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On Rai1 ‘Friends for the skin’

An organ transplant can save life: the very strong emotions that accompany this journey are told in the film “Amici per la pelle”, broadcast in absolute premiere, on Rai 1, at 21.25 on Sunday 9 April. The story is true: Filippo Laganà is a young actor on the rise, son of Rodolfo Laganà, one of the most successful artists to come out of the scenic laboratory of the great Gigi Proietti. During a trip to the United States, Filippo suffers severe abdominal pains which will force him to return to Italy. The doctors’ response is terrible: his only hope of survival is a liver transplant. In the drama, Filippo will be supported, as well as by the doctors, by his parents and by his cheerfulness, also managing to keep his strength and his will to live until the operation becomes possible. Filippo Laganà, in fact, in addition to having personally experienced this moving story, is also the protagonist of the film that was based on it. The father Rodolfo is instead played by Massimo Ghini while Nancy Brilli is the mother. Friends for the skin (Italy, 2022), by Pierluigi Di Lallo, with Filippo Laganà, Massimo Ghini, Nancy Brilli, Carolina Gonnelli, Milena Miconi, Giampiero Ingrassia, Gianfranco Iannuzzo.

On the occasion of Easter, “Blob” retraces the ten years of the revolutionary pontificate of Pope Bergoglio, a special entitled “Francesco” by Sabrina Barletta, broadcast on Sunday 9 April at 20. The words, gestures and strength of a man who is not afraid.

The most beautiful villages in Italy compete again on Sunday 9 April at 21.20 on Rai 3 and Rai Italia with “Il Borgo dei Borghi”, the Rai Cultura program which year after year leads viewers to discover the small pearls of our country. For fans of the artistic heritage, the great or small stories of our countries, for lovers of culinary or artisanal specialities, excursions or village festivals, these are exceptional places to discover and maybe visit during your holidays. At the helm of the competition, Camila Raznovich supported by a jury of experts made up of: Rosanna Marziale, starred chef and food and wine popularizer; Mario Tozzi, geologist and science popularizer; Jacopo Veneziani, art historian specializing in the Sorbonne in Paris. Again this year, twenty localities aspire to the title of Borgo dei Borghi, one for each Italian region. Twenty places selected for their beauty, architecture and quality of life. In this edition the competing villages are: Casoli (CH) in Abruzzo; Miglionico (MT) in Basilicata; Diamond (CS) in Calabria; Cetara (SA) in Campania; Bagnara di Romagna (RA) in Emilia-Romagna; Marano Lagunare (UD) in Friuli-Venezia Giulia; Ronciglione (VT) in Lazio; Campo Ligure (GE) in Liguria; Bellano (LC) in Lombardy; Esanatoglia (MC) in the Marches; Monteroduni (IS) in Molise; Castagnole Delle Lanze (AT) in Piedmont; Castro (LE) in Puglia; Sant’Antioco (CI) in Sardinia; Salemi (TP) in Sicily; Campiglia Marittima (LI) in Tuscany; Bondone (TN) in Trentino-Alto Adige; Citerna (PG) in Umbria; Issogne (AO) in the Aosta Valley; Possagno (TV) in Veneto.

On Rai4 ‘The mystery of Ragnarok’

An evening for the whole family dedicated to the fantastic adventure for the prime time of Rai 4 with the film “The mystery of Ragnarok”, broadcast on Sunday 9 April at 21.20. Directed by the Norwegian Mikkel Brænne Sandemose, the film tells the Norse myth of Ragnarǫk. Viking archaeologist Sigurd Svenson, following a find that could forever change the history of humanity, sets off on an expedition to Finnmark, on the border between Norway and Russia. At his side are his two children, his trusted assistant Allan, the expert Elisabeth and Leif, an unscrupulous guide. Capable of capturing important suggestions from Norse mythology by merging them with adventure cinema and the spectacularity of fantasy, “The Mystery of Ragnarok” has stood out in the most important festivals dedicated to fantastic cinema, also collecting various awards. “The Mystery of Ragnarok” (Norway, 2013) by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose, with Pål Sverre Hagen, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Sofia Helin, Bjørn Sundquist, Maria Annette Tanderød Berglyd, Julian Podolski.

The appointment with “With us … freewheeling”, the program conducted by Francesca Fialdini, is also renewed on Easter day. Sunday 9 April at 17.20 on Rai 1, as usual, the stories of well-known faces from show business, cinema and music will intertwine with those of ordinary people who have been able to turn their wheel in the right direction. The guests will be: the Cugini di Campagna, protagonists of the last Sanremo Festival, who will bring their music, performing in the studio, together with the story of their long career; Rocco Papaleo, actor, director and screenwriter, who returns to theaters on April 13 with “Scordato”, the new film he wrote, directed and performed together with the singer-songwriter Giorgia; Massimo Ghini and Filippo Laganà, protagonists of the film “Amici per la pelle”, broadcast on Sunday 9 April on Rai 1, which tells the true story of Filippo Laganà and the transplant that saved his life; Francesca Reggiani, eclectic artist, comedian, actress and imitator among the most acclaimed and loved on the Italian scene, who will tell her story between successes and private life.

