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On Rai1 ‘One step from heaven’, on Rai2 ‘1917’, on Rai3 ‘Splendid frame’

Second appointment with the new season of “Un passo dal cielo”, premiered on Thursday 6 April at 21.30 on Rai 1. In the episode entitled “Different heights”, the death of a motorcyclist sheds new light on the investigation of Manuela, while Carolina discovers that she will work with Hans, a charming childhood friend, and Vincenzo is increasingly intolerant. And it will be Vincenzo’s behavior that makes Carolina suspicious, triggering an escalation of misunderstandings, while Manuela discovers a secret linked to Paron and teams up with Nathan to stop him.

Realized as a single long sequence, the film “1917” directed by Sam Mendes, will be premiered on Thursday 6 April at 21.20 on Rai 2. The protagonists Blake and Schofield, two young British corporals linked by a deep friendship, who are chosen to carry out an arduous mission: to cross hostile enemy territory to deliver a message to a battalion of 1600 men, including Blake’s brother Joseph, ready to attack the German army. In this way they would prevent the soldiers from falling into a deadly trap set up by the German enemies. For Blake, the order to be transmitted also takes on a personal character, because his brother is one of those soldiers who must launch the offensive. The two soldiers will have to reach the battalion camped near Écouste and deliver General Erinmore’s warning to Colonel Mackenzie. The two embark on what appears to be a suicide mission, in which the Germans and time are their sworn enemies. The film triumphed at the 2020 Oscars with 10 nominations in total and 3 statuettes won, for best photography, special effects and sound. At the 2019 Golden Globes it won two awards: for best drama and for best direction for Sam Mendes. In the cast George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Teo Teocoli, the theater director Davide Livermore, Syria, Dan Peterson, the writer Viola Ardone, Massimo Bernardini, professor Alberto Grandi, Sveva Sagramola and, in connection, the trumpeter Roy Paci: they are the guests of Geppy Cucciari in the episode of ” Splendida Cornice” broadcast on Thursday 6 April at 21.25 on Rai 3. Together with Geppi, the band led by Nicola “Ballo” Balestri, the popularizer Roberto Mercadini and the Italian teacher Andrea Maggi. With irony, self-irony, citation and self-citation, the program starts from the people, their stories, the news of the week and its interpreters, from small pearls of every form of art that deserve a spotlight.

The story of the Titanic at “aCdC” on Rai Storia

The voyage and sinking of the Titanic, which took place in the Atlantic Ocean, in the night between 14 and 15 April 1912: “aCdC”, broadcast on Thursday 6 April at 21.10 on Rai Storia, with an introduction by Professor Alessandro Barbero, offers the untold story of the commitment and sacrifice of the ship’s mechanics, stokers and firemen in the face of imminent death. The courage, sense of duty and dedication of the men of the crew, who fought to hold back the power of the sea and keep the ship and her electrical systems running, even when they knew all was lost. Most of these men disappeared with the Titanic, but their actions saved many lives.

“They are two stories of gender-based violence. Two events that remind us of too many cases in today’s news, in which the woman is crushed by the man and by a brutality that is now more than ever unacceptable”. This is how the conductor Michele Mariotti describes the diptych formed by “Il tabarro” by Giacomo Puccini and “The castle of Prince Bluebeard” by Béla Bartók, which Rai Cultura offers live-delayed Thursday 6 April at 21.15 on Rai 5 from Opera of Rome. The new production of the show is signed by the German director Johannes Erath, in his first opera engagement in Italy as well as his debut at the Costanzi Theater. The show is part of a three-year project carried out in collaboration with the Puccini Festival of Torre del Lago on the occasion of the centenary of Puccini’s death, which falls in 2024. His Triptych will be broken down and reassembled into three diptychs, offered one a year for three consecutive seasons, thanks to the juxtaposition of each title with another twentieth-century masterpiece.

Emotion and magic Thursday 6 April: Rai Movie, at 21.15, presents “Seven minutes after midnight”. Since his mother fell ill, little Conor lives with his grandmother: he is sad, confused and mocked by his peers. But one night, seven minutes after midnight, a tree in their garden turns into a monstrous creature, and calls him to tell him three stories. The boy, in return, will have to tell one himself. Childhood and adolescence, in contact with a magical and at times frightening world: the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona has managed to deal with the subject with a spectacular style, which alludes to Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro. In the cast Lewis MacDougall, Sigourney Weaver, Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, surrounded by inserts of animation and special effects for a film that speaks very consciously of growth and mourning.

I Colla Zio at ‘Radio2 Live’

A new evening full of music and energy will be released on the stage of room B in via Asiago for “Radio2 Live”: an appointment on Thursday 6 April with Colla Zio, the revelation band of Sanremo 2023 and Gianmaria who has won a place among the big names in the Festival with the song “Monster”. Two great live broadcasts on Rai Radio 2, with the public in via Asiago, starting at 21, on digital terrestrial TV 202 and tivùsat. Music and more: the artists, protagonists of an important year that saw them establish themselves on the Italian music scene, will talk about each other through the questions of Ema Stokholma and Gino Castaldo and will talk about their next projects. Colla Zio, with the Rockabilly Blaster Tour will be in five Italian cities, and a series of dates in the main Italian clubs have already been set for Gianmaria, from Bologna to Rome. It will also be possible to follow “Radio2 Live” in live streaming on RaiPlay and RaiPlay Sound and on demand with special content on RaiPlay and on the channel’s social networks.

The route of the Circumvesuviana: followed by “Fuori Binario”, broadcast on Thursday 6 April at 20.25 on Rai 5. The people who live on the slopes of Vesuvius have a nature in constant ferment. To grasp it, you have to cross its territory in the Circumvesuviana, to stop in those villages suspended between the volcano and the sea, closely observing the rowers who left from Castellammare and “arrived” in Korea, with oar strokes, letting themselves be enchanted by the papier-mâché artists, seducers in tank tops and Hollywood ceremonies. All clinging to the territory like the irreducible brooms sung by Leopardi in his living room in Campania.

Novara is a city that wants to renew itself to keep up with the times and this will be discussed on Thursday 6 April at 20.15 on Rai 3 in “Generazione Bellezza”, the Rai Cultura program written and hosted by Emilio Casalini. The Passalacqua Barracks, like many other places, is difficult to relocate but it is also an opportunity to co-plan and co-program, entrusting a public good to citizens who can make the best use of it. This is how the municipal administration entrusts the mammoth building to a group of city associations. The public joins the private sector in the management of the activities inside the former barracks and each brings its own, making music, dance and carpentry workshops flourish alongside the social services offices of the municipality. This way of entrusting parts of the goods to private individuals public is also found in the most important monument of the city, the Dome of San Gaudenzio, a masterpiece of the brilliant architect Alessandro Antonelli. In the dome, Nicola Facciotto has designed an experiential path making it possible to climb up to the spire, enhancing an architectural heritage previously not fully accessible. “Beauty Generation”, in this edition, tells twenty new stories dedicated to a country that still has the desire to dream and to change things. Twenty examples of dreamers, communities, state-of-the-art administrations in the innovation of processes that make everyone’s daily life better.