Montesano, Codacons: “Rai had to check his shirt, he didn’t do it seriously”

“It’s a public service body and they have to check everything, why wasn’t it done?”

Enrico Montesano “if he is passionate about those badges, he should have known what they represented and he could have saved the display of that shirt, but the problem is not him, it’s who
at the Rai had to check and he didn’t
“. So the president of the Adnkronos Codacons Carlo Rienzi, speaking on the affair that saw the expulsion of the actor Enrico Montesano from the broadcast ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for wearing, during the rehearsals of the program, a T-shirt with the emblem of the 10th Flotilla Maswhich featured the motto ‘Memento Aude Semper’.

“In Rai they had to check – Rienzi sinks – And it seems very strange that they didn’t. Generally they check everything: I still remember when I went as a guest and they applied a strip that covered the ‘Lacoste’ crocodile that I had on my shirt, to avoid my being able to do hidden advertising. Why didn’t they check anything this time? “. Unless, Rienzi continues, “they don’t know what it is, then it’s even more serious”.

For the president of the consumer association “it needs to be made clear who was to check. It is not only Montesano who should have been more careful, but an external control was also needed because we are talking about a body that provides public service “.