Mondo Rai/Appointments and news

Updates and reflections on economic news. Tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 2 another appointment with “Che c’è di Nuovo”, the program hosted by Ilaria D’Amico and conceived by Alessandro Sortino. Among the topics of the episode: the latest developments in the tragedy of Ischia and the economic maneuver between the ceiling on cash and the obligation of the Pos. In the studio, among others, the vice presidents of the Chamber Sergio Costa and Giorgio Mulè, the secretary general of the Uil Pierpaolo Bombardieri , the mayor of Benevento Clemente Mastella and Giampiero Mughini.

Even psychoanalysts can fall into depression: it is the story of “Confused and happy”, the film by Massimiliano Bruno with Claudio Bisio, Marco Giallini, Anna Foglietta, Paola Minaccioni, Pietro Sermonti and Caterina Guzzanti broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 on Rai 3. Marcello, a scoundrel and cynical psychoanalyst, one day decides to shut himself up at home and drop everything. This “extreme” gesture is not welcomed by Silvia, Marcello’s secretary, who decides to gather her patients to try, all together, to get him out of the crisis. A wonderful idea, except that, to help Silvia, there will be a drug dealer suffering from panic attacks, a forty-year-old chronic mammon, a decidedly intrusive nymphomaniac, a couple with sexual problems and a commentator in crisis due to his wife’s betrayal. Bizarre, but affectionate and funny, Marcello’s patients will try in every way to cheer him up.

From Teatro alla Scala Verdi’s Macbeth Verdi’s “Macbeth” directed by Graham Vick and Riccardo Muti on the podium. It is the work that Rai Cultura is proposing tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai 5. The scene is dominated by a mammoth cube, “a place of the mind”, according to the director, which signals the dark symmetries of a work marked out like a nightmare. In the cast, Renato Bruson Maria Guleghina Carlo Colombara. TV direction by Carlo Battistoni.

On Rai Storia ‘aCdC’ – Fabio Caressa and Benedetta Parodi guests of ‘Today is another day’ on Rai1

The journey of “aCdC” continues in the blood kingdom of the Stuarts in the company of Professor Alessandro Barbero. Tomorrow at 9.10 pm on Rai Storia we go back to 1625 when Charles I succeeds his father James as king of England, but his authoritarian government, religious tensions and the clash with Parliament lead to the English civil war. For the first time in history, a king is judged, condemned and beheaded by his own nation. The Commonwealth led by Oliver Cromwell was born.

Fabio Caressa and his wife, Benedetta Parodi, will be guests of Serena Bortone on “Today is another day”, tomorrow at 2.05 pm on Rai 1 and Rai Italia. Next, a page dedicated to the British royal family almost three months after Elizabeth’s death, with Vittorio Sabbadin author of a book on King Charles III entitled “The long wait for a King”. And then, the story of an intense family bond, that of Massimiliano Fuksas with his daughter Elisa.

There are, below the cities and countryside, places of great historical and artistic interest, capable of telling the past and present history of our country “from below”. They are explored by the American archaeologist Darius Arya who, in “Under Italy”, broadcast tomorrow at 20.15 on Rai 5, moves to discover the Italian “underground”: from Rome to Naples, from Narni to the Gran Sasso, to retrace the our history from prehistory to the Greco-Roman and early Christian ages, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age. The first stage of Arya’s journey, on the air, is Rome. Here the archaeologist goes in search of very ancient – yet functioning – underground infrastructures that still today mark life on the surface and tell the story of the city even more deeply – both metaphorically and literally. Arya’s journey starts from the depths of the Cloaca Maxima – the oldest sewage collector in the world, with over 2500 years of activity – up to the Virgin Aqueduct, also still in operation to feed the historic fountains of Rome, passing from its origin (a Salone) to its most suggestive glimpse (the Chiocciola del Pincio) until its arrival at the most suggestive fountain in Rome: the Trevi Fountain. With an excursus in the underground caves of Villa Medici, on top of Trinità dei Monti, from the Bottini of the Trevi Fountain, we will proceed with the exploration of the most mysterious Basilica of Rome: the Neo-Pythagorean underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore, from the Roman era, to then access to the Colombarium of Pomponio Hylas, found intact in 1800.

Pneumonia on ‘Elixir’ on Rai3 – On Rai2 ‘All the beauty that exists’

Pneumonia, an inflammation of lung tissue that can be either viral or bacterial. What are the triggers? Can there be recurrences? This will be discussed on “Elisir”, broadcast tomorrow at 10.35 on Rai 3 and hosted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi with Francesca Parisella. The questions will be answered by Sergio Harari, associate professor of the Department of Clinical and Community Sciences at the University of Milan. In the space dedicated to nutrition, sugar-free desserts will be analyzed with Professor Marina Carcea, chief technologist at Crea. The column “Tell me doctor” will be dedicated to cartilage, a specialized connective tissue that has the task of connecting other tissues of our organism. To find out more, Professor Vincenzo Sessa, orthopedic at the Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina hospital in Rome, will be in the studio. Finally, is it true or false that cold is good for you? Clarification will be made with Professor Alessandro Rossi, head of infectious diseases and vaccines of the Italian Society of General Medicine.

Paths between green culture and mobility, sustainable tourist hospitality and a basketball team in which everyone overcomes their limits together with the others. These are the topics of the episode of “Tutto il bello che c’è” broadcast tomorrow at 1.30 pm on Rai 2. The Tg2 column goes on the discovery of how to take a bike trip and take the opportunity to visit an archaeological site near the cycle path, have two hours free before a train and take the opportunity to visit a special garden near the station. This is possible thanks to the Atlas of soft mobility, a digital and interactive map that connects railway stations, cycle paths, paths, trails and greenways with the historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage of our country. Stop in Bolzano, then, among innovative companies that offer sustainable products and services to discover the hotel industry of the future. Finally, sport beyond barriers. The important thing is to get involved and believe in it and this is what the boys of Calabria Basket Unified did. Special basketball players who live an adventure that infects enthusiasm.

In the third and final episode of “Rewilding”, broadcast tomorrow at 2.00 pm on Rai 5, the protagonist is Andalusia, in Spain, which represents a natural jewel, but after centuries of development the species that inhabit these places are in serious danger. Like the Iberian lynx, one of the most endangered felines in the world. Biologists are trying to reverse this trend, through the reintroduction of lynxes, rabbits and birds of prey. However, the challenge is still open and success is far from guaranteed for the wildlife of southern Spain. Followed by “Wild Chile” tells the story of the Atacama desert, the driest desert environment on the planet. Here some inland areas have never seen rain and preserve the vestiges of a very distant past. coastal areas, on the other hand, can enjoy the humidity of the fog that arrives from the Pacific, which creates an environment full of beauty and life.