Montesano and Decima Mas, Toscani: “Disqualification? It was enough to change jersey …”

“He shouldn’t have been kicked out of Dancing with the Stars”

” Montesano? He was not thrown out of the program, he just had to change his shirt. That’s how he is, then if Rai doesn’t want him like this, he makes him put on a De Gasperi shirt ”. Oliviero Toscani comments with irony, at Adnkronos, about the media storm that hit Enrico Montesano, expelled from the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ program for wearing a T-shirt from the Decima Mas during the rehearsals of the program.

According to the internationally renowned photographer, the fault lies not with the actor but with Rai: “How can Rai be right if it manages the public service in that way? The problem is the television executives placed there by politics and not by talent. ‘other legally Montesano will win because he is right.’ ‘Returning to Montesano Toscani he continues: “One can collect all the t-shirts he wants – he says jokingly – I found a t-shirt in a market where it says:’ I Like Saddam Hussein ‘ and when my son put it in America everyone laughed. The problem is that Montesano unfortunately has a fascist past and showing that you are a fascist by putting on a shirt like this is the most stupid way I know. ”

” To the true modern fascists – continues Toscani – who are the ones in charge of the government, these things annoy us because now this resurgence of nostalgic fascism is no longer there. It belongs only to those who go to Predappio or who wear black shirts and make the fascist salute, all ca … third-b cinema ”, he concludes.

(by Alisa Toaff)