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On Rai1 ‘The Masked Singer’

Fourth appointment with “The Masked Singer”, the captivating detection game conducted by Milly Carlucci, broadcast on Saturday 8 April at 21.30 on Rai 1. The investigative research into the identities hidden under the masks continues. The audience, in the role of Sherlock Holmes, is ready to let Milly Carlucci guide them for another evening of clue discovery. At her side, as always, five exceptional investigators: Flavio Insinna, Christian De Sica, Francesco Facchinetti, Iva Zanicchi and Serena Bortone who, together with the public at home via social voting, will have the task of evaluating the performances of the VIPs masked in competition. By listening to their singing performances, they will also try to grasp any clues useful for unmasking their hidden identity and, as always, will have the opportunity to ask questions to the masked singers, thus studying their pronunciation, pauses and gestures. To help in the investigation there will also be the popular investigative pool led by Sara Di Vaira, in the role of “chief investigator”, together with her aide Rossella Erra. The fourth episode will be enriched by the presence of some guests, such as Nathalie Guetta, Francesco Paolantoni, Nino Frassica and Tullio Solenghi.

Continues – Saturday 8 April at 21.20 on Rai 2 – the fifth season premiere of “FBI”, the series that tells the story of the Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York, the highly specialized investigation unit that puts available his experience and technical expertise on difficult and important cases to keep New York and the United States safe On Rai2, Saturday 8 April. In the episode “Brotherhood” two men rob a truck full of ammonium nitrate, the main ingredient for making big bombs. The team discovers that this heist is connected to a terrorist group that Maggie is trying to infiltrate, the Norseman Brotherhood. It will be discovered that the manufacturer of the bomb is Nick Foster, outside the Brotherhood and owner of the polygon. And thanks to the bond that Maggie manages to establish with a member of the Brotherhood, the team will be able to foil the attack. In the cast, Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, John Boyd, Katherine Renee Turner. At 10.10 pm, in absolute premiere again on Rai2, the second season of “FBI International” continues, the series on the agents of the International Fly Team of the agency in charge of protecting US citizens abroad, which has its headquarters in Budapest. In “A licensed liar”, the kidnapping of a woman allows the team to discover that her boyfriend, an inveterate liar, is actually a wanted serial fraudster who, after meeting his victims on dating apps, steals money from women with whom he maintains relationships to maintain his affluent lifestyle. Meanwhile, Raines and Maya’s relationship turns serious, causing Vo to become upset. Among the performers, Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood.

“Blob” presents “We’ll only discover it by living…”, a special episode dedicated to the timeless myth of Lucio Battisti, broadcast on Saturday 8 April at 8pm on Rai 3 and created by Simona Buonaiuto and Cristiana Turchetti.

On Rai Storia ‘The profession of arms’ by Ermanno Olmi

A historical film on the last days of life of the leader known as Giovanni delle Bande Nere. It is actually Ludovico di Giovanni De’ Medici, an Italian soldier of fortune in the service of the Papal States during the Italian wars in the first half of the 16th century. A protagonist of Ermanno Olmi’s film “The craft of arms”, broadcast on Saturday 8 April at 21.10 on Rai Storia for the “Cinema Italia” cycle. In the cast, Sandra Ceccarelli, Christo Jivkov, Sergio Grammatico, Dessy Tenekedjieva. The film won three Nastri d’Argento and eight David di Donatello awards.

A tense and emotional action crime, inspired by a true story: Saturday 8 April at 21.20, Rai 4 presents the 2018 film “211 – Robbery in progress”, starring Nicolas Cage and directed by York Shackleton. The film tells the story of a group of armed and military-trained criminals who storm the Bank of America in Los Angeles, taking twenty-six people hostage. Agent Chandler, a disillusioned policeman on the brink of retirement, played by a Nicolas Cage in great shape, will lead a negotiation that will prove to be the longest and bloodiest in American history, managing to redeem his role and saving loved ones. Also starring Cory Hardrict, Michael Rainey Jr., Sophie Skelton, Dwayne Cameron.

