Montaruli resigns, Mulè-Sallusti question and answer

The vice president of the Chamber and exponent of Forza Italia: “Editorial on a fake”. The director of ‘Libero’: “Sintesi does not change substance”

“Dear Director, dear Alessandro, there is an insurmountable limit to criticism and that is that of always having the benefit of the truth next to you. Or at least the interpretation of a fact that actually happened”. He writes it Giorgio Mulè, vice president of the Chamber and exponent of Forza Italia, in a letter to the director of ‘Libero’, Alessandro Sallustiin which he expresses his displeasure at an editorial in yesterday’s newspaper “on a fact that never happened. Let’s call it by its name: a fake. On the matter of the honorable Montaruli you attributed to me having ‘tried to turn the knife in the wound with a early morning outing untimely and violent towards the allies'”.

“Dear Alessandro, I have never uttered this sentence and neither is a synthesis tolerable that contains the words that you have attributed to me in inverted commas”. Interviewed yesterday by Rainews24 “I replied, as I have been repeating for days, that I do not see any reason for me to resign from my office both because the facts have been clarified and because I consider it a barbarity to use investigations – moreover preliminary ones – for political ends”. Pressed by the journalists present, if anything it should have been her and her party to evaluate this opportunity and that any further evaluation on the embarrassment that this affair would have created for the executive “was only up to Montaruli and the Brothers of Italy”.

“This is why I found the synthesis that you made in your newspaper, based on words I have never uttered, really unfair. I omit the content of the ignoble and anonymous press release released in the afternoon by the press agencies attributed to ‘authoritative sources’ by Fratelli d ‘Italy that concerned me. I mention it only to underline how far this subculture of cowardice is light years away from my person and will never find citizenship in my method of confrontation”. Sallusti’s reply: “Dear Honorable, if it had been a hoax, I don’t think the Brothers of Italy would have reacted as they did, nor that all the Italian newspapers would have featured it prominently on the front page. I admit the excessive synthesis which, however, does not the substance of having hoped for the resignation of an undersecretary of an allied party as affected by a ‘final sentence’, alias affected by prejudice, changes”.