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Two new first-run episodes, entitled “Purosangue”, for “Un passo dal cielo”, the fiction returned to Rai 1 with the seventh season. In tomorrow’s appointment at 21.30, a murder during an equestrian competition leads Manuela to collaborate again with Nathan. Mirko approaches Paron and suffers his dangerous influence, while Vincenzo is jealous of Carolina and Hans. Then, in the second part, Manuela pushes Gregorio to rebuild his life and Vincenzo tries to recover with Carolina. Manuela investigates evidence that would tie Paron to her investigation and Adele takes extreme measures.

Nineteen-year-old Tessa Yong is the classic good girl: diligent student, obedient daughter of a single mother, Carol, who raised her in great financial difficulties, devoted girlfriend of a decent boy who has been her friend since childhood. For the first time, Tessa moves away from home and her longtime boyfriend Noah, moving to Washington Central University. Here, thanks to the eccentric roommate Steph, the girl is struck by the encounter with the mysterious Hardin Scott. As new feelings surface, Tessa feels torn between present and past but she can at least count on new friend Landon, Hardin’s half-brother. After various hesitations, the young woman agrees to participate in a party with Steph, Hardin and the group of friends but, thanks to the alcohol, the evening will be a disaster… This is the plot of “After”, Rai’s prime time offer 2 for tomorrow. Based on the literary saga of the same name signed by Anna Todd, “After” landed on the big screen in 2019 thanks to an all-female team: directed by Jenny Cage, with Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Selma Blair, Jennifer Beals and Dylan Arnold the film has become something of an international phenomenon for younger audiences, who have become passionate about the romantic history of its protagonists. Of “After” 4 sequels have been released so far, the last one in 2022 which should have been the final one, but another one has been announced, focused on the Next Generation, or on the children of Tessa and Hardin, Emery and Auden, and also a prequel that will tell the story of Hardin Scott before the events of the main saga.

Rocco Papaleo, Eugenio Finardi, Vinicio Capossela, Francesca Fagnani, Valerio Lundini, Raiz from the fiction “Mare fuori”, the poet Vincenzo Costantino Cinaski and the trockadero ballet: they are the guests of the episode of “Splendida Cornice” broadcast tomorrow at 21.25 on Rai 3. Together with the presenter, Geppi Cucciari, the band led by Nicola “Ballo” Balestri, the popularizer Roberto Mercadini and the Italian teacher Andrea Maggi. “Splendida Cornice”, produced by Rai Cultura and ITV-MOVIE, starts from the belief that anything can be culture, the important thing is how it is used. It is a program by Geppi Cucciari and Luca Bottura, written with Stefano Andreoli, Enrico Bettella, Pietro Galeotti, Giovanni Robertini, Andrea Sansalone and with Gregorio Paolini, Federico Vozzi, Francesca Papasergi. Editorial coordination is by Felice Cappa, edited by Paola Gullà and Antonella Vecchiariello, scenography by Maurizio Zecchin, executive producer Elena Milani. The direction is by Alessandro Renna.

On Rai Storia Archives, mines of history – On Rai5 ‘Off track’

Formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, but before that the center of expansion of the dynasty that has aggregated our nation since the modern era, the Savoys. Turin is the star of the appointment with “Archives, mines of history” broadcast tomorrow at 22.40 on Rai Storia. Among the oldest documents of the city, the foundation deed of an ancient medieval abbey stands out. Marco Mondini talks about the history of this duchy which became a kingdom and then the cultural capital of Italy with Walter Barberis, historian, publisher, and president of the Einaudi publishing house, with the director of the Elisabetta Reale archive, and with the modern historian Paola Bianchi, expert of the House of Savoy.

The Subappenninica is the railway that once reached Urbino, and which is now abandoned. In the absence of trains, but in the presence of tracks, it is always possible to retrace a fascinating stretch of railway on foot. A path followed by “Fuori Binario”, broadcast on Thursday 13 April at 20.25 on Rai 5. A journey in which the Marches are told by its inhabitants, through the eyes and words of cooks, journalists, aristocrats, amanuenses, winemakers.

