Montefusco (Rds): “Radio is giving signs of continued resilience”

The owner of Rds speaks to Adnkronos.

“The radio is showing signs of continued resilience, FCP has certified a 1.7% growth in January-November. At the end of the month, we will understand the market trend over the year. We are confident of the results as regards audiences as well, we are for example, at full capacity with regard to mobility with most of the cities recording a figure higher than even pre-covid, therefore we expect a growing reach as well as for the listening duration”. This was confirmed to Adnkronos by the president of Rds, Eduardo Montefusco, commenting on the trend and prospects of the radio sector.

The war in Ukraine also had repercussions on the sector, in particular due to the high energy price. “Of course – explains Montefusco – the war has caused an exponential rise in energy costs which we see improving in recent days, even if we have not returned to the pre-February 2022 rates, we imagine that over time there may be a normalization”.

Inflation, notes the owner of Rds, “is weighing on the pockets of Italians even if we see a continuous desire to socialize and live the moment more carefree, it is no coincidence that in Italy in 2022 there was a record number of tickets sold on the world of live music, in the period from the beginning of 2022 to the summer alone, more than 8 million tickets sold, data communicated by Assomusica”.

Digital audio, underlines Montefusco, “is an opportunity as an integration and complementarity of the linear part, both for the replace and therefore re-listening of contents, and for the original stories. Radio broadcasters who build daily stories can best express their skills also on this front, for all brands that want to structure branded content or integrate into stories through product placement, another opportunity is the audio pre-roll on the digital linear part via radio audio streaming”.

“To accelerate on the sector – explains the owner of Rds – a measurement shared with all subjects is needed, we hope that the next presentation of the digital audio White Paper of the Iab”, the Interactive Advertising Bueau, “may lead to this”.

Technology is also a particularly important factor for the future. “We are convinced – notes Montefusco – that in addition to content, technology is the enabling factor and if conceived in an innovative key, it can offer various opportunities, in the future we want to make our know-how and the our platform for digital transformation and transformation into a ‘media company’ that commercial partners are developing in an omnichannel key”. Furthermore, explains the owner of Rds, “the future will increasingly see an enrichment of Phygital formats in a continuous ping pong between the physical part and the digital part, therefore we want to develop as many skills in this area for formats that can be brought to multiple parts of the world”.

The Metaverse, he continues, “is closer than one thinks, so it was exhibited in one of the Keynotes at CES in Las Vegas where I recently returned, it was also defined as ‘The metaverse of things’ because it will be the new web and because it will incorporate many areas and sectors through virtualization and immersion: virtual spaces, digital twins, virtual scenarios, immersive systems in vr, shared experiences and will involve”.

“Consumers on the one hand, for example in retail, competitions, entertainment, social and business for simulation, immersive marketing, maas platforms, tutorials and the training part, corporate well-being, mockups or prototypes etc”, explains Montefusco. Obviously, adds the owner of Rds, “it will be enabled by the latest generation devices, Apple’s glasses will also come out in the spring and 5g is no less important, now is the time to experiment and structure an ongoing laboratory!”.

The new edition of the Book of Facts, an editorial product published for the past 32 years by the Adnkronos news agency “photographs the most important topics of the year, a way for people to become aware of how many things they have experienced and to what extent and importance, among other things, retracing the facts evokes emotions on memories, in times of uncertainty it stimulates people on certain things, therefore it is very important, to stay on the topic dear to me of audio, I would see a future integration in the form of an audiobook or podcast “, explains Montefusco.