Montorio al Vomano, a journey to a land rich in history and culture

13 years after the earthquake that hit Abruzzo hard, from 1 to 9 October in Montorio al Vomano, in the province of Teramo, “La Montorio nascosta. History, territory and architecture “, curated by the architects Luigi Santarelli, Rita Martegiani and Michele Zuccarini, with the collaboration of Sandro Di Donatantonio and AFM – Montoriese Photographic Archive, an initiative promoted by the FAI delegation of Teramo in collaboration with the Istituto Comprensione Montorio- Crognaleto, sponsored by the Municipality of Montorio al Vomano. The exhibition is hosted at the Ex Convento degli Zoccolanti, located in the heart of the historic center of the town; an installation of exhibition panels that tell stories of life, memories, the evolution of a territory,

discovering the particularities that make the Italian historical and social building heritage rich and interesting.

A journey through the images, drawings and testimonies drawn from the cognitive technical activities that were carried out to arrive at the final phase of the executive design for the repair of the damage of the earthquakes of 2009, 2016 and 2017. The architects and other figures professionals have been at the forefront with the institutions, in the difficult, intricate and long path made up of commitment, disappointments, illusions and whatever else one encounters today in our Italy of bureaucracy, where the architectural project is often relegated to marginal activities compared to long and exhausting administrative procedures.

The images of the essays on the wall structures of Montorio and of the structures themselves, of the tests on the land, of the surveys of the building heritage, carried out with very modern techniques, some local curiosities and much more can constitute a testimony of the past, as well as a scientific reading of the here I’m. At the same time they are also the testimony of the suffering of the populations. Because the images also show the temporary abandonment of the residences due to the damage of the earthquake. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 1 October at 16:00, in the presence of Prof. Annalisa D’Ascenzo (University of Roma Tre) and architects Rita Martegiani, Luigi Santarelli and Michele Zuccarini. At the end of the meeting there will be a historical walk through the streets of Montorio al Vomano.

From 1 to 9 October
Location: Former Convent of the Zoccolanti
Free admission