Monica Guerritore with her “Ginger & Fred” from Fellini’s film at the Quirino theatre

National debut in Rome with the actress also director

From film to staging is a step… of dance. ‘Ginger & Fred’famous feature film by Federico Felliniis now proposed by Monica Guerritore in the triple roles of director, adapter of the text that Fellini wrote with Tonino Guerra and Tullio Pinelli and leading actress, together with Massimiliano Vadowhich replaces Pietro Bontempo, initially scheduled on the bill and whose accident led to a reduction in the scheduled evenings, now on stage until January 21st at Quirino theater in Rome in national debut, first stop of the tour with over forty dates.

The story is set in the studio of an unlikely private TV station, for the broadcast of a show on the eve of Christmas. The Ginger and Fred of the title are Amelia and Pippo, two actors now in their sixties, with consummate careers but recalled by commercial television to revive their past successes when they wore the role of Ginger Rogers And Fred Astaire, in a program that is based on the presence of illustrious unknown lookalikes of famous people. Their illusion of returning to the spotlight will clash with the applause on command and the advertising mechanisms that regulate the rhythms of commercial TV.

“Before the theatre, including the public, becomes the studio of the show and the presenter, like the tamer of a circus, brings in the ‘trained beasts’, this little humanity made up of bizarre and imperious, fearful and courageous characters, will impose itself with the reality of their lives made of loneliness, small ambitions and low aspirations, lies and sudden confessions, in the tragicomic exaltation of an extraordinary day, until the show’s abrupt interruption – underlines Monica Guerritore in his director’s notes – And it is in the observation of these small people, in the understanding, in the participation in their lives revealed during the hours of waiting, in their humanization before being used as ‘caricatures’ and sent to the massacre, that the pietas that pushes Fellini to write and direct ‘Ginger & Fred’: his world is illusion and suggestion”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)