Monkeypox, Pregliasco: “Symbolic vaccination, crucial prevention”

“For now, a few doses in 4 regions, key behaviors. Rt falls but the risk is endemization”

Against monkeypox “today vaccination is almost symbolic”, which started in Italy “with a few doses in four regions. Surely the vaccine can be important as a protective element for individuals at particular risk, but the fundamental element remains prevention “through” the responsibility of conduct “. The virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor of Hygiene at the State University of Milan and medical director of Irccs Galeazzi, underlines this at Adnkronos Health.

The expert invites us to focus on “communication”, a widespread and correct information on the Monkeypox virus infection, “absolutely avoiding the stigma”, he warns. “Because precisely because of the fear of stigma, as far as I can see – says the doctor – many of the people who are infected” with this pathogen “are a little reluctant to indicate those who may have been their most at risk contacts”.

“Prevention is essential for the containment of this disease”, insists the virologist. “Now the Rt index seems to be lowering and this is a positive sign, in the hope that it is a downward wave. But the risk – warns Pregliasco – is that of an endemization of the infection, with the involvement of some animal species present in our areas “, which could become reservoirs of a virus in the past only imported.