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On Rai1 ‘L’Eredità – Viva la Rai’ – On Rai2 ‘FBI’ and ‘FBI International’

Back on Rai1 with a new prime time “L’Eredità – Viva La Rai” scheduled for tomorrow. The game show hosted by Flavio Insinna and produced in collaboration with Banijay Italia, a special episode to tell and retrace the long history of Rai, its protagonists and the significant milestones of a journey that has left its mark on the world of costume and Italian show. From black and white to the great fiction of our times Protagonists – also on this occasion – six special competitors: Al Bano, Gigi D’Alessio, Nunzia De Girolamo, Claudia Gerini, the couples Tullio Solenghi/Massimo Lopez, Pierpaolo Spollon/Matilde Gioli , who will play and compete to win the final prize pool. Any winnings will be entirely donated to charity. A special episode that will see the super guests Albano and Luca Argentero grappling with the historic shock. There will also be surprises and twists that will join the ingredients that contribute every day to making the program a fixed appointment for many Italians, including of course the indispensable Guillotine.

“Heroes” is the title of the episode of “FBI”, fifth season, broadcast tomorrow at 21.20 in absolute premiere on Rai 2. Kelly Moran is taken hostage during a bank robbery. The team will discover that the robbers, Marco and Jennifer, are trying to recover an access code to Marco’s father’s millionaire accounts. Their goal is not to steal that money, but to deliver the code to two criminals who threaten to kill their daughter. The performers are Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Jeremy Sisto, Alana De La Garza, John Boyd, Katherine Renee Turner. The second season of “FBI International” continues at 10.10 pm, in world premiere. In the episode entitled “The biggest heart in the world”, a basketball player hides his heart malformation so as not to compromise his chances of entering the NBA. A teammate, passed on the bench after his signing and who wants to return to being a starter, drugs him without his knowledge to make him fail the monthly drug test, but the narcotic substance will stop that generous heart. Starring Luke Kleintank, Heida Reed, Carter Redwood.

Sixteen artisans dressed in aprons and dungarees at work on stage. Among them a man in tails, an actor. A little to one side, in a corner of the stage, he begins to read a text in French. The text is taken from the famous “Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers” by Denis Diderot and Jean Le Rond D’Alembert. Thus begins one of the most important contemporary music compositions of recent decades, signed by Giorgio Battistelli: “Experimentum Mundi”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.15 pm on Rai 5. The actor’s words describe every profession, whose tools are visible on stage Then the noises of the various professions rise: shoemaker, cooper, carpenter, knife grinder, sever, stonemason, join in an engaging symphony, in a union of gestures and sounds. The show was recorded at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome in May 2013. The narrator’s voice is Peppe Servillo, with the percussions of Nicola Raffone and the direction of Battistelli himself.

On Rai Movie ‘Miracles are accepted’ – On Rai4 ‘The Informer – Three seconds to survive’

Test as actor and director for Alessandro Siani in “Miracles are accepted”, broadcast tomorrow at 21.15 on Rai Movie. In the film released in 2015, it counts in the cast Serena Autieri, Ana Caterina Morariu, Giovanni Esposito, Giacomo Rizzo, Paolo Triestino, Maria Del Monte and Gigi Savoia. Fulvio is the only one of the three Canfora brothers to have left his country of origin to go to work in the city. Head cutter for a well-known multinational, he fires without remorse until he himself is fired and, after ending up in prison for beating his superior, he is entrusted to his brother Germano, parish priest of a small village in southern Italy in whose brothers grew up, who also runs a foster home. Fulvio, forced into a place far from any modernity, as a consummate and shrewd manager as he is, doesn’t take long to understand that, to help the parish and the country in economic difficulty, there is a need for a real “miracle”. to attract tourists: make the statue of St. Thomas cry. In a short time that village forgotten by God is transformed into a place of worship and pilgrimage for thousands of devotees. But when the Vatican sends the bishops to carry out the necessary checks, Fulvio’s plan will begin to falter.

