Monoclonal, the hyenas in Burioni: no excuses

The transmission response to the virologist

No excuses from the hyenas to Professor Roberto Burioni. The story revolves around the judgment on monoclonals as a cure for covid. The virologist a year ago called the monoclonals promising and destined to supplant plasma. This morning on his Twitter profile he writes “Isn’t it time to apologize?”, Addressing Le Iene.

The monoclonals were the subject of a service of the Hyenas. In the post Burioni also reports part of the explanations that Dr. Anna Maria Cattelan, director of infectious and tropical diseases at the Hospital of Padua, gave to the correspondent of the program who asked her what had changed compared to the previous year: “… we use hyperimmune plasma much less… on the other hand we use monoclonals in the early stages “.

This is the response of the show: “Dear Roberto Burioni, Le Iene have never said that monoclonals were not a good remedy for the treatment of Covid. We have simply shown – over and over again – that many scientific journals among the most reliable to internationally, as well as many researchers including Anthony Fauci, have stated that hyperimmune plasma, administered in the first days of illness, gives good results “.

“And these good results in Italy – continues the Hyenas – we could have had them as early as May 2020 if only we had believed more in the various experiments carried out in Mantua, Padua and Pavia. In America, hyperimmune blood against Covid continues to be used as emergency treatment even now that monoclonals have finally arrived (perhaps more convenient to find and administer, but also extremely more expensive). We underline that when here in Italy the hyperimmune plasma was attacked and not considered as a useful cure by much of the scientific community Italian (including Burioni), treatments with monoclonals were not yet available, plasma yes. If our health system had believed more, perhaps we would have had more tools to fight the pandemic “.