Mónica Carrasco tells Pancho Saavedra about a traumatic episode that marked her in "I’ll go look for you"

Chilean actress Monica Carrascorecognized for her role in the successful series “Los Venegas”, will face her fears and complexes in the next episode of “I’ll go to you”, the talk show hosted by Pancho Saavedra. The actress, with more than 40 years of experience in television, theater and cinema, will confess a sad episode that negatively marked her career.

In Saavedra’s classic red Ford Falcon, Carrasco will talk about his childhood, his beginnings in politics and theater, and his relationship with his sisters. However, the most emotional moment of the show will come when the actress reveals an episode in which a television director rejected her for considering her “too ugly.”

This fact affected her deeply and caused her self-esteem problems that to this day she finds difficult to overcome.

Carrasco, who has participated in several television productions, pointed out that she does not feel comfortable seeing herself on screen due to her ugliness complex. However, despite the difficulties she has faced, the actress has always shown great strength and perseverance in her career.

In the program, there will also be talk about the relationship of the actress with her mother, who in addition to being the owner of the house, was a seamstress. Carrasco will remember her mother and Yoya Martínez, who played “Señora Hildita”, her mother in “Los Venegas”.

Both women died in the same year and were born at the same time, which for Carrasco was a great loss.

Carrasco’s confession in “Te paso a buscar” is a call to reflection on the beauty standards imposed by society and the entertainment industry. The actress shows that no matter how you look, the important thing is the talent and the ability to show it.

In addition, her story is an example of improvement and perseverance for all those who have faced similar situations in their career or in their lives.