Monica Bellucci talks about Tim Burton: “Happy to have met a man”

The couple’s first official red carpet was at the Rome Film Festival. The actress: “She has a wonderful soul and is a director who I respect very much”

“What I can say is that I’m happy to have met a man.” Monica Bellucci talks like this about her relationship with director Tim Burtonalongside which the actress presented herself last night at the Rome Film Festival, in the couple’s first official red carpet, greeted by photographers’ flashes. For the actress it is “a man who has a wonderful soul. And I also met a director who I respect very much. This I can say”.

Bellucci, a highly anticipated guest at the Capitoline event where she is present in multiple projects, presented ‘Maria Callas: letters and memories’ to the press today the film directed by Yannis Dimolitsas and Tom Wolf which recounts the international tour from November 2019 to January 2023 of the theater show ‘Maria’, starring Monica Bellucci.

“Maria Callas is a woman who spent her youth and childhood for work, and then the moment she met Onassis she sacrificed everything she had built for love – says Bellucci – And she is a woman who said what she thought and she paid dearly for it. This is why she has inspired many artists of all generations and continues to inspire them. Because she is modern, she has this strength, this passion and this fragility. And it is from this fragility that the art”.

A diva like no other exists anymore. “The untouchable diva no longer exists – confirms the actress – Before there was an idea of ​​the unattainable diva, it was a way of building the image that created a distance between the artist and the public. We did not accept weaknesses, mistakes The diva was untouchable, but she could do no wrong.” Today “young people are not afraid to say ‘I am fragile, I am not well, I’m out of Rehab’, there’s no more shame. This gives all of us more freedom”. Many actresses of the past “have disappeared because the image no longer corresponded to reality – observes Bellucci – Today we live with the fact that old age is part of life, while before it wasn’t. At 40 you could still be beautiful but you weren’t working anymore.”

Monica Bellucci is also at the Rome Film Festival for the role of Altea in the film that closes the vintage Manetti Bros trilogy, ‘Diabolik who are you?’presented at the party in the Grand Public section and in theaters from November 30th with 01. “There is a correlation between Diabolik and Maria Callas – says the actress – For the fact that there too they are women who are strong and powerful. The Giussani sisters (the couple of Italian cartoonists and publishers who created the character Diabolik, ed.) were pioneering women and had created characters similar to them, strong, intelligent but also sensual: there was no struggle between the two things. They were like that , women, but entrepreneurs of themselves. Like Maria Callas”.

Women “who had to fight to assert themselves in a world of men”, explains Bellucci. That about her professional relationship with men, she says: “I have to thank the male directors I worked with a lot, my experience was more positive than anything else. I am a woman who loves men and thinks that we can create a form of communication with them, because they need us and we need them”. The path to liberation from female stereotypes therefore “also concerns them, who can bring out their feminine part”.

Answering questions from reporters, the Umbrian actress explains what she has in common with the divine Callas: “Perhaps I have a Mediterranean soul in common with her. The fact that she was born in America to Greek parents, then went to Greece, became a star in Italy, she was in France, she always felt like a foreigner and this is a state that unites us. I too find myself following this type of somewhat atypical path.”

A path, says Bellucci, “not written on paper. It’s always a question of what is proposed to you. The project on Callas was proposed to me, like ‘Diabolik’. What I can say is that I choose with my heart“. A perspective behind the camera? “No – says Bellucci decisively – I still have to learn many things as an actress. I have too much respect for those who direct, but I’m happy that there are many women directors”, because “they tell stories at the cinema differently from men”. While “production yes, perhaps I could go into production on projects, mine or no”. “Mine is a job that I still do with great passion”, comments the actress. Then she adds with a smile: “I am an adult woman who has lived the lives of many characters, at a certain point there is also the desire to live your life a little.”

(by Ilaria Floris)