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Good sleep during the winter will be the first theme of the episode of “Elisir”, the program hosted by Michele Mirabella and Benedetta Rinaldi with Francesca Parisella, broadcast tomorrow at 10.30 on Rai 3: it will be discussed in the studio with Professor Giuseppe Insalaco , researcher of the IRIB CNR of Palermo. The “10 minutes up” focus on the importance of studying DNA to prevent disease, with Professor Giovanni de Gaetano, from the Neuromed Institute of Molise. The “Tell me doctor” is dedicated to colitis, an inflammation that affects the colon: what are the causes? Professor Flavia Baccini, gastroenterologist at the Sant’Andrea Hospital in Rome explains it. Finally, all the false myths about headaches, a problem that affects millions of Italians, are debunked with Professor Sandro Sorbi, full professor of Neurology at the University of Florence.

Healthy eating, saving money with seasonal foods: this is the theme of the episode of “Tg2 Italia”, broadcast tomorrow at 10 on Rai 2 and hosted by Marzia Roncacci. Together with the nutritionist Emma Balsimelli and Francesco Giardina of Coldiretti, we will see why to prefer the winter fruits of the earth, how to choose them and, with the starred chef Alessandro Circiello, how to cook them. A journey through the excellence, traditions and regional recipes of Italy.

The European Union-Western Balkans summit in Tirana “is very important, we expect all the leaders of the region to be present together with the European institutions and the member states” said Commission spokesman Eric Mamer, answering a question about the intention of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic not to participate in the summit in protest against the appointment of Nenad Rasic as Minister for Communities and the return to the government of Kosovo, is the topic of the episode of “Radio3 Mondo”, broadcast tomorrow at 11 on Rai Radio 3. Roberto Zichittella talks about it with Giorgio Fruscione, an analyst at ISPI expert on the Balkans. This is the first ever summit between the leaders of the Union and the Western Balkans. These countries have been experiencing constant demographic decline for years and it is not only a matter of a few births: the emigration factor is assuming alarming proportions “In Serbia live about 6.55 million people” declared the pr at the beginning of November Serbian resident Aleksandar Vučić, implying that he is aware of the preliminary results of the latest population census which took place last October. If the statement turns out to be true, it would mean that Serbia has experienced a dramatic decline in population since the 2011 census, when 7.18 million people lived in the country.

Rai Storia, The sign of women – Rai Radio1, Tax authorities, cash and Pos, on “Radio too”

The woman of the sweetest “Kiss” and of great fashion: it is the entrepreneur Luisa Spagnoli, to whom Euridice Axen gives voice and face in the “face to face” with Angela Rafanelli, the protagonist of “The sign of women” – the co-production Anele – Rai Cultura, created by Anele – broadcast tomorrow at 21.10, premiered on Rai Storia. Luisa Sargentini was born in Perugia in 1877, in a small house in the historic center and in an era in which the possibilities of study and career for a woman are very limited, especially for those who, like her, have humble origins. Abandoning her studies, Luisa marries Annibale Spagnoli at the age of twenty-one, from whom she will take the surname that she will keep for the rest of her life. In 1901, the spouses took over a grocery store in the Umbrian town where, thanks to Luisa’s great creativity and her entrepreneurial spirit, production expanded: sugared almonds, sweets and chocolate. The turning point, however, was 1907 when, together with three partners – including Francesco Buitoni, founder of the pasta factory – the Spagnoli family founded the “Perugina”. After a short time, the leadership of the company passed into the hands of Spagnoli and Giovanni Buitoni, son of Francesco, successfully transforming itself into an industrial enterprise. During the First World War, due to the enlistment of men on the battlefields, Luisa took over the reins of the factory, directing the work of female workers. In those years, a fascist decree forbade the trade in sugar considering it a “superfluous good” and Luisa decided to concentrate on the production of chocolate, once again proving to be far-sighted. In 1923, after her husband’s retirement from the business, between Luisa Spagnoli and Giovanni Buitoni, son of Francesco and with a 14-year difference, a love story was born that defies the conventions of the time and that will make the fortune of Perugia . Despite the success, however, Luisa does not forget her origins and proves attentive to the needs of employees, opening structures that can help them – such as a nursery within a factory – and organizing many initiatives to support less well-off families. Also in these years, Luisa has an interesting idea and embarks on a new venture: the creation of capes, bonnets, shawls and boleros with the fur of Angora rabbits. The “Spagnoli Angora” will dress international cinema stars, such as Sofia Loren and Anna Magnani, once again confirming the name of Luisa Spagnoli as a guarantee of absolute quality.

