apparently cynical. A Rai Fiction-Cross Productions and Beta Film Gmbh co-production.

A romantic comedy in the Big Apple for prime time on Rai 1. “Blackmail” by Anne Fletcher will be broadcast tomorrow at 21.25, with Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Mary Steenburgen and Betty White. The editor Margaret Tate is a woman who knows what she wants, especially at work: she is a very demanding manager, not inclined to kindness or respectful behavior, especially with her assistant Andrew Paxton, a boy who dreams of a future in the publishing, maybe even as a writer. Margaret lives and works in New York, but, having been born in Canada, she is destined to have to leave the United States because her visa has not been renewed. To get around the problem, the woman impulsively declares that she is engaged to her assistant Andrew, with whom she will soon marry. But there is a problem: Andrew hates Margaret, who has tormented him for years, and says he’s willing to help her, playing her game with the Immigration Service officer, only on condition that she promotes him…

The genesis of “Back To Black”, the second album by Amy Winehouse: told by “Classic Albums”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.15 pm on Rai 5. Published in 2006 and produced by Mark Ronson, “Back To Black” marks the consecration of Amy Winehouse. Driven by an impressive number of singles, the album conquers the world charts as Amy Winehouse begins her whirlwind decline.

On Rai3 ‘Who has seen it?’ – On Rai4 ‘Chapelwaite’

Serial accumulators: a reality that is not reckoned with. After the story of Raffaele Lioce, found dead among the things he had accumulated, many have come forward: those who ask for help even for their own building, those who ask for help for themselves as they are unable to throw away the stuff that has invaded their home. A more widespread reality than you think: a ‘Who has seen it?’ tomorrow in prime time on Rai 3. Furthermore, the disappearance of Valter, a professor of Italian and history who has been retired for a few years. The man disappears from Cadòneghe (Padua). And as always the appeals, requests for help and reports of people in difficulty. A program by Federica Sciarelli and Gianluca Nappo, written with Gian Pietro Fiore, edited by Serena Fazzina and Viviana Saita. Executive producer Paola D’Arpino and Anastasia Riscaldati. Directed by Fabrizio Cofrancesco

The series “Chapelwaite” continues with a double appointment, a television transposition of “Jerusalem’s Lot”, one of the first stories by Stephen King, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 4. In episode 5, the mysterious Jakub lures Charles into town of Jerusalem’s Lot and here the man discovers that his mental state, which he thinks to be insanity, is directly linked to the influence of a mysterious and ancient book. Charles’ children, meanwhile, are deceived by Rebecca’s secret writings concerning the Boone family. In episode 6, Charles is overcome with grief and anger after his family suffers a devastating blow. But Stephen and his uncle Phillip make Charles a surprising proposition that rekindles hope in man.

Conceptual artist and painter, but also poet, writer, playwright and director, one of the great innovators of Italian art. “Art Night” and Neri Marcorè – premiered tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5 – propose “Emilio Isgrò. How to erase the useless”. Sicilian by birth and Milanese by adoption, Isgrò is known throughout the world for his erasures. For him, subtracting is adding. In a world devoted to uncontrolled production, to the globalization of endless growth, deleting words means recovering them and preserving them from wear and tear. “It is not a trivial negation but rather the affirmation of new meanings: it is the transformation of a negative sign into a positive gesture”. Thus Isgrò cancels the racial laws, for example. “He is a Jew who was born of a Jewish mother”, he becomes “He is a Jew who is”, managing to reveal in the horror of those pages, the words spoken by Yahweh on Sinai. The doc proposes a frank, generous, profound dialogue between the artist and the director Guido Talarico through a journey through the places most dear to him: the studio, the archive, the private museum, the house. A real testament that guides in the exploration of the artist’s poetics but also through a century of Italian history. “Emilio Isgrò. How to cancel the useless” is produced by Lilium Distribution and Fad in collaboration with Rai Cultura and Treccani-Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana.

On Rai Movie ‘Palm Springs – Live as if there were no tomorrow’ – On Rai3 ‘Beauty Generation’

When the day repeats itself endlessly, laughter is guaranteed on Rai Movie, with “Palm Springs – Live as if there were no tomorrow”, tomorrow at 9.15pm: a comedy directed by Max Barbakow, with Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, JK Simmons, Peter Gallagher Nyles and Sarah meet at her sister’s wedding: the spark strikes and the two get away from the other guests, but Nyles is shot by an arrow and crawls to a cave begging the girl not to follow him . She doesn’t listen to him and ends up in a space-time vortex: from now on he will always have to live the same day, November 9, and always together with Nyles. From “Groundhog Day” onwards there have been many variations of the story in which someone is always trapped on the same day. Palm Springs manages to deal with the subject with such self-irony and intelligence, for situations and dialogues, and one is immediately captured by the state of grace of the two protagonists, Andy Samberg and, extraordinary, Cristin Milioti, a comedic talent to keep an eye on.

Tomorrow at 20.15 on Rai 3, a new appointment with “Generation Beauty” and the stories dedicated to our country and to those who still want to dream and change things. The Rai Cultura program conducted by Emilio Casalini, in the new episode, tells, to begin with, the two passions of Roberta Eliodoro: archeology and diving. United, they form an important piece of the narrative of Calabria, that is, of that part of Magna Graecia that still today asks to be told in a special way. In Kaulon, near Monasterace, in the province of Reggio Calabria, thanks to these dives you discover a silent world in the sea made up of columns, shipwrecks and nature, trying to attract quality tourism that can allow Calabrian kids to go home or not to go away anymore, living off the narration of one’s own land. We then go to Baia, not far from Naples, where Fabio Pagano, director of the Campi Flegrei Archaeological Park, builds increasingly engaging tools to allow everyone to discover the most important submerged archaeological area on the planet. “Beauty Generation” in this edition offers, episode after episode, twenty examples of dreamers, communities, state-of-the-art administrations in the innovation of processes, which make everyone’s daily life better. The direction is by Davide Rinaldi.

When Gianni Minà worked for “Mixer”: the new appointment with Giovanni Minoli and “Mixer. Twenty years of television”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia. Furthermore, among Giovanni Minoli’s “Face and face” reproposed in the episode, the one with Massimo Giletti, one of the most well-known TV characters on today’s television scene, and the one with Gianni Morandi, where the singer-songwriter from Monghidoro confesses about his life, her successes and the many goals achieved, but also her pains and falls, starting with the first one, in 1968. The episode is closed by “Parole senza veli”, a sexy roundup of beautiful actresses and showbiz women met by Sandra Monteleoni in 1992, including Moana Pozzi, Anna Galiena, Giuliana De Sio, Alba Parietti, Debora Caprioglio, Serena Grandi, Alessandra Martines, Mirka Viola: not only charm and winks but also heartfelt confessions, desires, fears, in and out of the spotlight.