An incredible journey through the dangers of nature with the fanta-action film “Jumanji – The next level”, a pyrotechnic sequel/reboot of the 1995 cult film for children “Jumanji”. This time it is not the notorious board game that pours into our reality, but a quartet of high school students who end up sucked into the same game, which in this case has the features of a vintage video game. The four boys will transform into their brave avatars and will have only a few hours (and a limited number of “lives”) to save the kingdom of Jumanji from the plans of the evil Russell Van Pelt so they can return to their lives. Directed by the son of art Jake Kasdan, “Jumanji – The next level” is an attempt to relaunch a cult brand for the new generations and turn it into a saga. Between frenzied action, irony and great survival tests with natural elements and ferocious jungle animals, the film entrusts its appeal to a quartet of actors of the caliber of Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart. “Jumanji – The next level” will be broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai Movie.

On Rai Radio1 “Radio too” – On Rai1 ‘Today is another day’

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, grappling with major economic issues, such as appointments and measures. And again, what to do with bears and wolves, and the point on the relationship between humans and animals. And finally, the latest terrible news from Ukraine. These are the topics of the episode of “Radio anch’io”, conducted by Giorgio Zanchini, broadcast tomorrow at 6.30 on Rai Radio1. Among the guests present until 7.00: Pablo Rojas, Grr; Enzo Arceri, Grr from Odessa; Guglielmo Rapino, Intersos; Francesco Repice, sports editorial staff of the Grr. In the second part, between 7.30 and 8.00, the following will be present: Paolo Barelli, group leader of FI in the Chamber; Franco Bernabè, president of Acciaierie d’Italia; Maria Cecilia Guerra, deputy of the Pd-Idp group, Budget Commission in the Chamber. Finally, in the last part of the programme, between 8.30 and 9.00, there will be: Alberto Faustini, director of the newspaper “Alto Adige”; Maurizio Fugatti, president of the Autonomous Province of Trento (Lega); Margherita d’Amico, writer, journalist and activist; Luciano Sammarone, director of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.

Tomorrow on “Today is another” live on Rai 1 from 2.05 pm, Serena Bortone meets Maurizio Ferrini who will talk about his career through ups and downs and will conclude his interview in the “mirror” space. Then, it will be the turn of Chiara Salerno, daughter of Valeria Valeri and Enrico Maria Salerno, and in connection, the actress Giovanna Ralli. Then, the showgirl and TV presenter Veronica Maya. In the second part of the programme, the usual information space, hosted by the honorable Chiara Appendino (Movimento 5 Stelle) and Riccardo Molinari, group leader of the Lega in the Chamber.

We will talk about synthetic meat in the episode of “Casa Italia” broadcast tomorrow on Rai Italia and conducted by Roberta Ammendola. Guests are Stefania Ruggeri, first researcher Crea – Food and Nutrition and Lorenzo Bazzana of Coldiretti. Connected: Maria Gianniti from Israel, Giovanna Botteri from France and Laura Pepe from the United States. What unites water and art? Stéphane Verger, director of the Roman National Museum and Giuseppe Lepore, president of the European Center for Tourism and Culture will explain it. In the fashion space, Fabiana Giacomotti will welcome the costume designer Gabriele Meyer, who dressed Raffaella Carrà and Renato Zero; Lucia Masina, writer; and Caterina Crepax, architect and designer. At “Sportello Italia” the business lawyer and expert on international issues Lorenza Morello will once again deal with the topic of “Italian citizenship”. For “Stories from the World” you will go to Africa for another leg of Paolo Emilio Landi’s journey, in Tanzania following the Rainbow for Africa doctors. Then, in Mexico to meet Marina Tomei, concert artist born in Rome who has been living in Mexico City for ten years. In closing, there will be Fabrizio Moro, interviewed by Maria Cristina Zoppa.