“Money, cars, success, but I didn’t sleep at night”: dramatic background

Money, cars, success, but I didn’t sleep at night ”: the beloved actor tells a dramatic background.

We have seen that often the characters of the entertainment world after a long and beautiful career decide to step aside a little. Many times there is a physical and mental need to change. It happens that that world does not feel tied to it and at a certain point it is said that it is enough.

Dramatic Background (credits: instagram)

Cristina Quaranta, for example, after her success in Rai, changed her life. She worked for the future and started working as a waitress. Confession that she herself made during the presentation for entry to the GF Vip. There are many characters who have stepped aside over the years to undertake new projects away from television. A beloved actor did it years ago.

He says he had everything and that everything he couldn’t make him feel good. Over the years he experienced bankruptcy, depression, he no longer walked, he had heart surgery. Now he has made everything available to others. He had everything he could ask for and want but he couldn’t sleep at night. Only after having overcome that wall of fear to be able to go beyond e embarking on a new path has understood which path to pursue.

“Money, cars, success, but I didn’t sleep at night”: the farewell to TV and the new life

The beloved actor has changed his life, after being on the wave of success for years, he realized that to feel good he had to embark on a new path. He says he had it all: “As children they teach us to pursue material things, I have had them all. Money, cars, success, covers, but I didn’t sleep at night“.

He said it in his autobiographical book, where Walter Nudo explains that now he doesn’t have the money he had before but he is happy. Over the years he has experienced depression, bankruptcy, had heart surgery, separated. Now he has decided to make everything available to others. He had told Il corriere della sera that he was done with television unless he was offered roles other than those he has always played. He explains that he has received many proposals but that type of TV no longer interests him: “If there was a proposal more in line with what I want to communicate it would be different”.

dramatic background
Dramatic background, actor (credits: instagram)

Walter has been through a lot over the years. There was a moment when he saw death in his eyes. In 2018 he had two strokes and underwent a heart operation. At that moment he says he thought: “If it’s time to leave, have I done everything I had to do? ”. Today he works as a mental coach. After experiencing everything in his life only now does he realize that he has been reborn.