Tax and tax evasion issues, the cash limit and payments with the POS in the foreground in tomorrow’s episode of “Radio anch’io”, broadcast on Rai Radio 1 from 6.30 to 9.00, but there will also be talk of the first day of the embargo to Russian oil, and the price cap, of Iran and the sentence against the anarchist Alfredo Cospito. Among the guests of Giorgio Zanchini, Federico Fubini, editorialist of Corriere della Sera, Carmela Giglio, Rai correspondent from Istanbul, Francesco Semprini, correspondent of La Stampa, Sergio Paini, Rai correspondent from Moscow, Maurizio di Lucchio, Tgr Sicilia, Celestina Dominelli, Il Sole 24 Ore, Tommaso Foti, group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber, Francesco Silvestri, MS5 group leader in the Chamber, Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria region and Umberto Filotto, professor of Banking and Insurance at the SDA Bocconi School of Management and Credit institutions at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The archaeologist Darius Arya embarks on a journey into the basements of Amelia and Narni to arrive in Giuseppe Andrea Lombardini’s cell and tell who he was and what his destiny was. His name is in graffiti on the walls of the prison cells of the Holy Office, discovered by chance in 1979 in the basement of the ancient Dominican convent of Santa Maria Maggiore in Narni. A story that Arya revives “Under Italy”, broadcast tomorrow at 20.20 on Rai 5. But – before arriving in Narni, the journey touches Amelia, in via Frattina, at Palazzo Farrattini: the palace of the family that gives its name to known via di Roma and also to that of Amelia. In the cellars of the building, used for centuries, mosaics and walls from the Roman era are still visible: did the ancient baths of Amelia arise here? A short distance from Palazzo Farrattini, the Cisterne di Amelia – dating back to the Roman era and used until 1800 – are still in perfect condition. Halfway between Amelia and Narni you can enter an ancient Roman aqueduct that flows underground: it is the Formina aqueduct. That the undergrounds of Narni are a rich and varied hidden treasure is a well-known story. But that one of the darkest pages in the history of humanity – that of the horrors of the Holy Inquisition – was written in these dungeons is not known to everyone.

On Rai5 ‘The great rescue of the whales’ – On RaiItalia, growing craftsmanship, at ‘Casa Italia’

In the second episode of the series “The great rescue of the whales”, broadcast tomorrow at 2.00 pm on Rai 5, the two cetaceans who lived in captivity begin their long journey towards freedom, not without setbacks that cause delays. In the end, however, the two whale friends reach the sanctuary in Iceland safe and sound. There are still a few steps left to be transferred to the ocean in a fenced coast. Unfortunately, everything is slowed down by the 2020 pandemic. The travel works are finally resumed and concluded between July and September 2020. The two belugas have finally reached their final destination, and it is hoped that it will be the beginning and an example for hundreds of other cetaceans still living in captivity around the world. To follow, an adventure through the lands of Africa: it is the documentary series “Immensa Africa”. We start with Zambia, to discover “The Luangwa River Valley”, a land of extremes that has one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in the world. The Luangwa River cuts through the landscape, feeding 15,000 square kilometers of grasslands and forests. But the true magnificence of its valley is revealed by the alternation between the rainy season and the dry season, which cause the river to swell and dry. Life oscillates between abundance and famine, in the “game” between life and death, as demonstrated by the stories of lions and hippos, crocodiles and elephants, hyenas, baboons and birds.

In Italy, despite the pandemic, in 2021 artisan businesses increased by 0.67% compared to 2020. The sector sees women present at 41.5%, young people at 19.8% and immigrants at 16.5%. In Milan, the Artigiano in Fiera event brought together exhibitors from all over the world. Roberta Ammendola, in the episode of “Casa Italia”, broadcast tomorrow on Rai Italia, talks about it with Antonio Intiglietta, President of Fair Management, Claudio Giovine, Director of the Economic Division of the National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, Giovanna Botteri , Rai correspondent and Nicola Saldutti, journalist of the “Corriere della Sera”. The Leonardo European supercomputer, recently installed in Bologna, is instead the fourth most powerful calculator in the world: it is presented at Casa Italia by David Vannozzi, General Manager of Cineca and Giorgio Amati, of Cineca’s scientific and technological support. Sport will not be missing, with the usual Tuesday appointment, hosted by Piercarlo Presutti and Simona Cantoni, dedicated to football and the Serie B championship, with all the highlights of the last day. Guest Ben Kone, midfielder of Frosinone, leading team of the cadet championship. And then the story of the eighth edition of the MED, the conference-dialogues on the Mediterranean organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ISPI, the Institute for International Political Studies, which was attended by over 200 speakers from 60 countries, with President Mattarella who opened the proceedings, and the space dedicated to the Italian language, with the collaboration of the Dante Alighieri Society. For the music, an interview with the group of Nuclear Tactical Penguins by Maria Cristina Zoppa, and to complete the episode, for the Stories of Italians in the World, a story that comes from Dublin.

Tomorrow from 12.00 to 13.30, live on Rai Radio 2, “Amadeus presents Sanremo 2023”, from the Studios in via Asiago. For the first time as a host on Rai Radio2, Amadeus will present the champions participating in the 73rd edition of the Sanremo Festival in a special full of anecdotes, curiosities and previews. With lots of music to retrace the careers of the competing artists together. Rai Radio 2 is the Official Radio of the Festival. On air, on field, in radiovision and on social media, Rai Radio 2 will tell every moment of Sanremo 2023 and will broadcast live on all 5 evenings with the commentary of the presenters and many guests, also in Visual.