Wild boars in the streets of the metropolis, small herons falling from pine trees in public gardens, seagulls attacking men, millions of starlings taking possession of tree-lined avenues. A fauna that joins the “inhabitants” of cities – rats, sparrows and doves – bringing an incredible enrichment of biodiversity and unleashing a series of unstoppable conflicts with humans. The presence of wild animals in Italian cities is at the heart of the sixth and final episode of the series “Wild Italy 7. The Anthropocene”, broadcast on Sunday 9 April at 21.15 in premiere on Rai 5. Cities become laboratories of accelerated evolution , the privileged places where adaptive drives force plants and animals to show off an ever new repertoire of solutions and adaptations, some decidedly extravagant and surprising.

On Rai Movie ‘Mia and the white lion’

Breathtaking landscapes, a wonderful lion and a fairy tale that smacks of friendship. These are the ingredients of “Mia and the white lion” which will be broadcast on Sunday 9 April at 21.15 on Rai Movie. Protagonist Mia who lives in South Africa with her family, but suffers from loneliness and when Charlie, a rare specimen of white lion, is born in the breeding of her father John, a zoologist, a very strong friendship is immediately born between Mia and Charlie. The little girl and the lion cub grow up together, sharing everyday life, but this causes many worries for the parents, who are convinced that the big cat, once an adult, will not be able to control its predatory instincts. Things get complicated when Mia, now fourteen, along with her brother Mick, discover that her father plans to sell the lion. Mia and the white lion” is the result of a curious and very complex production. The shooting of the film lasted three years during which the young Mia and the lion cub grew up together in front of the camera. The intention of the director and screenwriter Gilles de Maistre was in fact to film seriously the interaction of a little girl with a real lion, without resorting to photomontages or digital animations. Mia and the White Lion (France, 2019) by Gilles de Maistre, with Daniah De Villiers, Mélanie Laurent, Langley Kirkwood, Ryan Mac Lennan, Lionel Newton, Tessa Jubber, Brandon Auret.

From Washington to Los Angeles via Hawaii, team play for Ncis: on Rai 2, Sunday 9 April, in absolute premiere and in prime time, starting at 9 pm the three teams of Ncis, Ncis Hawaii and Ncis Los Angeles will be working together to solve a high-stakes case. A single investigation that unfolds over three episodes conceived in the twentieth year of life of the series that tells the adventures of the US Navy Investigative Service, to give emotions, great action, unexpected situations and twists to its audience. In Washington, headquarters of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Jane Tennant and Jesse Boone from Hawaii, and G. Callen and Sam Hannah from Los Angeles. On the eve of the celebration, a dramatic event occurs: Harding is found dead in his apartment, apparently he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Everyone is incredulous, but also suspected, there was no reason that could push the Professor to make a similar gesture. It is from Washington, the action city of the NCIS mother series, and from an apparently simple case, that a complex and articulated investigation begins which develops in three different places in the United States and which requires the commitment of all three teams to be resolved. In Hawaii some agents – Jane Tennant, Jimmy Palmer and Sam Hanna – are kidnapped by the CIA, thus revealing a connection between the criminal events and the disturbing shadow of an international conspiracy that originates in very distant times and which would also seem to concern the past by Hollace Kilbride. In the meantime, the admiral disappears and Director Vance sends agents Alden Parker, Nick Torres, Lucy Tara and Jane Tennant to Los Angeles to play as a team by helping colleagues in the search.

From Ventotene to Polynesia, passing through Norway. These are the places that will be discussed on Sunday 9 April at 5.15 pm on Rai 3 at “Kilimanjaro”, the Rai Cultura travel, environment, dissemination and in-depth analysis program conducted by Camila Raznovich, who will guide viewers around the world with guests and films from ‘exception. Connecting from Reykjavík there will be Roberto Luigi Pagani who, after having taught Linguistics and Palaeography at the University of Iceland, is responsible for making Icelandic culture known through blogs, social media and books. Guests of “Kilimanjaro” will be Yuri Basilicò and Chiara Furlanetto, two travelers who have made the longest trek in the world by walking: the “Italia” path, 7,850 kilometers in 365 stages. Journalist and popularizer Barbara Gallavotti will talk about the new edition of “Quinta Dimensione”, a journey in four episodes that starts on Saturday 15 April in prime time on Rai 3 to tell, in accessible language, what happens on the frontiers of science. Again, Mario Tozzi will go on a journey to discover the wonders that have a common denominator: they are all Unesco World Heritage Sites. Finally, like every week, Floriana Pastore and Maria Iodice will be at the travellers’ desk, the authors lent to the camera who, in addition to revealing little-known places in the four corners of the earth, will visit Italy with first-hand experiences.