Tomorrow Rai 4 at 21.20 presents the thriller “The Informer – Three seconds to survive”. Directed by Andrea Di Stefano, director of “Escobar – Paradise Lost” and “The Last Night of Love”, “The Informer” is an action noir with a prison setting, which boasts a top-level cast: Joel Kinnaman is the protagonist, joined by the latest Bond Girl Ana De Armas, Clive Owen and Rosamund Pike. A former Special Forces agent, Pete Koslow is now an FBI informant on the case of the fearsome drug kingpin known as the General. During the arrest operation, however, something goes wrong and Pete is framed: now all he has to do is play along and serve his sentence by continuing to carry out the General’s orders, managing drug trafficking in prison. But surviving in that environment won’t be easy at all.

How to reconcile work and private life? It is the common thread that connects three stories of women, set in different eras, in “Look at the sky (Stella, Sonia, Silvia)”, by Piergiorgio Gay, broadcast tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Storia for the “Cinema Italia” cycle. In the cast, Sandra Ceccarelli, Paolo Pierobon, Antonio Latella, Denis Fasolo, Margareta Von Krauss, Lina Bernardi, Raffaele Fallica, Giuseppe Battiston, Antonio Catania. It begins with Stella, a peasant born in the 1940s, who works hard to buy a piece of land but who, due to her continuous pregnancies, is unable to make her dream come true. Early 1970s, Milan: here the story of Sonia takes place, a Milanese graduate student who wins a scholarship in Rome and is forced to postpone her wedding date and consequently quarrels with her boyfriend. The third story, set in the 1990s, is that of Silvia, a telephone operator for a mail order company where her husband is also employed as a department head: the different vision of union and employment problems creates continuous tensions between them.

On Rai1 ‘Paths – The right way’ – On Rai2 ‘I would like to tell you that’

A trip to Tuscany, along the Via Vandelli, is the destination of “Paths – The right road”, broadcast tomorrow at 2 pm on Rai 1 and Rai Italia, with Lino Zani, Margherita Granbassi and Giulia Capocchi. We will pass along the legendary road of the Duchy of Este, in San Pellegrino in Alpe. Then, in Resceto, walking from the Vandelli window to the Cai Nello Conti refuge. Then up to the Villetta bridge, for a meeting with the bikers and with the boys of a local folk group. The journey will continue from Poggio to Isola di Roccalberti for a focus on the use and practicability of via Vandelli. Then, in Pian della Fioba, where in a small lake of rainwater, created at the bottom of an extraction well in a quarry, a unique ecosystem was born worldwide. We will then move on to Resceto, along one of the most spectacular stretches of via Vandelli, with a group of volunteers to discover the meticulous and patient restoration work of the dry stone walls. In Pian della Fioba, at an altitude of 900 metres, you will discover the charm of the Pellegrini-Ansaldi botanical garden, established in 1966 to safeguard the endemic flora of the Apuan Alps, covering three hectares, a precious treasure trove of biodiversity . Finally, we will arrive in Massa, in a charming square surrounded on three sides by orange trees planted in 1819.

Last appointment of this season with “Vorrei dirti che”, the program with Elisa Isoardi – traveling through Italy in search of stories – broadcast tomorrow at 14.00 on Rai 2. This week, Elisa will arrive in Bologna to meet Greta, nurse thirty years old with a very special bond with his mother Manuela. Affected at just eighteen months by a rare hemolytic-uremic syndrome that forces her into a forty-day pharmacological coma, Greta develops chronic renal failure over the years which, in 2019, leads her to start thinking about the possibility of a transplant. Greta is a nurse and, during Covid, she is among those who work on the front line in intensive care. The stress she is subjected to, however, rapidly worsens her clinical picture, to the point of being forced to start looking for a donor. Many come forward, but the most compatible candidate of hers is her mother Manuela. Thus, on June 24, 2022, Greta and Manuela enter the operating room together, and thanks to this transplant that saves Greta’s life, their relationship becomes even more solid. Greta therefore wants to thank her mother for having given her life a second time, also giving her, with her great gesture of love, the possibility of a happy life and a more peaceful future. At the end of the episode, Elisa Isoardi will greet all those she has met making possible the first edition of this journey of “Vorrei dirti che”, a program that has allowed her to tell stories of great humanity gathered around Italy.

Rivers of incandescent rock pour into the sea from the bowels of the earth, a violent manifestation of uncontrollable forces which, in the illusion of destruction, instead bring that life which has made planet Earth the only inhabited place in our solar system. A story told by “Mari del Sud”, broadcast tomorrow at 2.00 pm on Rai 5.