Comedy, misunderstandings and weddings at the center of the evening of Saturday 8 April with “Ti bridegroom but not too much” by Gabriele Pignotta, broadcast at 9.15 pm on Rai Movie. A psychoanalyst, Cosimo, leaves on a trip and lends his studio to his friend Luca, who is a physiotherapist. But he forgets to warn the patients about him, and Luca gradually explains the situation to those who come to him. However, one of them, Andrea, impresses him, and so he decides to pass himself off as his friend and gather his confidences. The girl was abandoned at the altar and now she can’t even remotely bear the idea of ​​a couple. Luca will have to make her change her mind. Pignotta manages to bring one of his successful theatrical works to the cinema: the text is lean and fast, and the construction of the story keeps you glued until the end, in an eventful work that is also very funny. In the cast Gabriele Pignotta, Vanessa Incontrada, Chiara Francini, Catherine Spaak, Fabio Avaro, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Paolo Triestino.

On Rai1 ‘Paths. The right road goes to Sardinia

The Odyssey has been defined as “a tale of tales”, a majestic cathedral of tales and storytellers, crossed by references to other stories, myths, in a dense network capable of capturing the reader. Precisely the fact that she is admirably built for reading, however, makes her difficult to tell in the theatre, rich as she is. In “Little Odyssey”, broadcast on Saturday 8 April at 21.15 in first vision on Rai 5, Andrea Pennacchi has decided to restore the flavor of oral storytelling by proposing a multi-voiced version, which could also give due weight to the rich female component and on the actual return. Few remember, in fact, that much of the story takes place over a few days, between Odysseus’ departure from Ogygia and his triumph against the suitors and his reunion with his wife, son and father. The rest of the story, the best known part, is told, by aedi, by his old companions, by Telemachus and Penelope, and by Odysseus himself. The “Little Odyssey will thus start from the hut of the stories, that hut of the clear Eumaeus, prince and swineherd, in which the real reconquest of Ithaca by Odysseus begins. “A ‘Little Odyssey’ – says Andrea Pennacchi – is a dream I’ve had for a long time, but for which I found it difficult as the Odyssey is characterized by numerous narrative voices and it was difficult for just one man to tell it. Then I found the key.” Like “Eroi”, “Piccola Odissea” is also part of “Omero non lamenta mai” by Teatro Boxer, the company with which Pennacchi has been producing shows and show lessons for 15 years, as well as managing festivals and cultural projects. The music is by Giorgio Gobbo with the musical consultancy Carlo Carcano. With with Giorgio Gobbo (guitar and voice), Gianluca Segato (lap steel guitar) and Annamaria Moro (cello). Live painting by Vittorio Bustaffa.

In the eighth and final episode of the fourth series of “Characters in search of actors”, broadcast on Saturday 8 April at 10.45 pm on Rai 5, the protagonist is Luca Grispini, 29 years old, born in Rome. Even though he has a degree in medicine, Luca prefers to continue his already well-established acting career. He is a well-known face for young people especially for the role of Federico in the first three seasons of “Skam Italia”. He also acted in the series “Il Paradiso del Signore” and in the cinema in “Tutta fault di Freud” by Paolo Genovese.

From Belvedere Nebida to Porto Flavia: “Paths. The right road” – with Lino Zani, Margherita Granbassi and Giulia Capocchi – broadcast on Saturday 8 April, at 2.00 pm on Rai 1 and Rai Italia, proposes a trip to Sardinia, walking along the coast of the mines. It starts from the panorama of Belvedere Nebida to continue along the path on the cliff that leads to the “Laveria Lamarmora”, with Lino Cianciotto, environmental guide, to discover the undisputed charm of an ancient land, which resists the changes of time while preserving its beauty . We then move on to another majestic cliff that drops sheer into the sea, near Buggerru. Here, with Marco Bigatti, environmental guide, and his wife Tiziana, we tackle Pranu Sartu, one of the most incredible resin-bolted routes in Sardinia. Still in Buggerru, along the Cala Domestica route, an insight into the Cai paths of the Iglesiente while, on the beach of San Nicolò – 3 km of golden sand and crystal clear sea – Giulia takes on her first surf lesson. There is also a labyrinth carved into the rock that opens onto views overlooking the sea and the rocky coast: 50 meters high, above the town of Buggerru, the magic of Galleria Henry, the most important work of the great mine by Planu Sartu. It ends in Porto Flavia, at sunset, with the shared emotions of a journey to a land that leaves indelible marks.